How to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033: Can’t Read Your Payroll Setup Files

QuickBooks Error PS033 is an error related to payroll that interrupts the update process and causes issues in this process. It could be very difficult for users to get and use the latest features to their benefit. Also, if the error exists for a long time, users may experience issues with the outdated application. That’s why it’s important to think about a comprehensive method to fix this annoying error.

Various features and extra services like payroll administration are included with QuickBooks. After purchasing a membership for one of the service’s various modules, consumers can make use of it. By providing regular updates to its users, Intuit tracks the efficiency of its payroll service. However, most consumers see the PS033 QuickBooks issue on their computer system when attempting to download the updates. The error message “QuickBooks Can’t Read Your Payroll Setup Files” sounds on their screen. The issue could also arise when you try to open your company file. We have discussed the possible causes and fixes in the blog post below.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS033?

While configuring payroll updates or accessing the payroll company files, the QuickBooks PS033 issue appears. One of the several causes of the problem is a damaged CPS folder. The software is having problems accessing the setup files, which is interrupting the update process, according to the error message that goes along with this error. For assistance, the error message has a help button, the error can reappear after using it. So, to resolve this annoying error number, follow this article till the end.

QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files. [Error PS033]

QuickBooks Error PS033 Screenshots

What are the Causes Behind the Payroll Update Error PS033 in QuickBooks?

Before going to the solutions, let’s know about the causes of the QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files error PS033.

  • QuickBooks Desktop user version is outdated.
  • The pop-up of the issue may be caused by the UAC settings.
  • Unknown reasons have caused damaged QuickBooks Desktop company file.
  • A corrupted or damaged QuickBooks CPS folder may be the source of the issue.
  • The failure to download updates could be the result of another program.
  • Error PS033, QuickBooks payroll update, may be caused by conflicting background programs.
  • Invalid or damaged tax tables could also be a factor in this issue.
  • Discrepancies could result from insufficient or inaccurate billing information.
  • One possible cause of the problem could be an inaccurate or invalid PSID (Personal Identification Number).
  • Payment-related problems could be the source of the error.
  • There may be issues if your payroll subscription is canceled or disabled.
  • QuickBooks and Windows OS are incompatible.
  • Error in inactive direct deposit agreement (DDA) the notification.
  • Having more than one active payroll.
  • Sometimes, renaming the CPS Folder can also result in QuickBooks Error Code PS033.

It’s helpful to understand the consequences of this error in addition to the causes so that you can start troubleshooting methods early and appropriately.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error PS33?

Know about the signs and symptoms of QuickBooks Error PS33 that are mentioned below:

  • While you are trying to update the QuickBooks Payroll the error message repeatedly pops up.
  • Unsuccessful or incomplete payroll updates occur.
  • Payroll functions stop working as they have to.

What are the Perfect Solutions to fix the QuickBooks Error PS033?

In case you are getting the QuickBooks Desktop error PS033 on your computer, to get rid of you can try the solutions that are mentioned below. You have to follow them in the given order only. You can try to download the latest payroll tax table or you can update your QuickBooks application to its latest release. In no time they can also resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Try and Rename the QuickBooks CPS Folder and fix Payroll Update Error PS033

Important installation files that are important to the program’s overall running are stored in the QuickBooks CPS folder. The QuickBooks payroll issue PS033 is likely being caused by corrupted files in the folder. You can fix it by renaming the folder using the steps

  • After exiting QuickBooks, go to the C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\ Components\Payroll\ CPS. (Note that the XX mentioned in the previous address denotes the version of QuickBooks you are using. For instance: 2020, 2019, etc.)
Rename CPS Folder for QuickBooks Payroll Update Screenshots
Rename the QuickBooks CPS Folder and fix Payroll Update Error PS033
  • Click on the Components option.
  • Select Rename from the menu by right-clicking on the CPS folder to CP SOLD.
  • Type GYF at the end of the name and to save the changes press Enter key.

Solution 2: Turn off the User Account Control (UAC)

Any unauthorized activity that could change the operating system of the computer system is monitored and prevented by the UAC. It may be also cancelling the updates from downloading. To download updates more easily, you can temporarily set the UAC settings to not notify changes. But ensure that you set the original settings back by following the steps mentioned below:

  • You can click on the Start menu and then you have to select Control Panel.
  • Select User Accounts from the menu, then select User Accounts (Classic View).
  • When asked by UAC, click the Change User Account Control Settings button and choose Yes.
  • Click OK after adjusting the slider next to the Never Notify (Always Notify) option to turn it back on the following screen.
  • Finally, give the computer a restart and try the update download again.

Solution 3: Download the Latest Payroll Tax Tables

One factor that may contribute to the triggering of the PS033 error is an outdated payroll tax table. Thus, stop it by installing the latest updates as mentioned below:

  • Begin by opening your QuickBooks Desktop and then move to the Employees section.
  • Select the option to “Get Payroll updates” here.
Get Payroll Update
Download the Latest Payroll Tax Tables
  • Additionally, select the icon for “Download entire payroll updates.
  • To get the updates installed on the system you have to click the Update button.
  • Hopefully, now you will get the updates without the PS033 error.

Solution 4: Fix any Damaged Data with Verify and Rebuild Data Tool

A common cause of the QuickBooks company file issue PS033 is possible data corruption in the file. To be positive and get rid of any corruption using the verify and rebuild data tool, take the actions listed below.

  • Select the Utilities section by going to the File menu.
  • Select the Verify Data option, and follow the next step if the result shows that the integrity of your data has been lost.
Verify Data
  • Return to the Utilities section and select Rebuild Data.
Rebuild Data
  • QuickBooks will advise you to first make a backup of your data. Respect it and let the tool run.
  • After the rebuild is complete, click OK and double-check your data to make sure all the issues have been resolved.

Solution 5: Use Safe mode For QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033 Troubleshooting

If none of the above steps work for you, another program is interrupting the updates from being downloaded. If so, you can follow the steps listed below to get the updates in safe mode.

  • You have to close the QuickBooks and then to open Settings you have to click on the Window Key+ I
  • Now you have to choose the Update and Security tab and then you have to click on Recovery.
  • Click on Advanced Startup and select Restart now.
  • Click Troubleshoot when the computer restarts and displays the Choose an option screen.
  • Then you have to go to Startup Settings by selecting Advanced options.
  • After the computer restarts, pick the Restart option and then select Enable Safe Mode.
  • Open the Run command and download the updates in safe mode.
  • You have to enter MSConfig and then you have to select OK.
  • Now you have to go to the Boot tab and then choose Boot options.
  • To remove Safe Boot, click the checkbox, and the computer will reopen in normal mode.

Solution 6: Update Your QB Application

Make sure you have the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop by updating it as follows:

  • You can start by closing all your company files along with the QuickBooks application.
  • Find the QB icon on your device now and then right-click on it.
  • When you select Run as administrator, QuickBooks Desktop will launch.
  • Navigate to the Help menu here.
  • Choose the QuickBooks Desktop Update option.
  • Select the Mark all option after selecting the Options tab.
  • After that, click the Save button.
  • Select the Reset Updates option after selecting the Update now tab.
  • Select “Get updates,” and then exit the QuickBooks application when the update process is complete.
  • Reopen QuickBooks and select Yes when prompted to apply the updates.
  • To make the updates take effect, you should reboot the device after the updates have been installed successfully.

Solution 7: Update Your Windows

QB Desktop and Windows OS incompatibilities might lead to problems such as the PS033 error. Fix it as follows:

  • Firstly, go to the Start menu on your Windows and then search for updates.
  • Press the “Check for updates” button to allow the system to look for updates on its own.
  • You can click to download and install it on the system if any update is available.
  • To install the Windows update and get it working smoothly, restart your device.

Solution 8: Undertake FCS Configuration

Start by applying this solution as follows:

  • Start by closing the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  • Then you have to go to the Start menu.
  • Select Computer and then select the Manage option.
  • In the pane on the left, choose Applications.
  • Additionally, select Services from the window on the right.
  • Double-tap the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option in this location.
  • Select the Startup type by clicking on the General tab. You can switch it to Manual.
  • To implement these settings click Apply.
  • After selecting Start, select OK.
  • Now open the QB application and start the update download process.
  • Lastly, you can update the payroll tax tables.

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Solution 9: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

Among the many errors that QuickBooks Tool Hub can help with are payroll errors like PS033. Install the application on your computer after downloading it, then make use of all the features it provides in one location. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official Intuit website and click the QuickBooks Tool Hub download link to get started.
QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Once this is done, allow the download process to finish and save the file to your desktop for convenient access.
  • Now double-click the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file by going to this location.
  • Follow the on-screen steps, agree to the terms and conditions, and then save the changes to allow the installation process to proceed.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the tool hub and browse its many sections.

The following are included in the different parts of the tool hub:

  • Network Problems: Use this area to resolve issues that result from connectivity and network issues. Relevant tools are available for you to scan and identify the errors.
  • Company file issues:  Use Quick Fix My File and the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to fix your company file’s troubles.
  • Program Problems: Use the Quick Fix My Program tool to resolve program related issues.
  • Installation issues: This section addresses issues about failed or incomplete installations.


This concludes our blog post regarding QuickBooks error PS033. The bulk of our users use the blog’s answers to fix issues with their QuickBooks software. Some people, however, run into more problems when following directions and need outside help to resolve them. If this happens to be latter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Helpdesk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Error PS033?

An error with the QuickBooks program or your payroll service is indicated by the QuickBooks Error PS033, which appears when you attempt to download payroll updates or open your company file. Usually, the fault has to do with corrupted data or problems with the CPS folder.

What causes QuickBooks Error PS033?

Several factors can cause Error PS033, including:

  • Corrupted or damaged company file.
  • Outdated or incorrect payroll tax table.
  • Issues with the CPS folder.
  • Incomplete or corrupt QuickBooks installation.
  • Damaged Windows registry files.

How can I Identify QuickBooks Error PS033?

“QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files” is the error message that indicates QuickBooks Error PS033.

What steps should I take before troubleshooting QuickBooks Error PS033?

Before troubleshooting, ensure you:

  • Install the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop before beginning any troubleshooting.
  • Make a copy of your QuickBooks company file.
  • Log in as the administrator on your computer.

What should I do if the error persists after troubleshooting?

If the error persists, you may need to:

  • Get further help by contacting QuickBooks Payroll Support.
  • Speak with your IT department or a QuickBooks specialist to look for more serious system problems.
  • Make sure the Windows OS is updated and free of corruption.
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