How to Set Up Print Settings for Checks in QuickBooks Online

You can print your check straight from QuickBooks Online when you create a check for your expenses. For your checks […]

You can print your check straight from QuickBooks Online when you create a check for your expenses. For your checks to align and print correctly, make sure QuickBooks is configured on your printer. With the help of this blog, you will know how to set up print settings for checks in QuickBooks Online.

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Step 1: Set up Print Checks

Prepare some blank paper for your printer’s test prints before you begin. In this manner, if the check alignment needs to be fixed, you won’t waste actual checks.

  • Begin by choosing + New and then you have to select Print checks.
  • After this, You have to select Print setup
  • Choose between a standard check and a voucher check.
  • Select a Print sample and view a preview. Next, Choose Print.
  • To complete printing your sample check, Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Place the example check under it. Check to see if line up correctly.

You’re good to go if it lines up. On your regular blank checks, you are prepared to print.

Step 2: Install or update Adobe Reader

In case the sample print doesn’t line up with the blank check, then it is recommended to use Adobe Acrobat for printing checks. For printing both Standard and Voucher checks, Adobe Reader is required. Below are the steps mentioned on how to download it and set is as your default PDF viewer.

  • Start by selecting +New.
  • Then you have to select Print Checks and then select Print Setup.
  • After that, you have to select No, and Continue Setup.
  • Choose the Reader link’s latest version. The Latest Version of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe’s page using this link.
  • Install Acrobat, and then return to QuickBooks. To make Adobe Reader your browser’s default PDF viewer, Click the How? Link next.
  • Activate QuickBooks once more and choose View Preview and Print Sample. Next, Choose Print.
  • To complete printing your sample check, Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Against a blank check, Check the alignment of your sample.

If the alignment is good then on your regular checks you are ready to print.

Step 3: Fine-tune the Check Alignment

  • Begin by selecting + New and then click on the Print Checks.
  • Now you have to select Print Setup. Then you have to select continue the setup and then again you have to select No, Continue Setup again.
  • To correct the alignment this will open up the window of check-in an alignment where you can adjust the margins.
  • In the window of the check image, you have to drag the grid so that on your sample print the numbers appear in the same place. The alignment will be automatically adjusted by QuickBooks.
  • Select View Preview and Print Sample after adjusting the grid. Then you have to select Print.
  • To finish the printing of your sample check you have to follow the on-screen steps.
  • Against a blank check, You have to check the alignment. Until your check is aligned correctly, repeat the grid alignment process and then print as many times as you want.
  • Lastly, After completing you have to select Finish Setup.

You are all set up, only if all the things are lined up correctly. On your regular checks, you are ready to print.

Step 4: Configure Your Printer Dialog Box

You will need to adjust the scale on your print dialog box if the sample print is still off.

In QuickBooks when you select the print option, the default print dialog box will appear on your screen. This can be the print dialog from your browser; It depends on your setup. Printer’s driver or your Adobe Acrobat. For each printing experience below are the steps for adjusting the scale or page size.

For adjusting the scale of your tool here are some common steps:

How to Print Alignment for Paychecks?

To fix the alignment when you are printing paychecks using QuickBooks-compatible checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll. If you are using QuickBooks-compatible checks then ensure that is properly aligned when you print them. In the below steps know how to fix the alignment in QuickBooks.

Step 1: Set up Printing Preferences

  • Select Payroll Settings when you go to Settings.
  • Then select Edit when you go to the Printing section.
  • Now, you have to select Paycheck on QuickBooks-compatible check paper.
  • After that, you have to select Print Paycheck and 1 pay stub or you can select Print Paycheck and W-2 Pay Stubs.

Step 2: Set up Check Alignment

  • First, You have to select Align check, and then to print a sample check you have to select Print alignment form.
  • Follow the steps that are visible on your screen and then close the window.
  • After that, Follow the instructions and then enter the letter and number that will fit best.
  • Lastly, You have to select Save and then Done.

How to Adjust the Alignment

Your current options for the Printer setup preference, for instance, are K and 5. When you print a sample check but when the information is too:

  • Low: To move the information up, enter a letter (from A to J) before the letter K.
  • High: Now you have to enter a letter that is after the letter K (L to X), If you want to move the information down.
  • Far-Right: To move the information to the left, Type a number between 0 and 4 that is less than 5.
  • Far-Left: If want to move the information to the right, Type a number greater than 5 (6 to 9).

Step 3: Print a Sample Paycheck

Try to Print a Check. If you want to make adjustments, then repeat steps 1,2, and 3 till you are satisfied.

The above blog has covered all the necessary parts of how to set up print settings for checks in QuickBooks Online and how to fix Print Alignment for Paychecks. If you still have any doubt related to this then you can connect with Dancing Numbers expert via LIVE CHAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Change the Print Settings in QuickBooks online?

● First, you have to go to the File and then choose Printer Setup.
● From the drop-down arrow you have to click the Form Name, and then choose a transaction.
● Now you have to choose a printer and then click the printer name from the drop-down arrow.
● Lastly, you have to click OK.

How can You Change the Print on Checks in QuickBooks?

● First, You have to go to the Vendors menu and from there you have to select Vendor center.
● To create a check you have to double-click the vendor’s name that you want to.
● Then you have to choose the Payment settings.
● Enter the name that you want to appear in Print As in the Print name on the check as a field.

How to Fix a Check Alignment in QuickBooks online?

● On the toolbar, you have to select the Plus icon (+).
● Then you have to choose Print Checks, which is under Vendors.
● Select the Print setup that is at the bottom of the page.
● Finally, you can be there to Fine-tune alignment.

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