QuickBooks Fatal Application Error: QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error

The common QuickBooks problem QBW32.exe Fatal Application Exit error is often seen and experienced by QuickBooks users, due to certain […]

The common QuickBooks problem QBW32.exe Fatal Application Exit error is often seen and experienced by QuickBooks users, due to certain factors. In case you are experiencing the same problem, then, in such a situation, it is highly suggested to continue reading this piece of writing till its end.

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This error, Basically, Reminds users that the particular company file in QuickBooks is Corrupted or Damaged. But don’t worry, In this article, You will not only learn how to resolve the problems but also the possible reasons for their occurrence.

You may witness the following error messages when QBW32.exe fatal application prompts on the window:

  • APPCRASH-QBW32.EXE- QuickBooks Has Stopped Working
  • AVMTimer: QBW32.EXE- Fatal Application Exit

When a user clicks on the particular QuickBooks Desktop icon program, in the majority of the cases QuickBooks fails to start. The simplest way to resolve this issue is by starting the computer again. However, you must note one thing. Repeated clicking on the QuickBooks icon often leads to no results.

What is the QBW32.exe issue?

Although, QuickBooks Desktop has earned vast popularity, however, There are times when its users experience certain problems. One such technical issue often faced by the users is QBW32.exe.

In simple terms, the QuickBooks software QBW32.exe is simply a file that is connected with the payroll value along with the QuickBooks pro software for the Windows operating system. This error arises because of a lot of spam emails. The usage of infected sites also leads to this issue.

What Gives Rise to QuickBooks Desktop Fatal Error?

In order to install the QuickBooks accounting software, a software installer file along with the QuickBooks setup file is important and needed. In case any of those do not function properly, then it gives rise to QuickBooks Fatal Error during the installation process.

Here are some primary reasons why the QuickBooks Desktop Fatal Error arises. Please give it a look:

  • When the Particular Window Installer File gets Corrupted, This Particular QuickBooks Error Arises.
  • The Possible QuickBooks Company File Data Corruption/Damage.
  • An Interrupted Internet Connection can also be one of the main Reasons Behind the Occurrence of this Error.
  • When the Particular QuickBooks POS File gets Damaged, Then this Particular QuickBooks Fatal Application Error Occurs in the QuickBooks POS Edition.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Fatal Application Error: QBW32.exe

Here are the solution steps to fix QuickBooks Fatal Application Error: QBW32.exe error:

Solution 1: Shut Down the Process of QBW32.exe

Shut down the Process of QBW32.exe

Step 1: At First, You need to right-click the Taskbar of the Windows and then Select Start Task Manager.

Step 2: Now, Choose the Process Button and Hit it. Now Click the Image Name Header option in Order to Position the Processes as Per the Alphabets.

Step 3: After the Research is Complete, Select the QBW32.exe. Now Select the option End Process.

Solution 2: Override the QuickBooks Application

Override the QuickBooks Application

Step 1: At First, You need to Press the Icon that Says, QuickBooks Desktop. After that, Select the Ctrl Key.

Step 2: Now Choose the Open Function option and Choose it.

Step 3: Make Sure that You do not Release the Ctrl Key as Long as the No Company Open Eindow Option is not Shown on the Screen.

Step 4: Now, You can Use Your QuickBooks File.

Solution 3: Restart Your Computer System

An easy option to handle this error is by restarting the PC. This will make your system start from the beginning. Once your PC Starts Again, Access the QuickBooks Application.

Solution 4: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

At First, Download the Particular QuickBooks Install Tool and then Run it to Repair any kind of Errors that you may have While Opening the QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: The First Step is to Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

Step 2: Now, After that Shit Down the All Programs option in case, They are Open and then Run the Particular QBInstall Tool.

Step 3: It may take 20 minutes or more since it depends on the Performance of the System and the Speed of the Internet.

Step 4: Once You Run the Tool, Reboot the System in Order to Update all the Applications Accordingly.

Solution 5: Fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation

When you run the particular repair of the installation of QuickBooks, You are basically repairing the damaged and corrupted installation files of the particular QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 6: Try a Clean and Proper QuickBooks Desktop Installation

In case, All the steps mentioned above do not succeed, Then you need to uninstall the particular program and then install it again and then run it.

When you do a clean installation, It means the files are installed in a clear folder, However, In reality, It is a similar folder. The entire process will not succeed in deleting or removing the company file in any possible way.

The solution given above may help you in fixing the QBW32.exe fatal application exit error and you will be able to work on the particular company file again.

This error can easily be fixed if you utilize QuickBooks in one and only single-user mode, however, when we talk about the multi-user mode, fixing this problem becomes two times more difficult. It will be very difficult to fix the QuickBooks multi-user mode problems due to the problems mentioned.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is the ideal way to fix the QuickBooks Fatal Application issue?

The ideal way to fix the QuickBooks Fatal application problem is to shut down the company files along with the QuickBooks. Now restart QuickBooks again to check if the issue has been fixed or not.

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