Resolve QuickBooks Error 15241 (Payroll Update Failed Error)

Are you updating payroll but getting the QuickBooks Error 15241 on your screen? In this article, you get to know […]

Are you updating payroll but getting the QuickBooks Error 15241 on your screen? In this article, you get to know why this error happens and what are its root causes. Implement the solutions to fix the error on your own. A few things that you have to take care of our QuickBooks must be updated, check payroll tax table is also updated. Still, have issues or queries then connect with the team.

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What is Error Code 15241 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks error 15241 appears because the updates of the payroll software do not go through correctly. You will get the notification for the QuickBooks payroll update on a regular basis, and you will not be allowed to install it. The reason behind the error is QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS) is most likely disabled. By updating the software to the latest version will help to get rid of the error.

Error: QuickBooks Error Code 15241

Error Message: [Error 15241]: The QuickBooks update did not complete successfully as mentioned in the above screenshot.

QuickBooks Error 15241

“The QuickBooks FCS service is disabled”

It might usually happen due to the File Copy Service of QuickBooks Desktop software being disabled and this error of the QuickBooks Payroll function does not allow the QuickBooks Desktop software to install the updates.

The QuickBooks Payroll software permits business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers to gear their business payroll processes without the inconvenience and limited errors. Less physical interference results in the only limited scope of mistakes that too only if the beginning input amount and data is incorrect.

Error code 15241 is come to light due to a particular service being disabled called File Copy Service which is essential for the smooth working of QuickBooks Desktop software.

What is File Copy Service?

Intuit.QuickBooks.FCS.exe file is normally known as QuickBooks File Copy service its main feature is to initiate and execute the update for QuickBooks. This exe file runs behind the scenes once updates are finished from Intuit QuickBooks servers.

If we disable the QuickBooks file service then it is tough to execute the update for QuickBooks and also QuickBooks Payroll.

How To Recognize QuickBooks Error 15241?

Users can easily acknowledge QuickBooks error 15241 by mentioning signs and symptoms

  • You will get an error message “Error 15241: The payroll update did not complete successfully. QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS) is disabled.
  • Because of this error computer crashed itself.
  • Windows run leisurely, and it will not respond to the mouse and keyboard.

If the system responds sluggishly and the computer freezes then the user’s QuickBooks encounter with error 15241.

What Causes of QuickBooks Error 15241?

QuickBooks Error 15241 comes when the QuickBooks update is not installed successfully. There can be some other reasons for QuickBooks Error 15241 which are mentioned below:

  • File Copy Service(FCS) is disabled.
  • File Copy Service (FCS) is damaged or corrupted.
  • Incorrect system configuration and settings.
  • The downloaded payroll update gets corrupted.
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks.
  • Due to various viruses.
  • System may experience this error because of improper system shutdown.
  • Some important files are deleted.
  • System crashes itself.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15241

  • The program window crashes when QuickBooks Payroll Error 15241 arise.
  • Windows runs quite slow and reacts slowly to the keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • The user will get an update information in payroll QuickBooks.
  • Unfit to install the payroll update.

Popular Ways to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 15241

QuickBooks error 15241 can be fixed by restarting “Intuit.QuickBooks.FCS.exe file” services physically or by updating the payroll tax table effortlessly. Here both of the methods are mentioned below in detail:

Ways One: Reboot QuickBooks File Copy Service Manually

Rebooting the QuickBooks file copy service (Intuit.QuickBooks.FCS.exe file) physically is one of the most popular ways to fix the QuickBooks error 15241, adhere to the steps given below according to windows which are presently in use:

For Windows 7 & Windows Vista

  • Shut the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • For opening the Manage window in the system the options may vary according to the different Windows OS which is:
  • For Windows 7, Windows Vista mentioned-below:-
    • Hit on the Start menu button
    • After that locate the “My Computer” option
    • Right-click with the mouse on the option of My Computer.
    • Here you are required to choose the Manage option
  • In the new screen named “Computer Management”, Hit the Services and Applications option available on the left side in the bottom.
  • At this point there is a Service option on the right side of the Services and Applications window. You are required to hit two times on it.
  • List of Services will now appear.
  • After that locate and highlight the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option and again click twice on it.
  • Here hit on the General tab and then further on the Startup Type option’s drop-down arrow and then on the Manual tab.
  • Once the above steps are done just hit on the Apply button.
  • Choose the Start option and hit OK.
  • Later, open QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • One more time user is required to download the updates released for the version.
  • In the end, Update Payroll Tax Tables.

For Windows 10 & Windows 8

  • Shut down the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • For opening the Manage window in the computer the options may differ according to the different Windows OS that is:
    • For Windows 8 and Windows 10
    • User can view the search field to the very right side of the Start menu button
    • In that, look for the “This PC” and then right-click on it
    • From further options hit on the Manage option (OR)
    • Open the File Explorer
    • Then on the left side of File Explorer, user can view the option of This PC
    • Right-click on it and from options, hit on Manage option in it
  • In the new screen named “Computer Management“, hit the Services and Applications option available on the left side bottom.
  • At this point user will get the Services option on the right side of the Applications and Services window. User is required to click twice by the mouse on it.
  • List of Services will be there
  • Here locate and highlight the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option and again double- click on it.
  • After that hit on the General tab and then further on the Startup Type option’s drop-down arrow and then on the Manual tab.
  • Later hit on the Apply button.
  • Choose the Start option and then OK.
  • Now open QuickBooks Desktop software and download the updated version.
  • In the end, update payroll tax tables.

For Windows XP Operating Software

To get rid of QuickBooks update Error 15241 on Windows XP operating software, you are required to adhere to the steps given below:

Step 1: Firstly shut down the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Step 2: Navigate to the Desktop, which right-clicks the mouse on My Computers, and later select the Manage option, which will open the Computer Management screen.

Step 3: In the new screen look for Services and Applications and then hit on it. In this screen go to the Services option and open it by hitting on it.

Step 4: Navigate to the Services Window go down the screen and double-click on Intuit QuickBooks FCS service. After that, the above window (Intuit QuickBooks FCS Properties) will appear.

Step 5: In this new window opt for the General tab, choose to drop down arrow of Startup Type option, and then hit on Manual option.

Step 6: Here hit on OK button.

Step 7: Reboot the QuickBooks Desktop software and download the latest version for your QuickBooks software.

Step 8: Here user can easily update the payroll tax tables.

Ways Two: Update Payroll Tax Table

If you’re looking to update the payroll tax table first you are required to download the payroll tax table update then adhere to the below-given steps:

  • You need to navigate to the Employee’s menu in the QuickBooks application.
  • Now hitting on the employee’s menu you are required to hit on the Get payroll updates option.
  • After that, you will view a new window named “Get Payroll Updates” and find the option of “Download entire payroll update”.
  • After that Hit “update”.
  • Once the above given steps are completed, the download window will appear on the screen and the payroll tax table will be updated.
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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Are there any Symptoms For The QuickBooks Error Code 15241?

Yes, the symptoms are as mentioned below:

The user is unable to install the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll and the user will get the notification of the update under the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Are There Different Steps For All The Windows Operating Systems?

Yes, and the user has to adhere to the procedure to get rid of the issue.

How To Update Your QuickBooks Desktop To The Latest Release?

Launch QuickBooks Desktop

checked Press the key F2 or CTRL+1 to open the window of Product Information.
checked Check the latest version.

How To Set Up For Automatic Update?

checked Navigate to the Help and choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop.
checked Now go to the options tab.
checked Allows the automatic updates.
checked Click on Close.

Here the QuickBooks will robotically download the updates once it’s available.

How To Setup For Manual Update?

checked Close QuickBooks company file and QuickBooks.
checked Now starts the window.
checked Search QuickBooks Desktop.
checked Click right on the icon of QuickBooks desktop and choose Run with admin access.
checked Now go to the Options tab. Select All and select Save.
checked Navigate to the option Update Now and click the checkbox Reset update.
checked Update your QuickBooks when you need.

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