Fix QuickBooks Payroll Item List Missing OR Payroll Item List Does Not Appear

Are you unable to access the item list while using QuickBooks? Look no further, the QuickBooks payroll item list missing issue can be easily resolved. Read this article to know the steps to avoid this issue and the solution to retrieve the QuickBooks payroll item list!

Many users report QuickBooks Payroll Item List Missing Issue. It is observed that this problem arises whenever the user adds multiple items at once. This item list is maintained because most of the employees are required to pay for things such as health insurance, uniforms, retirement plans, etc. QuickBooks payroll item list is maintained to track these expenses and deductions.

Have you been facing the same issue? Keep scrolling, as effective solutions regarding this problem have been provided below.

About QuickBooks Payroll Item List

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Items that impact the total amount mentioned in the payroll are listed by Quickbooks, and it is known as QuickBooks Payroll Item List. It consists of tax information, compensations, reimbursements, employer-paid expenses, and other valuable additions and deductions of the salary. Payroll item lists are used by QuickBooks to gather year-to-date wage and tax amounts for each employee, while individual amounts are tracked on pay stubs.

Guide to Set Up QuickBooks Online Payroll Item List

Here are the steps to set up your payroll item list in QuickBooks:

  • Click on the “Lists” dropdown from the
  • Select “Payroll Item List“.
  • Click on “EX Setup” option, and then select “Next” button.
  • Pick the item you plan to add information about
  • Click on the Next button. Instructions related to filling out details will be displayed.
  • Provide the required information about the added item.
  • To add this item to the payroll of every employee using the Employee Center, click on “Finish“.

The default setting for QuickBooks Payroll is always turned off. However, if the user wants to switch on the payroll feature, follow the steps below.

  • From the Payroll & Employees section in the left panel, select the option “Preferences“.
  • Lastly, hit the OK button.

How to Manage Missing QuickBooks Payroll Item List!

To easily retrieve the QuickBooks payroll item list missing, you are required to open the Employee Menu. Once it is done, follow the steps provided below to successfully get back the missing item list.

  • Click on “Manage Payroll Items“.
  • Select View or Edit Payroll Item List.
  • You will be able to view a variety of information, like designations, taxes, limit imposed, and payable names.
  • You can also access the drop-down menus, namely, Reports, Activities, and Payroll Items, from the bottom of the list.

In case, you are required to pull data from the list, payroll item list, you can make that particular item’s data inactive. An option to separately organize the columns will also be available under the Customize Columns List.

How to View Missing QuickBooks Payroll Item List?

Mentioned below are the steps to view the missing payroll item list in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. You must ensure that payroll services are turned on for this process. Here are the steps.
    • Click the Employees tab and choose Payroll Service.
    • Next, choose the Manage Service key option.
    • After finishing, make sure your payroll services are still active.
  2. Make sure you are receiving all of the payroll updates now.
    • Click the Employees menu once more, then choose Get Payroll Updates.
    • Select OK after clicking the Update tab.
    • Next, go back to the company file by opening the program again.
  3. You must create a copy, to make sure all the data has been backed up. This has to be done before moving forward. To create a backup, hover the cursor on the file icon, and then click on ‘Create Backup’.
  4. Arrange the list, and then organize the data.
  5. Lastly, you must restore the company data. The missing QuickBooks item list will be available to view.

Solutions to Obtain Missing Payroll Item List in QuickBooks

If you are not able to find the missing payroll item list, then ensure you have selected ‘full payroll features’ in the preferences option. Once the option has been selected, follow the steps provided below to get the list of payroll items that are missing.

Option 1: Save the Payroll Tax Table

  • Go to the Employees menu, and select “Get Payroll Updates“.
  • Click on “Download Entire Update” Checkbox.
  • Now, Select the option “Download Latest Update“. Once the process of downloading this file is complete, a detailed window will appear on your screen.
payroll tax table updates dn screenshot

Option 2: Verify the details of your Company

  • Navigate to Window first, and then select Close All.
  • Select Utilities by hovering your cursor over File.
  • Click the Verify Data Tab.


  • No Problem Detected: QuickBooks found no issues with your data; it is clean, and you do not need to take any further action.
  • Error Found: You can find information about how to handle it on our QuickBooks Desktop customer site.
  • The file was found to have data damage. Rebuild your data to resolve it.

Option 3: Company File Data Rebuilding

rebuild your company file data screenshots
  • Select “Rebuild Data” from the Utilities section present in the file menu.
  • You must create a backup file before the process begins. Hence, the system will be prompted for the same. If you want to create a backup file, click on OK.
  • Select file location and again click on the OK button.
  • Name the file, and then click on “Save“.
  • Once the process of rebuilding the file is complete, hit the OK option.
  • Lastly, go to File, and click on Utilities. Select the option of “Verify Data” again and cross-check if there are other damages or not.


  • Damage Found: If the software finds more damage in the file, you will have to fix it manually. To execute this, check qbwin.log from the QuickBooks Helpdesk and fix the errors.
  • Restore the Latest Backup File: In the event that the error is invisible, you must restore the latest backup. Hover over the File and select Open or Restore Company to accomplish this.

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By following the steps mentioned in the solutions provided above, you will be able to view the QuickBooks Payroll Item List Missing from your database. Also, making a backup file is an essential step. Hence, remember not to replace the backup of the company file. Always save the file by renaming it differently.

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