How to Fix Bank Upload Errors in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks online is an accounting and bookkeeping software. But sometime QuickBooks Pop-up the error message when you try to import […]

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QuickBooks online is an accounting and bookkeeping software. But sometime QuickBooks Pop-up the error message when you try to import your banking feed. QuickBooks use cloud storage system. Know how to troubleshoot the bank upload errors in QuickBooks Online.

There are various Banking errors in QuickBooks online like something is missing, damage or incomplete. So it is necessary to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Majority of errors can be solved by the following steps:

  • From the bank feed perform manual update.
  • Make sure that you are log in with the same URL which is provided by bank.
  • Check if any changes are required by the bank.
  • Whenever error occur wait for some time because that error is may be temporary error and will resolve automatically.

Causes of Error in QuickBooks Online

Wrong Files are Loaded:

This is the common cause for the error in QuickBooks online. It occurs because user is uploading different format file than the existing file.

For Example: The transaction of saving account will be save in saving account not current account.

Incorrect Account Information:

This is because the file you downloaded contains incorrect information.

For Example: If your transaction is in working with undertaking of 12 digits and it will show error whenever you add more than or less than 12 digit.

For Troubleshooting: To resolve this error follow the following steps:

  • Delete the transaction from the file.
  • Now rewrite this transaction in QuickBooks as a separate entry in Expenses or sales and recipient.

Original or Subaccount Error

All the transaction is recorded with the help of connection to its parent account or sub account. But not two together. In order to register together you have to follow some steps:

  • Disconnect the Account.
  • Load the File
  • Reestablish the Account.

QuickBooks Updating

Be patience until the QuickBooks is download and installed properly.

Unable to Upload

This is a minute error and it is resolved quickly. This may be due to network issue.

Bank Error

This type of error is resolved by bank because these errors came from bank side.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Bank Upload Errors in QuickBooks Online

Step 1: Manually Updating of QuickBooks

Follow the following steps:

  • Download any new transaction.
  • Select banking tab located in left side.
  • Select the accounts which you want to update successfully.
  • On the banking tab click up the update.
  • Blue shows that the account is selected.
  • Enter your Multi Factor Authentication whenever asked.
  • Now select continue update option.
  • Once the account is updated then the pop up window flashes on your screen, that you’re QuickBooks is updated successfully.

Important Points While Updating Your Account:

The followings are some points that you should keep in mind before updating:

  • Many of the banks and credit cards companies do not allow the transaction to be downloaded for some time like for few hours or for 1 day etc.
  • Sometime you will see message from the website that the transaction is processing but you can’t download it until the bank post it officially. So we recommend you to wait for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Make Sure that You can Log in to Bank Website

Make sure that you are log in by using same URL which is provided by the bank. Some of the financial companies use various types of logins for different account.

Following are the steps which are to be performed by you to verify that you are connected to your bank with same URL which is given by bank.

  • On the left side of window click on the banking tab from the menu.
  • On the banking page click on the Add Account option.
  • From the list choose for your financial institution.
  • On the top side of your bank website there is a login URL for your bank website click on it.
  • After clicking on the link makes sure that you are able to log in your account.
  • Once you are log in successfully confirm that you are successfully able to access your account by viewing account summary, history and details without any issues.

Step 3: Make Sure that Your Bank do not Need any Changes

  • Once you successfully log in to your account then check if there is any notification, message or alerts from the bank side that if something is not working on their side.
  • Sometimes bank activated new security features from their side which you have to activate from your side so that you can complete your update successfully.
  • Share the error with the bank and follow the command of the bank do as they say.

Step 4: Wait and Then Try

Once you are done with all the steps then we recommend you to wait for sometime like for 1 day etc then try to upload at that time bank will fix the issue.

Step 5: Bank Errors

Bank errors can also block QuickBooks from updating. Due to errors the QuickBooks is unable to download the transaction. Some are the common errors which you have to fix before downloading the transaction.

Error 102 and 105

Error 102 and 105 means that the problem is occurring from the bank end. Problem can be any type like their website is not working properly, server is down, website is undergoing through maintenance etc. So you have to wait for sometime till the time bank resolve the problem.

Error 103

Online Banking Error 103 means that the problem is occurring due to incorrect login ID. It means that you are entering wrong ID or the password for log in the account. For resolving this error you have to make sure that your ID and Password are correct.

Error 106

Error 106 means that the QuickBooks is unable to find your account on your bank or financial institution website. This usually happens when your account is closed. To fix this error if your bank or financial institution is closed then make sure that you will disconnect your account.

Error 324

Error 324 occurs when QuickBooks can’t find the account you set up when it tries to connect with your bank or financial institution. This error can arise due to various reasons like

  • Your bank or credit card company changed or moved in to new server.
  • You have changed the detail of your bank account or credit card company website.
  • New account or credit card is issued to you from the bank.
  • Your account or credit card is closed by you or by bank.

Error 185

Banking Error 185 means that your bank or financial institution requires more information about your credentials. It means that you bank or financial institutions have additional security. To fix this error you have to answer these security Questions correctly. Security questions are like OTP etc.

Error 108

Error 108 means that there is a message from your bank or financial institution on their website. Due to which your updates are blocked. To fix this Banking Error 108 you have to check for the notification, message or alert if any action you have to take.

Error 377

Error 377 means that your QuickBooks is not able to download the transaction. You need to update your connection with bank. To fix this error you have to update your connection with bank then only you can download the transaction.

Error 101

Error 101 means that there is a scripting error it appears when window is unable to complete the command prompt that is require to run the web based application.

Error 192

Error 192 means that your bank or financial institution need more sign info from you so that they can prevents QuickBooks online from downloading banking transaction automatically.

Error 109

Error 109 means that your bank requires you to update your password as your password is expired. So whenever you try to login with your old password the screen will show that update your password. In order to fix this error you have to create new password.

Error 155

Error 155 means that Bank or Financial institution is not allowing you to connect with bank and retrieve data. Whenever you receive this message don’t panics just wait for sometime as your bank or financial institution is resolving the issue.

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What are the Steps in Order to Fix Error in QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks Online you can fix error by performing the following steps:

checked Enter your login id and password so that you can successfully sign in your QuickBooks.
checked Now click on Bookkeeping tab and select transaction option from the Bookkeeping menu.
checked Now you have to select your bank from the list.
checked Select for the update by clicking on update button.
checked If still the error is not resolved then look for the banner on the banking page.
checked Select check connections on banking page and follow the steps as it say in order to fix the error.

What are the Steps to fix Bank Connection in QuickBooks online?

Follow the following steps in order to fix bank connection in QuickBooks Online:

checked Firstly you have to check your account page if there is any notification, message or alert from the bank or financial institution.
checked Check if there is any announcement from the bank on the bank website.
checked If any one of the case is there from above then you have to perform as the system ask you to do in order to complete your task.
checked In last Go back to the QuickBooks and Connect it to your account by entering correct account ID and Password.

How can I Fix Error 103 in QuickBooks Online?

The following are the steps you have to follow in order to fix the error:

checked Click on the banking tab from the upper left side of banking page.
checked Click on the add account button in order to add your account in the list.
checked Now search for your account or financial institution by entering the name or URL in search box.
checked Once you will find your bank or financial institution then Select your account and press continue.
checked Follow the on screen instruction in order to connect your bank account or financial institution.

How to Fix Error 101?

Error 101 can be fixed by the following steps:

checked Firstly you have to log in to your bank website once log in open new browser page.
checked Now sign in your bank website from new browser and see if you can access your bank or financial account without any error or not.
checked After accessing account check if your account is active or not.
checked If your account is not active then click on it and bring it in active state.
checked Then look for all the missing prompts.

How can We Update our Bank Account through QuickBooks online?

The following steps are to be performed in order to update bank account:

checked Open the web browser on your system and sign in QuickBooks online with the help of your login ID and Password.
checked Now go to the setting from the main page and in setting menu click on Account and Setting.
checked Once you reach account and setting page click on payment tab.
checked Now you have to select add new bank account by clicking on Add tab.
checked Now you have to enter the routing number and account number of your bank which you want to change or update.
checked In last click on OK and save the changes you have done in order to update your QuickBooks Online.

What are the Bank guidelines for the QuickBooks Online?

Bank guidelines are the conditions that QuickBooks have to meet in order to automatically assign, account category, class and the location in order to download banking transaction. These guidelines are only applicable for bank or credit card transaction. You can view these guideline in review tab of banking center.

Is Linking of my Bank idea with QuickBooks Online is a Great Idea or Not?

Yes it is a good idea because connecting QuickBooks online to your bank provides you many benefits like:

checked It allows you to automatically transfer transaction in your account.
checked It saves time.
checked It also prevents your data from entry errors that can occur with manual entry.

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