QuickBooks Error 1935 When installing QuickBooks or Microsoft .NET Framework

Since we are referring to the errors you can get, QuickBooks error 1935 is another common error you can come […]

Since we are referring to the errors you can get, QuickBooks error 1935 is another common error you can come across while handling your QuickBooks tasks. This specific error occurs when the .NET framework files are unavailable for the installation of the QuickBooks software on your system. As a result, it can prevent you from installing the QuickBooks software.

Whenever you see this error code on the system, it will appear with an error message stating that “Error 1935: This setup requires .NET Framework“. Sometimes, you can also come across a different error message that says “Error 1935: When installing QuickBooks or Microsoft .NET Framework“.

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However, you need not to worry about the same as it is possible to resolve this error. Here, we are going to present some of the amazing resolution of this error that can help you to get ahead and remove all the shortcomings on the device instantly. You also have the option to get problem fixed by reaching out to QuickBooks helpdesk team.

What is the Reason When QuickBooks Error 1935 Appears?

There are several reasons which can make this error appear before you. This QuickBooks install error 1935 appears to be the peculiar one if not handled correctly. Check out the following reasons:

  • Corrupted Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks.
  • Third-Party security software.
  • Enabled Windows Firewall.
  • Incorrect or corrupted installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Virus or Malware infection.

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1935: Install QuickBooks or Microsoft .NET Framework

In order to fix the QuickBooks installer error 1935, you should be following the below mentioned solution:

We have managed to find the seven easiest and the most effective workarounds for fixing the QuickBooks error 1935 on your system.

1st Ways: Updation of the Microsoft .NET Framework Application

We can understand that an outdated version of any application may or may not be compatible with your advanced tool. Similarly, the Microsoft .NET Framework application if found to be outdated then it can cause this installer error. So, you must ensure to get it updated from time to time. In order to update it you need to follow these steps:

  • You can get the updated version from the official website of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Locate the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework application and then you should try to download it by hitting the Download button. Once the download is completed, you need to install it correctly. After that, you need to follow the prompted instructions appearing on the computer screen for completing the installation process.
  • After you finish the installation process, it is recommended to restart the system and then try to install the QuickBooks software.

2nd Ways: First Uninstall the Microsoft .Net Framework Application and then Install it Again

At times, plugging and unplugging works on almost everything. Similarly, if the Microsoft .Net Framework application appears to be corrupted then it can most definitely result in QuickBooks error 1935 on your computer. So to resolve it, you can remove this application and reinstall it again by following these given steps:

  • First step is to open the Control Panel.
  • Then you should go to the Programs and Features section of the control panel and expand it.
  • You need to scroll down the page and choose the Microsoft .Net Framework application. After that, you should click on the Uninstall option.
  • Once the uninstalling of the application gets completed, then you should restart the device and then reinstall it again.
  • Visit the official website of the Microsoft .Net Framework and get the latest version of this application. After that, install it properly.

Once the installation process is done, you should not forget to reboot the device and ensure to see if the issue is still there.

3rd Ways: Disabling of the Windows Firewall

If the Windows firewall has been enabled then you might find this error code on the available computer. So the best thing to do is that you must disable it before installing the QuickBooks software again. To do that, you need to follow the steps here under:

  • You should press the Windows Home button and then select the Control Panel to open.
  • Do the double-click on the Windows Firewall section.
  • Then you should click on the Turn Windows Firewall on and off checkbox which is available on the left panel.
  • After doing this, you need to click on the Save button to save it.

4th Ways: Uninstallation of the Security Software

There will be times when you may need a third party tool to resolve your issue but sometimes, it may create further issues. It’s a possibility that any third-party security software which is installed on your system can also prevent you from installing the QuickBooks software. So, it is better to remove it at the earliest and see whether it makes any changes or not.

  • As a registered user, you can go to a Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • On the Control Panel window, you should press the double-click on the Programs and Features section.
  • Then you need to scroll down the page until you find the particular Security software, then click on it to select. After that, you will see the Uninstall option, click on it.

After finishing the process of uninstallation, you need to reboot your personal computer once all the above mentioned steps are completed, you should try to install the QuickBooks software to check if the error still occurs or not.

5th Ways: Repairing the Microsoft .Net Framework Application

The damaged Microsoft .Net Framework application can make the QuickBooks error 1935 occur. So, repairing the application seems to be another good idea. Here’s how to do that:

  • Press the Win and X buttons at a time and this will launch the WinX menu list
  • From the list, you should select the Control Panel.
  • On the control panel, you should locate and select the Programs and Features section.
  • You need to find the Microsoft .Net Framework application, then press the right-click on it. After that, you will get the option of a repair button. Press it and let it do the magic.

Once the repair process is done, as per the recommendation, you should reboot your device and then check if the error still persists or not.

6th Ways: Updation of the Operating System

Updating the system is another very easy task and the best option in order to solve the QuickBooks error 1935 on the computer. Operating system for the computer is like the internal organs of the human body. Keeping them updated will always be a sage decision. The following steps will help you:

  • Press the Win + I keys together to launch the Settings window.
  • Then you need to double-click on the Update & Security section.
  • Next is to select the Update tab.
  • Then you need to click on the Check for Updates button to check available updates.
  • If an update is available, you will see the Update button so click on it.
  • Once the task is complete, restart the system automatically.

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