Resolve QuickBooks Unauthorized Error Code 401

You are working with the QuickBooks Accounting Software when all of a sudden you encounter Error 401! QuickBooks has detected […]

You are working with the QuickBooks Accounting Software when all of a sudden you encounter Error 401! QuickBooks has detected unauthorized access and rendered the 401-error message. So, How do we resolve it? And what caused the error to crop up?

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Not to worry as we are here to assist you in resolving Error 401 in the best way possible.

The QuickBooks Error 401 is a code that signifies an unauthorized request for access. This error can crop up in both the online/cloud as well as the desktop version of the platform. The QuickBooks Desktop version display ‘Error Code 401’ Whereas a QuickBooks API HTTP Error 401 pops up on QuickBooks online.

The general form of the error message is as follows:

“The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized
Request is unauthorized.
Do you want to log in again?

QuickBooks Unauthorized Error Code 401

Now, There are specific ways to tackle this error and each of those tactics will be the subject of our discussion today. If you want to fix any occurrence of Error 401 quickly and easily, then give this write-up a thorough read.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 401?

Unauthorized login issues may crop up if the file inventory fails to access the QBO file. Such access failures cause the system to display “QuickBooks API HTTP Error 401”. Belo is the details of the key reasons behind failed file access.

  • Expired Access Tokens: All access tokens come with a maximum validity of 180 days. Once that validity expires, users are required to complete the OAuth signature process once again.
  • Wrong E-Mail ID: Entering a wrong e-mail ID by users other than the master administrator, when logging in, can lead to Error Code 401.
  • Administrative Changes: If the master administrator severs the link between a realm or company and then some user tries to access an associated file, it will lead to Error Code 401. Manually disconnections of files lead to the automatic invalidation of access tokens, no matter what their expiration date.
  • Master Admin Privileges Disconnected from the QBO: The master administrator authorizes all connections. If their access and privileges are deleted from the QBO file, Error Code 401 will arise.

What are the Solutions for Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 401?

If the above triggers have been addressed, then there are only certain sure-fire ways to prevent QuickBooks Error Code 401 from occurring. Users need to just carry out the following steps whenever the error crops up.

  • When the Error Message Appears, Click ‘NO’ to Close the Message Window.
  • Next, Update the QuickBooks to the Latest Version, If not Done. Outdated Platforms are Another Reason Behind the Frequent occurrence of Error Code 401, Especially in the Desktop Version.

Possible Reasons that Provoke QuickBooks Error Code 401 are:

  • When a user Logs into a Company File or the Accountant Toolbox, for Example, QuickBooks Error Code 401 may occur.
  • A similar problem can occur when registering during the Installation of QuickBooks.
  • Moreover, It could happen When Sending an Invoice with QuickBooks Payments.

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Method 1: Upgrading QuickBooks to the Latest Version

Upgrading QuickBooks to the latest version can reduce the chances of Error Code 401 cropping up out of nowhere. Here are the steps to updating the application to the latest version.

Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Next up, Go to the Update Now tab and then Select the Reset Updates checkbox.
  • Delete all other Previous Updates.
  • Start downloading by choosing the Get Updates option.
Get Updates
  • Once the downloads are finished, Restart the Application.
  • After the Reboot, Click on Yes to Install the Latest Version.

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Method 2: Setting up Automatic Updates

This approach involves setting up the automatic update feature of the application so that it updates itself on its own. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Then, Search the Options tab.
  • Next, Click on Yes to Activate Automatic Updates. It is best to enable automatic downloads for all systems on the network.
  • Select Yes for all designs.
  • Once Done, Click on Close.

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Method 3: Manually Updating the Application

Besides automatic updates, Users can also choose to update the QuickBooks accounting software manually. Following are the steps to carry out a manual update of the platform.

  • Close any open Company file and then the QuickBooks Application.
  • Then, Go to the Windows Start Menu.
  • Search for the QuickBooks Desktop Application icon in the Start menu
  • Right-click on the Application’s icon and then Choose Select Run as Admin on the Pop-up Menu.
QuickBooks Run as Administrator
  • Once the Application comes up, Go to the Help Menu as you are on the No Company Access screen and then click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
No Company Access
  • After the Update’s Done, Head over to the Options tab, Select Mark All and then Select to Save.
  • Then, Navigate to the Update Now Account and then Select the Reset Update option checkbox.
  • Lastly, Select Get Updates. This will trigger the Update download and Upgrade the Application to the Latest Version.
Get Updates QuickBooks desktop

Well, that wraps up this guide to fixing QuickBooks Error Code 401. Hope it was easy and informative enough and aids in resolving Error 401 once & for all. However, If you still are not able to resolve it completely and/or require further expert assistance, then the QuickBooks customer support team is ever ready to help you out.

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