How to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Export to Excel Error?

QuickBooks users have often experienced one common error during their tenure in using the software. That error is QuickBooks Export […]

QuickBooks users have often experienced one common error during their tenure in using the software. That error is QuickBooks Export to Excel not functioning.

Although QuickBooks to excel do not comprise such complications, however, in rare scenarios, technical issues may come up. Such issues may include QuickBooks crashing while exporting to excel or freezing of QuickBooks while exporting to excel.

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This issue is mainly seen when the user’s QuickBooks software is not upgraded and the particular export to Excel option is either not functioning or grayed out. If you are also facing such problems when exporting reports and forms from QuickBooks in Excel format, then keep reading this article. We will provide you with a set of instructions that will help you to gain access to QuickBooks export to excel characteristics.

What are the Reasons for Which QuickBooks Export to Excel Feature Fails?

There are several factors that are accountable for QuickBooks Export to Excel failure. Before we move further to find the solutions for this problem, let us first understand what the reasons for the arrival of this error are.

Not to mention, to imply the right solutions for this problem, identifying the root of this issue is too important. Here is the list of reasons why QuickBooks is unable to export to excel occurs.

  • An Incomplete or half update can be one of the primary reasons for the occurrence of this error.
  • The User Account Control settings of Windows can also give rise to problems in exporting files in Excel from QuickBooks.
  • Often this error arises when the latest software has not been installed in the system.
  • The MS Excel software is damaged or corrupted.
  • Your particular system lacks the needed system requirements in order to run the QuickBooks Desktop application.

How to Resolve the Error QuickBooks is Unable to Export Excel?

Solution 1: Upgrading the QuickBooks Software to the Latest Version

Upgrading the software makes sure that QuickBooks functions in its best state. In order to update the QuickBooks Software, the steps given below must be carried out and then delete the error that does not allow QuickBooks to get exported to excel.

  • Launch the particular QuickBooks software on your computer system.
  • Navigate to the main menu and press Update.
  • Finish the update process and see if the error is still there.
  • Ensure the internet connection is reliable and stable.

Solution 2: Disable the Windows User Account Settings Temporarily

Often, Windows User Account Control Settings that are designed to safeguard your system from unseen threats presume QuickBooks and its concerning processes as a security issue to Windows and restrict some of its actions conducted by the user in QuickBooks.

With these solutions, the Windows UAC settings will be disabled temporarily to see if the error has been resolved or not.

  • Press the Windows Start button and look for UAC
  • Now press the option Change User Account Control Settings and edit the settings to the options Never Notify
  • Press the OK button and then start your Windows again
  • Try to export a report or form from QuickBooks in excel format and see if the issue is solved or not. If the issue still persists, follow the next solution for this problem.

Solution 3: Try using the Right Method to Export Excel

In some cases, using the wrong method to export an Excel file can give rise to problems. Follow the given procedures to export a particular excel file from QuickBooks to prevent the occurrence of any kind of errors.

  • Navigate to the Customer Center and select transactions from the given Transaction pane.
  • Choose the transaction from the journal available in the Transaction List.
  • Select your transaction journal.
  • Press the Excel button and make a new worksheet and then export this to the particular excel.
  • Ensure that you open the Item list first and then you report.
  • Choose List and then click Open Item List.
  • Choose and open the report you wish to open from the given Report Menu.
  • Press on the Email button and then click the option Export to Excel.
  • Now choose Email as Excel Form or Excel from the given drop-down list.

Solution 4: Fix the Microsoft Excel on Your Windows Computer

Since the error is concerned with the Excel file, it is quite evident that a malfunction in the Microsoft Excel installation can give rise to the problem mentioned in the article.

Hence, before you think of looking for solutions for this problem, try fixing the MS Excel installation.

The steps mentioned above and all the solutions will help you fix the QuickBooks Unable to Export to Excel error. You will be able to fix this issue instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Is it Possible to Export Reports from QuickBooks Online to Excel?

Yes. It is possible to export transactions but you need to copy the particular transactions from one file into another file.

Is it Possible to Export Invoices from QuickBooks to Excel?

Yes. It is possible to export invoices from QuickBooks Desktop to Excel with the help of the steps given below:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to navigate to the Reports section. Now you need to add the invoice list.
Step 2: Now you need to customize the report. Now press on Run report.
Step 3: On the report page, please press the option, Export, and then select Export to Excel.

What are the Reasons that give rise to the Export issue in MAC?

Here is the list of the reasons that give rise to the problem of exporting in the MAC system:

• You are prompted to use Intel Core Due
• The Hard does not have adequate space. A minimum of more than 250MB of space is needed
• QuickBooks for MAC 2016 R5 is needed
• You must use at least 2-4 GB capacity of RAM

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