Fix QuickBooks Error 80040408

QuickBooks is an effective accounting software that helps in managing bank accounts. It can be used in both single- and […]

QuickBooks is an effective accounting software that helps in managing bank accounts. It can be used in both single- and multi-user modes. However, certain factors lead to errors as well while using the software. QuickBooks Error 80040408 is one such error. 

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This article will help you understand these factors, the reasons for the 80040408 error’s occurrence in QuickBooks, and the solutions to fix it. 

What is QuickBooks Error 80040408?

QuickBooks error 80040408 occurs due to improper multi-user configurations and settings. Users will see this error while accessing company files or connecting with QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. You will not be able to open the software if this error occurs.

So, how are you supposed to continue using the application? You will know this in this article. Let us check the reasons for the occurrence of error 80040408 in QuickBooks.

What are the Reasons for Error 80040408 in QuickBooks?

There are a few possibilities that cause this error to appear. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The Start option in QuickBooks is turned on.
  • Trying to open a company file that is opened simultaneously in another system using a single-user mode can lead to this error.
  • Company file that is already in use by the same user who connected it previously.
  • Changing the name of a company file that was added otherwise to the QQube Configuration Tool. Or, opening another file as the old file becomes accessible to a different file.
  • Moving the company file to another location and making it different from the configuration tool setup. 
  • Logging out or shutting down in a multi-user mode by the dedicated server user.
  • Several QQube synchronizers or workstations simultaneously running can cause error 80040408.
  • The same QuickBooks QQube user trying to connect who configured to link to the software.

What are the Symptoms of Error 80040408?

The error displays the following signs while affecting a system:

  • The error message will appear on the screen of your system.
  • The users’ computers may start running slowly or lag.
  • Input devices such as keyboards and mice will not respond to the actions.
  • Operating systems such as Windows may run sluggishly or crash.
  • All active programs or windows will start crashing, hanging, or freezing.

These issues can not only prevent your QuickBooks performance and productivity but also affects the overall functions of your computer. Therefore, knowing the fixing methods to resolve this error is essential. However, certain matters should be kept in mind before commencing the solutions. The next section will show what these are.

What are the Points to Remember Before Starting the Troubleshooting Methods?

Troubleshooting QuickBooks error 80040408 can be a bit complex but you can fix it if the following matters are taken care of beforehand. 

  • Make sure that the QuickBooks Quick Start option is not enabled.
  • All users of the company should use the application in multi-user mode.
  • The server you are connected to should be running.
  • QuickBooks setup should not be specific to a particular company so that other company files become accessible.
  • Your company file should not be transferred to different locations.
  • Make sure that the saved name of the company file is the same on your PC.

Note: These points are highly significant before you start the trouble-fixing methods. Therefore, it is recommended to verify each of them before commencing.

Now that you are aware of the reasons and the symptoms of the error 80040408 in QuickBooks, let us check the solutions that can resolve it.

What are the Steps to Resolve Error 80040408 in QuickBooks?

Solution 1: Turn off the QuickBooks Quick Start option

  1. In the QuickBooks window, click the General menu.
  2. Go to My Preferences from the General menu.
  3. You will find a list of preferences in checkboxes. Unmark the option on your screen’s right-hand lower corner regarding quick startups.

The error 80040408 is now resolved. However, if it persists, ask other users to log out from QuickBooks to resolve the matter.

Solution 2: Alter QQube settings

Inconsistency in the QQube setting can be a cause of this error. Therefore, altering these settings can help fix the error 80040408.

  1. Open the QQube Configuration Tool window.
  2. Choose the Advanced option available in the window.
  3. Hover and click on the Database and hit the Show More option.
  4. You will see the Synchronizer and Database Manager options. Mark them checked to resolve the error. 

Solution 3. Rename the company file

As you noticed in the previous sections, different saved names of the company file can result in this error. However, it can be resolved if you change the name to the original again. It can be done via QQube Configuration Tool, or you can manually change the name from the designated server. 

There may be cases where this method does not work. In that situation, follow the next solution.

Solution 4: Relocate the company file to resolve the error 

Changing the place of location of the company file can lead to this error. So, reverting it to its original location can help fix 80040408 in QuickBooks.

  1. Search the file name in your PC’s File Explorer.
  2. Press Ctrl + C to replicate the. qbw extension file.
  3. Use Ctrl + V to paste it in an easy-to-access location like the desktop.
  4. Open QuickBooks Desktop and click the Open or restore an existing company option.
  5. Select the button regarding opening a company file and press Next.
  6. Go to the Browse section and locate the file saved in the easy-to-access location (desktop).
  7. Now, right-click on the file and select Open to disclose the file.
  8. The file will now open in QuickBooks.

Solution 5: Changing the QuickBooks company file path via QQube

  • Open the QQube Configuration Tool
  • Go to the option that shows the QuickBooks company list.
  • Select the Change Path option after choosing the necessary company.
  • Browse the company in your system after this action.

Solution 6: Opening QuickBooks without selecting any company file

It has been noted earlier that QuickBooks error 80040408 occurs if the application is opened with a specific company file name. It is the case because it does not allow the software to open other company files at the same time, hence, the error. Therefore, you must launch QuickBooks Desktop with No Company selected. It will help you fix the error. 

Final Words

Error 80040408 in QuickBooks can be problematic for all the users using the same company file. It can obstruct your productivity and performance in accounting and accounts management. The points mentioned in this article can assist you in getting rid of this error. But if you still have doubts, you can contact our experts who will assist you in fixing the error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QQube Configuration Tool?

QuickBooks is Inuit’s product that helps in accounting. It requires a tool that connects all the tasks that are performed within the application. QQube Configuration Tool is the control system that focuses on the availability of data, licensing, synching operations, and other such actions in QuickBooks.

What if none of the methods mentioned above work to resolve error 80040408 in QuickBooks?

Reinstalling or updating the QuickBooks Desktop application is the last resort to resolve this issue if none of the above-mentioned solutions work. You can uninstall the software from Control Panel on your computer. However, remember to have a backup company file to avoid losing essential data.

How useful is QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks error 80040408?

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is suitable for resolving several errors in QuickBooks. you need to download the application from recognized sources and install it. Once you launch it, it will diagnose and resolve the errors you are facing while running the QuickBooks software.

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