QuickBooks Data Transfer Utility: Complete Overview

The Data Transfer Utility is another concept that will help you with the idea of the data transfer process. It […]

The Data Transfer Utility is another concept that will help you with the idea of the data transfer process. It can also be considered as a 3rd party software program which has been designed to facilitate you for transferring the QuickBooks data (transactions) from one company file to another chosen one. The efficiency and accuracy are the two factors which are highly appreciated across the industry. QuickBooks with its integrated programs give you better management power for finance records and obvious efficiency is always appreciated. Who would say no to a quick process with perfection.

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With the help of Data Transfer Utility, Any user is enabled to quickly and easily transfer the chosen list and transaction data from one QuickBooks file to another QuickBooks file. With the approach of using simple parameters, the Transfer Utility will offer you better control and also automatically makes the transfer while allowing you to control the process. Whenever you wish, you can open and close the QuickBooks file with the help of the Transfer Utility. Yes, the assumption is correct! You need not open a regular QuickBooks program for this. The process of Small transfers can be completed in less than a minute.

The data will not be erased or overwritten in the process of data merge from one QuickBooks file into another QuickBooks file. It’s useful for merging QuickBooks file, starting a new one, transferring work done at home or at client offices, at service locations or at remote offices to a main office QuickBooks file. Data can be transferred by network connection, email or removable disk including floppy, pen drive, etc.

With this approach, the required amount of effort can be reduced for creating a new and smaller QuickBooks file. You can also choose to create a file that entails only one year of data for an IRS audit. You will get another benefit of improved security and privacy which will ensure that file stays accessible to those who are authorized. You can also have temporary employees in order to enter data in a copy of your available QuickBooks file. As a part of the requirement, it should not contain any payroll or other sensitive information and transfer their input to your file at your convenience.

You can also choose to transfer data between two files located on your desktop computer. Or you can also transfer the information by email or by floppy disk or pen drive.

The utility program enables you to do non-networked data entry in multiple QuickBooks files at the same time. After this, you can choose to merge the data together in one file. For example, If we consider an accountant that can be paying lots of bills on the office computer. At the same time, a salesman or service technician in the field or at a remote office is issuing invoices or estimates to customers while staying home. All of the remote data can then be merged into the office computer without erasing any of it.

In a specific circumstance, if you have an office network and need to do more data entry than the QuickBooks limit {which is equal to the 5 user maximum], then you can also enter data on non-networked QuickBooks files. At the end of the day, it uses the utility to merge the data from the non-networked files into the networked file.

The utility can be used to improve security and privacy. You can have temporary employees enter data in a copy of your QuickBooks file. As a part of the requirement, it should not contain any payroll or other sensitive information and transfer their input to your file at your convenience.

System Requirements:

  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions.
  • Microsoft Access 2000-2013 (32 bit) or the free Microsoft Access 2000 or 2007 Runtime engines which can be downloaded from “How to Buy” page.

Features and Benefits

QuickBooks Integration: Integrate this utility with QuickBooks to ensure seamless data transfer between files.

Reduced Effort: If you wish to create a file for the IRS audit with a minimal effort? It is best to create a new file with this integrated utility tool for every previous financial year.

Transfer Data from Enterprise to Pro/Premier: The Data Transfer Utility is helpful in transferring data from Enterprise files to Pro/Premier files.

Send Journal Entries: CPAs can send journal entries to clients.

Improve Data Security: Worried about hiding information from interns? You can prevent this with a nice and simple trick. You just need to ensure that any of the interns can enter data in a file without seeing any sensitive information. You can hide the sensitive information columns and then transfer it.

Transfer Files Between Different Machines: With Data Transfer Utility, transfer files between different machines connected to the same network.

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Accounting Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How can a Transfer be Reviewed in QuickBooks?

The process is defined below:

checked Click Reports on the left pane.
checked In the search box, you need to type the keyword for Transaction Detail by the Account.
checked Set the Report period.
checked Pick the Customize button in the upper-right.
checked Scroll-down a bit and click Filter.
checked Then you need to select the check box for the Account, and then drop-down list will appear beside it
checked Select the two bank accounts.
checked Hit Run report.

How can you Categorize Transfers in QuickBooks desktop?

The process of categorizing a bank transfer from another bank account for the same business:

checked First of all, you need to locate the transfer transaction from the Search field.
checked Then you need to click on Advanced Search.
checked Press Transfer action tab beside Search then hit the search button beside Add Filter.
checked Locate the specific transaction, then click on it to open.

What does the Transfers option allow users to do?

The Transfer button on any file would mean that you have the option to transfer the existing transaction or data to a different file. It can be entries from bank or credit card account or any other outflow or inflow of cash recorded or other investment or finance related entries.

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