Fix QuickBooks Company File is Used by Another Application

Here you can learn steps to Fix QuickBooks Company File is Used by Another Application. QuickBooks accounting software is very […]

Here you can learn steps to Fix QuickBooks Company File is Used by Another Application.

QuickBooks accounting software is very useful for the entrepreneurs who wants to manage business accounts by using advanced features of this accounting software. It is an ideal blend for small scale and medium scale business accounts since as user can find it thoughtful characteristic to store business information and data with it. This can be easily used to keep the complete information of your business employees, suppliers, clients, products, & other business transactions. The entire data is stored in the company data file of the system of QuickBooks accounting software.

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While utilizing this accounting tool for the business, the users may encounter inaccuracy with the company file. However, there can be various flaws due to various reasons. There is an ordinary issue when users face the issue when another application is using the QuickBooks company file. It’s a very critical problem and it can be in form of Error: 6144 or 301.

Regular Reasons for this issue in your QuickBooks Company File:

  • First is that Installation of QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • A system which is not the server is hosting the file of company.
  • Network setup incorrectly.
  • The discrepancy between the company file and the transaction file.
  • The company file is damaged.
  • And lastly the error takes place while opening the file locally.

These are a few of the usual causes when you face such a problem with the QuickBooks company file. There can be more causes for it. User has to find a solution as per the reason for the issue. User can also follow the below mentioned steps to get the problem fixed in no time.

  • For the automatic resolution of the problem, user needs to download and run the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • To find the data return the file of the company user is required to use auto data recovery solution.
  • Try to find out if there is any other application using QuickBooks in task manager.
  • Have a quick check for the recent update for QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Reinstall the last backup of the company data file.
  • User can also try to find the solution manually as per the cause of the problem.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Company File is Used by Another Application

There are 4 solutions available for the error while QuickBooks company file is used by other application

Solution 1: Shifting to Multi-user Mode

  • Navigate to the Taskbar and examine if the company file is opened or closed.
  • After that, examine if the company file is opened in multi-user mode or single-user mode.
  • And lastly, obtain the machine where a company is open in single-user mode, proceed to file, and swap the mode to multi-user mode.

Solution 2: Which user is required to follow if the Data File is Located on the Server

  • Firstly, turn off all the instances of the QuickBooks running on each machine.
  • After that, proceed to Server computer, press Ctrl +Alt + Del button altogether to get the task manager open.
  • Now, choose the task manager option.
  • After that, proceed to Process tab available.
  • In the process tab, tick the option “Show processes for all the users”
  • In the process list look for mysqld.exe.
  • Choose the process mysqld.exe and later click on End Process.
  • Now, for the QuickBooks 2013 and the versions prior to this, the process will be shown as mysqld-nt.exe.
  • After that, open the folder which contains the SAJ company file.
  • Detect the process.PID and delete it.
  • Finally, examine if the issue has been resolved, if not reboot the server.

Solution 3: While a Data File is Available in the Server but the User is not Able to Access it

  • First, Open the Explorer.
  • After that, copy both of the files from the server & paste them temporarily to the desktop.
  • Now, proceed to the desktop and open the company file.
  • For any reason if user is unable to open the company file, then allow the server to reinstall the latest backup.
  • User needs to verify the file if it is not opened.
  • Standby till the user access the server.
  • Once you get the access for the server, restart the server.
  • Lastly, you are required to delete the Desktop file.

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Solution 4: Data is available in My Documents However it’s Redirected to the server and Process. PID is unavailable inside the SAJ folder.

  • Copy both of the folder the C drive of the computer.
  • You are required to save the file to my documents with a new name, If the file is opening to any new location.
  • You should not forget to take out the .SAJ folder.

These are some of the usual factors that user should consider to resolve QuickBooks Company File when it is used by other application problem in your QuickBooks system. You can always reach out to the team of experts to find the solution to this error in your QuickBooks company file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Error QuickBooks Company File is being used by other Application refers to a Specific User?

  • Firstly, turn off the QuickBooks accounting software and then turn it on again on the workstation where this error happens
  • In another workstation, turn on the QuickBooks then hit on the Company menu option. Post that, choose the Users and after that, hit on the View Users option.

Can this QuickBooks Company File error used by Another Application happens in multi-user mode only?

No, this error can happen in single user and multiple user mode. User is required to wait and try these things:

  • User is required to connect the QuickBooks performance troubles by supervise the systems.
  • Users can also supervise the data files to control the performance of QuickBooks.

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