Export a PayRun to QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks contains unique in-depth and flexible features beneficial for both small-scale and medium-scale organizations. It includes imports, exports, and deletion […]

QuickBooks contains unique in-depth and flexible features beneficial for both small-scale and medium-scale organizations. It includes imports, exports, and deletion of data to enhance the functionality and decrease the efforts. You can easily export data CSV files, deposits, files, PayRun, and more to save your manual data effort. Here in this platform, you get the latest information on exporting. In today’s topic, you get the information about how to export a PayRun to QuickBooks Desktop.

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What is PayRun? When did you need to Export a PayRun?

PayRun refers to the date when employees’ salaries are paid out. The PayRun module contains details about Loss of pay, employee deductions, on-time earnings, leave requests, dates, pay calendar, timesheets, and more. The date of the PayRun can be monitored through the pay runs to date in the calendar of the payroll group.

The organization needs an export of PayRun to save time and effort. It takes a lot of time to enter the complete details of an employee. Instead, they can export the existing PayRun template to the QuickBooks. Need to present the reports for analytics? Use this export feature to generate a report of PayRun more quickly to determine how much money you have to pay to your employees.

How to Export a PayRun to QuickBooks Desktop

Use the QuickBooks desktop export option to save your valuable time. Start exporting a PayRun to QuickBooks Desktop by reading the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open a PayRun
  • Locate the company option and hit on Payroll Integrations
  • Click on the PayRun Action
  • Hit on Export PayRun
  • Select the send button to verify the date that you need to export the data
  • Once done, It will download the entire Excel file with the PayRun field’s content
  • When  you successfully export the content of PayRun into QuickBooks, you get notified through a message via Onpay

What are the things that cannot be included in a PayRun Export?

  • Leave records
  • Earning lines created by a System

Why Choose Dancing Numbers Exporter?

Dancing Numbers Exporter streamlines the complicated exporting approaches of various data, including PayRun details, salary dates, calender’s QuickBooks. It is a user-friendly tool made up of advanced algorithms to simplify the exporting process with default value settings of the corresponding fields in QuickBooks. So, you can easily download Dancing Numbers Exporter from the Dancing Numbers website. It can export the bulk information in fewer clicks.

Hopefully, the above article on how to export a PayRun to QuickBooks gives you the confidence to start the exporting process on your own. Firstly, you have to take the backup before exporting the original file from your account. Use the export feature to consistently save time for analyzing effective strategies to enhance your business productivity. Remain tuned for getting relevant blogs on importing, exporting, and deleting files.

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