How to Prepare Form 941 in QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

The second name of IRS Form 941 is Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. In this the business report the income […]

The second name of IRS Form 941 is Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. In this the business report the income tax and payroll tax which they will pay with the employee’s wages. The individual taxpayers are those who file only one return per year and the business are require filing the return quarterly. In case if anyone is failure to file form 941 then the tax liability can result in penanalities from the IRS.

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Form 941 Includes Reporting for:

  • Paid wages
  • The tips which your employees reported by your employees.
  • Federal income tax which you held from your employee’s paycheck.
  • Social security and Medicare taxes which is the share of employer and employees.
  • Additional Medicare taxes are held from the employee’s paycheck.
  • Current Quarter adjustment to social security and Medicare taxes for fraction of sent, sick pay, tips and the life insurances etc.
  • In order to increase research activities the qualified small business pay roll tax credit.

Where is Form 941 in QuickBooks Desktop?

The QuickBooks Desktop Payroll assisted:

  • First navigate to the employees menu.
  • Then select the payroll centre from the employees menu.
  • Select the file forms tab and the print form. You can also view it before you print.
  • In the payroll tax centre window by entering your payroll pin and then select OK.
  • Select the field forms.
  • Select the form which you want to view.
  • Now click on the save button in order to save the changes.
  • Once all things are save then take out the print of the form.

How to Prepare Form 941 in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise?

In order to prepare your tax form in QuickBooks, first you have to subscribe the QuickBooks Standard or enhance payroll service.

Following are the steps in order to prepare, so follow these steps in order to prepare form:

Step 1: Click on the Employees from the top menu bar.

Step 2: Select the payroll forms and W-2s and now process the payroll forms.

Step 3: Now in your file form section select the Quarterly from 941/ Schedule-B – Interview of your form 941/ schedule B.

Step 4: Hit click on the file form.

Step 5: Select the Quarter and Quarter Ending Dates from the drop down arrows.

Step 6: Once you are done with the above steps, now click on the next to proceed to your form 941.

Step 5: Ensure that the information in form is filled accurate.

Note: Following are some information which is not to be edited on the tax form:

  • In order to edit EIN i.e Employer Identification Number and SSN i.e Social Security Number, first you have to close your payroll tax form. After the closing of the form now edit the information in appropriate place in your QuickBooks Desktop. Now start with the new form. Open your edited form again in your QuickBooks Desktop without saving it because the QuickBooks Desktop does not export new data in existing form.
  • In the filing period there are different filing period so close your existing form and so create new one. The filing period on the form does not automatically edited and changes the other field on the form.
  • Never change any field which is the sum of other fields in the form. QuickBooks Desktop calculates all the data automatically. In order to change the total and change one of the fields which is be used to calculate.

Step 6: Click on the Check for the error which will help you in identify and fix any form error. If there is any error then it is automatically listed in the top of the screen section.

Step 7: In order to identify the error, you have to click on the error description box it will directly take you to the error on the form where you can make the correction.

Step 8: Now click on the save and close button in order to save the changes and come back later.

Step 9: Now, you have to print for your records in your form.

Step 10: Once you are done with all then hit the submit form in order to electronically file your form.

Who Need to File IRS Form 941?

There are three types of business who don’t have to file form 941:

  • When the seasonal business does not hire anyone then there is no need of file tax during Quarters.
  • The business which hire only framework.
  • The peoples who heir household employees such as maid, nannies etc they also don’t need to file IRS form 941.

Deadline for Filing Form 941

The following are the deadline for filing the form 941:

  • First Quarter: April 30 for the period covering January 1 to March 31.
  • Second Quarter: July 31 for the period covering April 1 to June 30.
  • Third Quarter: Oct 31 for the period covering July 1 to September 30.
  • Fourth Quarter: Jan 31 for the period covering October 1 to December 31.

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Instruction for IRS Form 941

Following are the instructions for IRS Form 941 are:

  • First you have to gather the information Which you need to file or complete form 941.
  • On the top of the 941 form the information of the business is need to be fill.
information of the business
  • Now Fill the Part 1 of Form 941.
Part 1 of Form 941
  • Now Fill the Part 2 of Form 941.
Part 2 of Form 941
  • Fill in Part 3 and Part 4 of Form 941.
Part 3 and Part 4
  • Now review the form 941 and also fill the part 5 of the form.
Fill the Part 5

How Can I Create a 941 Report in QuickBooks?

In order to create a 941 report in QuickBooks, you have to follow the following steps:

  • First you have to select the number of employees, then fill the payroll form and W-2s.
  • Now process your form.
  • Once the processing is done, now you have to select Quarterly form 941/schedule B or annual form 940/8Schedule.
  • Now select the option in order to create the form.
  • Hit on the small arrow from the drop down select the year or the Quarter in order to choose the Quarter ending date.
  • Select the OK button in order to save all the data.

How to Setup and E File Form 941?

Below you will see the step of how to set up 941 for e-filing:

  1. Select Payroll Center from the Employees menu after going there.
  2. Then you have to select the File forms under the Payroll tab.
  3. Under Other Activities, near the bottom, click Change Filing Method.
  4. From the list, you have to select Federal Form 941, and then you have to click on Edit.
  5. Then you have to choose E-file and then you have to click on Finish.

Look at the below steps to know how to e-file form 941:

  1. Select Employees from the menu.
  2. After that, you have to select Process Payroll Forms, then Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s.
  3. Now you have to click the Payroll tab, then you have to File forms.
  4. Out of the list, choose the 941 forms.
  5. Then select Create Form.
  6. Click OK after choosing the form filing window.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How Can I Prepare a 941?

You can prepare the 941 by filling part 1 of the form 941:

checked The number of employs for whom you paid for the Quarter.
checked The total wages, tips and other compensation which you paid for the Quarter.
checked Federal income tax which held from wages, tips and other compensation which you paid for the Quarter.

How Can I Reconcile my Payroll to 941?

Follow the five simple steps in order to reconcile the form 941:

checked From the current Quarter first you have to gather the payroll register.
checked Be ensuring that all the Employees wages are accurate.
checked Compare the federal income tax.
checked Now review the social security wages and tips.
checked Compare Medicare wages and the tips.

How Can I File Quarterly Taxes in QuickBooks?

Follow these steps in the web browser not in the mobile app.

checked In the QuickBooks self employed, first you have to go to the taxes menu.
checked Now select the Quarterly tax tab.
checked Choose the pay now option.
checked Then select the online option from the list of options.
checked Enter your EFTPS information and the pin.
checked Now select the current amount but in case is you don’t want to do this, you can also enter the specific amount.
checked Now follow the on screen instructions which are open in front of screen in order to finish the payment.
checked Once you are done with the above steps then sit aside till the time payment process is finish.
checked When the payment process is finish now you can exit from the screen.

How Can You Perform Payroll Reconciliation?

In order to perform the payroll reconciliation you have to follow the following steps:

checked First check the accuracy of your payroll registry by reviewing it.
checked Check for the pay rates and the salaries of the employees.
checked Below hit the double check on the hours which is entered.
checked Be ensuring that the deduction which you made is correct.
checked Now complete all the general ledger entries.
checked In last run a payroll tax report and the remit all the taxes of the due.

How Can I Categorize the Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks?

In order to categorize the payroll taxes in QuickBooks you have to follow the following steps:

checked On the upper right of the screen click on the gear icon.
checked Now select the payroll setting.
checked In the accounting menu you have to select the pencil icon in order to edit it.
checked Now you can change the accounts.
checked Select the payroll account from the chart of accounts as your requirement.
checked In case if you want to update existing transaction, first you have to set the date and then continue.
checked In order to save the changes click on the done tab.

How Can I Create Quarterly Report in QuickBooks Desktop?

In order to create the Quarterly report in QuickBooks Desktop you have to follow the following steps:

checked First you have to go to the tax tab.
checked Now select the tax portion of payroll.
checked Press the Quarterly forms option.
checked Now pick the form which you want to file.
checked Now look over the form and check it if there is no error.
checked When you are done then click on the submit button in order to submit the form online.

What is the Sequence of Steps Which is Required to Process the Payroll in QuickBooks?

Following are the sequence of steps which is requires processing the payroll in QuickBooks:

checked First go to the payroll menu in order to select the run payroll option.
checked Now select a pay schedule and the click on the continue button in order to go to the next page.
checked Now select the employees which you want to pay.
checked Check whether you selected the correct bank account or not.
checked Check for the pay period and pay date if enter correctly.
checked In case if the information is incorrect then you can also modify if needed.
checked Employee pay method can change if it is require.
checked Now enter the hours of work if it is applicable.
checked Select the preview payroll option from the list of the option.
checked In order to edit or preview a specific selected check you can select the edit icon next to the check’s net pay.
checked Once done click on the Ok button in order to complete the task.
checked Once you are done click on the submit payroll option in order to submit you payroll.
checked Once you are done with all the above select the print check option and finish your payroll.

How Can I Account for Payroll in QuickBooks?

Follow the following steps in order to account for your payroll in QuickBooks:

checked First you have to get your employees payroll pay stubs.
checked You can also select the payroll repot for your payroll service.
checked Now you select the +New tab.
checked Select the journal entry.
checked Enter the date of the journal entry and enter the date of paycheck.
checked In order if you want to track the paycheck number you can enter it in the journal number field.

What are the Payroll Steps?

Following steps are involved in order to execute payroll:

checked First select the onboard employees.
checked Now define your detail payroll policy.
checked Gather the employees input with detail information of all employees.
checked Validate the employee input of your employees.
checked Now calculate the payroll.
checked Distribute the salaries of the employees.
checked Pay all the statutory dues if you have.
checked Distribute the pay slips to all of your employees.
checked Enter the tax computation sheet.

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