Fix QuickBooks POS Failed to Open Company File Error

In this article, we will gain some insights into the issues where you are unable to access your company file using QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS). Here, we will also discuss the causes of this issue and the steps to rectify facing this error. If you follow the step-by-step guide to fix the error QBPOS cannot open the company file, you will be able to use the web application smoothly.

You may encounter issues like “QuickBooks Point of Sale Cannot Open Company File” while using the QBPOS application. This issue can hinder your experience of accessing the company file. If you have been using this application long enough, facing this QuickBooks POS error can be a hassle. Accessing sales, regular transactions, and inventory management data becomes difficult whenever we face this error. For more information, Keep reading this article!

Error Message When Opening Your Company File in Point of Sale

It is important to note that, when you try to open a company file in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you may witness any one of the errors:

  1. Error: Unable to Connect to Your Company Data File
  2. Connection is Broken
  3. “Failed to Open Company
  4. Login to Company File Failed

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What are the General Reasons that Lead to the Failure of Opening the Company Files?

Many reasons for QuickBooks POS Failed to open company files exists, some of which are stated below:

  1. Outdated QuickBooks POS Version: Accessing an outdated or old QuickBooks POS version may trigger compatibility problems in your company file.
  2. Connection Problems: When you are accessing a network setup, the connectivity issue between the file location and the company can be the reason.
  3. Corrupted Company file: Damage to the particular company file can impact its accessibility
  4. Permission Issues: Software restrictions or user account limitations can stop the file from opening.
  5. Windows User Account Control Setting: UAC may interfere with QuickBooks POS using the file.

Fix QuickBooks POS Failed To Open Company File According to the Causes

  • Causes: In case the error is detected in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
    Solution: Reboot the QuickBooks Desktop POS services.
  • Causes: If an error is detected in QB POS or the company file
    Solution: A test company file has to be created
  • Causes: If you still can’t access the file after creating the new test file
    Solution: The backup company file has to be restored.
  • Causes: If only the test file can be accessed and you are still unable to access the original company file
    Solution: Rename your company file
  • Causes: QB POS software consists of serious errors and you still can’t open the company file
    Solution: The QuickBooks POS software has to be repaired

What are the things to Consider prior to Troubleshooting QuickBooks POS Failed to Company File Location?

  1. Sign-in as an Admin: Make sure you have administrator access so you may make all the reliable changes without any restrictions.
  2. Restart the System: In order to begin all the services and boost performance, restart the system.

How to Fix the QuickBooks POS Failed to Open Company File?

Since QuickBooks Point of Sale is unable to open a company file, we have put together a list of solutions. Among other things, you could try reinstalling the QB POS software, renaming your company files, restoring a backup of your files, restarting QB POS, or preparing a test file for opening.

With these methods, you may get information about your organization and solve the problem swiftly.

Solution 1: Create a Test Company File

  1. Use QuickBooks Point of Sale instead.
  2. Select File > Company Operations from the menu.
  3. Click Next after choosing to Create a New Company.
  4. After entering the Test as the company name, click Create. An issue with an existing file is reported if the Test File opens.
  5. A software issue could be the cause if the Test File won’t open.

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Solution 2: Restart the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Service

  • First of all Close the Running “QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale” application.
  • Next, to launch the “Run” window, concurrently press “Windows + R“.
  • After that, begin typing “services.msc” into the text area.
enter services.msc
  • Click the particular “OK” button to move forward.
  • Once you are in the “Services” panel, search for the “Intuit Entitlement Service“.
  • Once you’ve located the service, double-click it. Select the option with the most variants if there are several options.
  • Select Automatic from the drop-down menu under the General tab when you get to the Startup Type screen. In this instance, the service status needs to be set to Running.
  • Navigate to the Log On tab now.
  • Select the “Local System account” before “Allow service to interact with desktop.
  • Click “Apply” and “OK“.
  • The next step is to click on the “Recovery” tab.

Once the QuickBooks Desktop POS service has restarted, you can try to view the company file. In case QuickBooks Point of Sale is unable to open the company file, proceed with the subsequent solution.

Solution 3: Restoring of a Backup

  • Go to File, then Company operations.
  • After choosing Restore from Backup, click Next.
  • Select Browse to a different backup file after clicking Browse.
  • Proceed to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks POS XX\Data\”Your Company Name” \. Backup: The program version is indicated by XX.
  • After choosing the most recent Backup, click Open.
  • Click Next and type Yes to affirm.
  • Click OK to restore the company file backup.

Solution 4: Fix QuickBooks Desktop POS Software

  • Shut down the QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • To access the Run command, concurrently press the Windows and R keys.
  • After typing Control, select OK.
  • From the menu, choose Features and Programs, and select Programs.
  • Click Repair (located at the top of the application list) after selecting QuickBooks Desktop POS from the list of available apps.
  • If prompted, Select Yes.

Solution 5: Renaming the QB Company File

  • Close the QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale document at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale XX\Data\” Company File.” XX. XX is the version number.
  • Use a right-click menu and choose Rename to change the company file’s name.
  • Modify a corporation file’s name right now.
  • Use QuickBooks Point of Sale instead.
  • Navigate to File. Then go to the Company Activity option.
  • After choosing an existing existing company, click Next.
  • Now open the file by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Solution 6: Install QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale again

  • First of all go to the QuickBooks Download Page.
  • After selecting the version, country, product, and edition, click Search.
  • Click on Download Now button.
  • Double-click QuickBooksPOSVXX.exe. Versions of products are denoted by XX.
  • Click Yes to grant permissions.
  • Click Next to proceed with the QBPOS InstallShield Wizard.
  • After agreeing to the License Agreement, click Next.
  • Click on Install button.
  • The setup process starts and can take a while to finish.
  • Click Finish when you are done.

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Despite its good performance, QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale could have some technical issues. QuickBooks POS Failed to Open Company File can be caused by a number of things, including outdated QB POS software or corrupted Company files. Working with the papers and software of the organization can help you resolve the issue quickly.

We hope that the information provided above will help you to fix the issue. However, feel free to contact us if you’re still having problems with your program and would like expert help with QuickBooks-related difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QuickBooks Company File?

The primary file used by the program to hold financial and other crucial data is the QuickBooks company file. The corporate files are located under C: UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks by default. Making a backup of the corporate file as soon as possible is essential since it contains crucial information.

What is a .ND File and .TLG File in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks file contains the .nd and .tlg files. The network data file (.nd) and the transaction log file (.tlg) are configuration files that let QuickBooks access a company file over a network or in a multi-user setting.

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