How to Fix QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working?

The advance feature of QuickBooks is the scan manager which allows the user to add files to the Sales Receipt, […]

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The advance feature of QuickBooks is the scan manager which allows the user to add files to the Sales Receipt, Invoices, Bills and other transaction. Sometimes the user came across to the display warning that your QuickBooks Scan Manager is not working properly.

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Avoiding of QuickBooks Scan Manager not Responding

In order to avoid error of scan manger in QuickBooks you have to follow some certain steps:

  • The Internet Connection must be connected and the Scanner must be Set to the Twain Scanner.
  • The Scanner Must be Switch On.
  • The Scanner Must be Connected to the System.
  • In case If you are Working with the New Devices, You must Set the QuickBooks Scan Manager to Attach the Documents.
  • The Scanner and the Scanner Manager must be Compatible.

Categories of Intuit Scan Manager Error

The error of scan manager error can arise in different categories with the different warning messages. Some common categories are the following:

  • QuickBooks Scan Manager Stopped Working.
  • QuickBooks Scan Manager No Profiles.
  • QuickBooks Manager is Slow.
  • QuickBooks Scan Manager is Already Running.
  • QuickBooks is Unable to Find the Scanner Driver.
  • QuickBooks Scan Manager Cannot Create New Profile.

If Twain Driver is not Found

In order if you are not able to find the twain driver you can get help with the following steps in order to resolve QuickBooks Twain driver not found issue.

  • If you are using TWAIN-Complaint Scanner then this issue will not arise.
  • Check Whether the Scanner is able to work outside QuickBooks.
  • In case if the Scanner is Displaying the Error even if it is Working outside from QuickBooks then you must contact to the Scanner Manufacture or an IT Experts in order to Fix the QuickBooks Twain Driver is Not Found issue.

Steps to be Perform in Case When QuickBooks Scan Manager has Stopped

  • First you have to Right Click on the QuickBooks Desktop Icon in Order to Open it.
  • Select the Properties option Once the QuickBooks Window is Open.
  • Now Find the Target Option that is QBW32.exe File.
  • Right Click on the QBW32.exe File and From the Drop-down Menu Choose the Properties option from All the Option.
  • The Dialogue Window will Open and Select the General Tab from it.
  • Under the Item Name Select the Version of the File.
  • Once you Found the Version of Your QuickBooks, Check for the Latest Version from the Google in Order to Update Your QuickBooks Version.
  • As you are Done with the Updating of QuickBooks then Check If the QuickBooks Scan Manager is Working Properly or not.

Fix QuickBooks Error 281

Error 281 is the code used by QuickBooks or system when the scan manager of QuickBooks stops working. It causes error while performing job. In order to troubleshoot this, you have to perform following steps:

  • First of all, You have to Uninstall Your Present Scan Profile.
  • Once the Scan Profile is Successfully Uninstalled Now you have to Create a New Scan Profile.
  • Now Go to the Repair Tab in QuickBooks and Try to Repair Your QuickBooks.
  • Once the QuickBooks is Repaired Now you have to Try for the Scanning Process Again.
  • In case the issue is not resolve then you have to re-install your QuickBooks on your system again.
  • This time install the QuickBooks with the Clean Install Tool.
  • Once QuickBooks is Installed Successfully Now Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager.
  • Now Change the UAC Setting in Windows in Order to Resolve the QuickBooks Scanner Driver Error 281.
  • Now Windows+R key together on the Keyboard in Order to Run the Window.
  • Click on the Start Button and Find for the Control Panel.
  • Once Control Panel Window opens on Your System go to the User Account and Change the User Account Control Settings.
  • Now Move the Slider.
  • Set Your Slider to Never Notify and Click on Ok Button in order to turn UAC off.
  • Now set your slider to always notify and click on OK button in order to turn UAC on.
  • Now if you are Done Click on the OK Button or Yes to Continue.
  • Now Restart Your Computer in Order to Resolve the Error.

Advantage of Using QuickBooks Scan Manager

As we know that QuickBooks Scan Manager help in making our day-to-day crucial task easily done. Following are the several advantages of the scanning manager.

  • You can Easily attach Your Files, Invoices, Bills, Sales Receipts and other Transaction Easily in the System.
  • This Tool does not Require any of the Professional Knowledge in Accounting.
  • In order to Import and Categorize the Transactions, You can Easily Connect to Your Bank Accounts.
  • The Balance Sheet Automatically gets Updated in QuickBooks Scan Manager.
  • Invoices, Slips and other Documents all are Automatically Generate and this will help you in making your work easy and save your time.
  • The Scan Manager is Connected to Warehouse Manager so that Workers can get there work to be Done in Short Interval of Time.

Setting up of QuickBooks Scan Manager

You can easily setup QuickBooks Scan Manager in three steps. The three steps are:

  • Preparing of Scan Profile
  • Setting up of Scanner.
  • Scan and Add all the Documents

Now let’s discuss all the three steps in detail in order to set up of QuickBooks Scan Manager.

1. Create a Scan Profile

It is the first step of Setting up QuickBooks Scan Manager. You have to Follow the Following Steps in Order to Create the Scan Profile:

  • Go to the Company Menu and From the List of Options Select the Documents option.
  • Once the Document Window Open Click on the Doc Center Option From it.
  • Now Select Your Document in order to Scan it.
  • Now Hit the New Button in Order to Set the New Profile.
  • Now Edit the Name of Your Profile.
  • Hit on Continue Button.
  • Once you are Done with all the Above Steps, Now you have to Adjust Your Profile Settings as per Your Requirement.
  • Now Click on the Save Button in Order to Save all the Changes.

2. Setting up and Testing of the Scanner

Now in this step we have to set up the scanner and test it that is it working properly or not. Following are the steps which will help you in setting and testing of the scanner.

  • First you have to Highlight Your Profile.
  • In order to Highlight Your Profile, Hit on the Select Button.
  • Now from the Scanner Option, Select the Scanner Setup Wizard Option.
  • Now Select the Mode as per Your Requirement But we consider Selecting the Normal Mode.
  • Tick the Box Which says Performs Tests.
  • Now Click the Next Button.
  • Now You have to Select the Test Which you Want to Run.
  • In order to Proceed with the Scan Test, You have to Double Click on the Next Option.
  • The pop-up Window will be seen there on Your Screen with a Message i.e Repeat this test in order to Check all the Modes. You can Hit Ok in order to Check it.
  • Now Hit the Next Button in Order to Continue Testing in Other Modes Which are Available.

3. Scanning and Adding of the Documents

Now once you are done with both the above steps, now it is the time of performing final step i.e scanning and adding of the documents. It is the final step, so in order to perform it you have to follow the following steps:

  • Click on Attach File option of Any Transaction in order to Attach the File.
  • Scanning Process Starts in Order to Scan Documents or Files, So, Wait till the Time the Process is Done.
  • For Scanning you have to Click on the Scan option in scan2voice.
  • As you Hit the Scan Button the Program Starts Scanning Your Invoice, Checks or any of the Documents Which you want to Scan.
  • The Scanned File is Automatically Converted to PDF.
  • Once Converted the File is Display in PDF Form you have to Save it as per Your Location and Name in System.
  • Now it will help you to Extract or Review the Data.
  • In order to Upload the File, You have to Click on Upload Button.
  • Upload Button Helps in Creating the Invoice and Attach the Scan PDF File to QuickBooks Online Invoice.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the TWAIN Complaint Scanner?

You can say that TWAIN is an application program interface standard. It is the interface between those apps which help in controlling the devices for image input and for the device which are responsible for image input. The scanner is the most used and common example of a device for the image input.

What do You Understand by the QuickBooks Scan Manager?

The QuickBooks Scan Manager is the part of the accounting software. With the help of QuickBooks scan manager, you can easily scan your documents and receipts. Once you are done with the scanning you can add them to your bills, invoices, transaction etc.

How can I Set up the Scan Manager in QuickBooks?

We can easily set up the scan manager with the help of company menu. Now from the company menu options select the document center from the list of options. Now, you can choose the document option from the drop down menu of document center. Hit the new option from the list of menu in order to create a new file. Now you are done to setting it up.

How can I Get QuickBooks Scan Manager?

Follow the following steps in order to set up QuickBooks scan Manager:

Open the QuickBooks on your system.
Click on the Doc option from the icon bar in QuickBooks.
The Doc Center will open on your screen.
Now select your scan document.
In order to set a new file, select new tab from the option.
Now edit the name of the profile and hit on the continue button.
Adjust your profile settings as per your requirement and hit the save button in order to save all the changes.
Now in last highlight your profile and click on select button.

How Can I Delete a Scan Profile in QuickBooks?

Follow the following steps in order to delete your scan profile in QuickBooks.

Select the company menu from the QuickBooks desktop software.
Hit the documents tab and from the list of option select the Doc Centre.
Click on the scan for the document.
Choose your old scan profile from the system.
Now from the QuickBooks Scan a manager page clicks the delete option from the drop-down menu.
Hit the OK button in order to confirm that you want to delete your profile.

What Scanners are Compatible with QuickBooks?

Following are the list of scanners which are tested for compatibility when scanning documents and invoices within QuickBooks:

Brother MFC 7820
Canon Lied 600
Canon MG 5320
HP LaserJet 3030
HP Deskjet 3050 A
HP Deskjet F 4180
Epson Perfection 2450
Epson Perfection Scan GT- 2500
Fujitsu Scan Partner Fi-5110CU
Epson Stylus NX430
Kodak Hero 3.1
Visioner Strobe XP300
Lexmark X5650

How Can I Scan Invoices in QuickBooks Desktop?

In order to upload receipts from QuickBooks desktop you have to follow the following steps:

First you have to go to the vendor menu option.
Select the receipt management option.
For the company file you have to choose the intuit account.
Now you have to drag and drop your receipts in QuickBooks.
Select in order to browse to upload the receipts.

How Can I Import PDF Invoice in QuickBooks?

In order to upload the PDF to QuickBooks desktop you have to follow some basic steps that are:

Choose the receipt management from the vendor menu.
In order to choose the company file, Select the intuit account.
Now drag and drop the receipts in you QuickBooks Account.
You can also browse and upload and after this all pick your receipt.

How Can I Set a Barcode Scanner in QuickBooks?

Some steps which are to be followed in order to set the barcode scanner:

Select the preferences from the edit menu.
Click on the item and inventory from the options.
Hit the company preferences tab from the menu.
Select the Barcodes tab from the advance inventory settings.
Now enable the barcode and select the open barcode wizard.

Can I use the Barcode Scanner with QuickBooks online?

No, QuickBooks online is not optimized for the barcode scanning.

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