Resolve QuickBooks Error 15101 (While Updating Payroll)

You will receive QuickBooks Error 15101, at the time when you are updating the QuickBooks payroll which sometimes appears when the QuickBooks is not connecting to the internet to download the updates. Problems with internet access are created when updating features and payroll, as well as with changing bank feeds in QuickBooks Desktop. The QuickBooks update error 15101 is categorised as part of the 15XXX series of errors; the error code you receive will be the reason for the failure. When payroll updates are displayed in QuickBooks to get the latest tax tables, error code 15101 is displayed. To swiftly resolve QuickBooks problem 15101, follow the steps mentioned below:

What Information Is Important Regarding QuickBooks Error 15101?

QuickBooks error 15101 is One of the 15XXX series of errors that appears when you attempt to download the latest updates for payroll. Error 15101 is frequently caused by an outdated or missing digital signature certificate. But, due to other problems that are covered in the following section of this article, there is also a slight chance that you could find yourself in the same situation.

Reasons Why QuickBooks Encounters Error 15101 Occurs?

Some of the common causes of QuickBooks error 15101 are mentioned below:

  • On Windows, not all QuickBooks services are started
  • QuickBooks is not configured to receive internet connection settings using Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  • QuickBooks is unable to create an internet connection due to Windows Firewall.
  • Error 15101 is being caused by another third-party application interrupting QuickBooks’ internal operations.
  • It’s possible that your shared download isn’t mapped correctly.
  • There might be a component missing from the payroll updates.
  • Windows file issues lead to error 15101.
  • The File Copy Service (FCS) for QuickBooks is disabled.
  • Verification of digital signatures may be failing.

Important: For a speedy fix, click the link below and follow the detailed steps provided in the article if you are also experiencing the 15XXX series of errors.

Aftermath of QuickBooks Error 15101

You might face the following symptoms that are difficult to handle when QuickBooks Error Message 15101 displays on the screen:

  • First of all, the update process for the payroll gets hampered.
  • Next, you may notice that your Windows OS is running slowly.
  • Furthermore, your keyboard and mouse may not respond quickly to your inputs.
  • Too many system crashes, hangs, and/or active apps could occur.

Make a backup of your company file and go directly to the QuickBooks payroll update error 15101 troubleshooting section if you want to prevent these situations.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15101

In this article, we will dig deeper to mention all the common causes and self-doing solutions that demand minimal effort and time. Keep reading the post to fix the issue in the jig of time.

Note: This error needs to be addressed at the earliest as it can create further chaos in the QuickBooks application. So, stop wasting any more time, Let us go straight into the important things.

This error is categorized as a 15XXX Series Error however the solutions to this error are quite different. So, the user is just required to carry out each solution one by one till the time you get a method that applies to your situation. Let us talk over them one by one.

Method 1: Run QuickBooks Reboot.bat File

  • To start with, You need to Exit QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now, Right-click on the QB icon and opt for Properties and from there you need to click on Open File Location.
  • Once you have opened the file location, search for Reboot.bat file > Right Click and select Run as Administrator. The moment you do this, all the QB files command prompt will be displayed
  • Wait for the Reboot.bat file to accomplish the QuickBooks services repairing process (Note: You need not to self-exit the command prompt window. It will close automatically.)
  • And lastly, Open QuickBooks and Initiate Payroll once again.

If you are again receiving the same error after initiating payroll update, switch to the next solution mentioned below:

Method 2: Configure Internet Explorer as the Default Browser

  • You need to first open the Internet Explorer from the desktop
  • From the top right corner, Click on the Tools or the Gear icon
  • Once done, Hit on the Internet Options and scroll to the Programs tab and opt for the “Make Default Internet Explorer the default browser“.
Set Internet Explorer as the Default Internet Browser
  • Now, Press OK to save the applied changes.

Method 3: Install the Digital Signature Certificate

Kindly know if you are following this troubleshooting step, please ensure to get a quick backup of the company file data to ignore unfortunate data loss.

  • Firstly, Navigate to this C: Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks file destination and search for QBW32.EXE. (Note: If you are unable to find out the QBW32.EXE file. Don’t worry. Just Type in same in the search menu under the Start option.)
  • Now, Right-click on the QBW32.exe File and opt for the Properties tab.
  • Simply go to the Digital Signature tab. Confirm that Intuit, Inc. has been opted in the Signature List and hit on the Details.
  • Click View Certificate from the Digital Signature Details window
  • Opt for Install Certificate from the Certificate Window and click Next until the Finish option is displayed.
  • Now, Click on Finish.
  • After this is done, Restart the Computer and start the QuickBooks Application
  • Download the product updates

Method 4: Modify the Firewall Settings

The firewall is usually the common reason for a barrier in the proper functioning of QuickBooks. User is required to configure the firewall settings accurately to combat this issue.

  • Go to the Internet Browser and select Internet options and proceed to the advanced tab.
  • Now in this step, Choose the the settings of TLS and SSL as per the screen shot shared above.

Method 5: Reinstall QuickBooks in Safe Mode

Start working in the safe mode to avoid attacks from the virus, malware, or any outside threat. The safe mode will also help you to do the task independently without any interference from the attacks.

  • Firstly, Reboot Windows and hit on the F8 key multiple times to display the Safe Boot options.
Safe Boot Option
Windows Advanced Boot Options
  • Once the safe boot options are displayed on your screen, select Safe Mode
  • Press Enter key to boot in safe mode.
  • In this step, Select Windows + R keys together and type in appwiz.cpl.
Run Appwiz Command
  • Again, Press Enter key and double-click on QuickBooks Desktop icon from the list
  • Follow the instructions to Uninstall QuickBooks.
  • Go tothe QuickBooks Product Download page and download the QuickBooks Setup File
  • Go to the Download section of your PC and download the QuickBooks setup file from there.
  • Follow the given instructions and complete the Product Registration Process
  • Now Update QuickBooks Payroll again and check if the issue has been fixed

Method 6: Restart QBConnector.exe Process

Users can also try to restart QuickBooks Web Connector, by following the below-stated steps:

  • Firstly, Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys altogether and open up the Task Manager.
  • Secondly, Find out QBConnector.exe under the Processes tab
Restart QuickBooks Web Connector Process
Restart QuickBooks Web Connector Process

In this step, click right on it and select the End Process option and thereafter reboot QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks Update Error 15101 has been resolved in this article. Hopefully, we could assist you to get rid of this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does safe mode Resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 15101?

Yes, Safe mode resolves the error code 15101 when you are unable to perform the tasks in the normal mode.

To switch in safe mode follow the below steps:

  • While you choose the safe mode then also choose the operating system.
  • Press enter key
  • Post that, Hit on the log in
  • Then select the system admin along with that you can go to all programs and applications of the system.
  • Now in this step you are required to type the password of the administrator to log in
  • Hit on the yes option in safe mode for particular work
  • Open your QuickBooks Software and now do the work that causes you the error 15101
  • In the end you need to reboot the computer in normal mode, and you are done.

What if I do Uninstall and Reinstall my QuickBooks 2020 Software to fix QuickBooks Error Code 15101?

You can perform uninstall and then reinstall process of the QuickBooks 2020 software on any other version of the software. If it assists you to get rid of the issue then it is good. Else, you are required to searchout the reason and then implement the solution to get rid of the error.

Is there any Specific File that I have to Run to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15101?

Yes, there is a file name reboot.bat that you can run as administrator. It helps your computer to re-register the .ocx, .dll, and other products file into your windows operating systems. So, now you are just required to locate it and after that run it. Post that, reboot the system and move to the QuickBooks Software.

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