Fix View My Paycheck Not Working Issue in QuickBooks

QuickBooks View My Paycheck feature lets QBO users view their paychecks in one click. QuickBooks Online (QBO) users have been paying for these features in their subscriptions. However, certain errors in the software could hinder its working. In this QuickBooks error, prompts like ‘We’re having some trouble accessing your paychecks. Try again later after a few minutes!’ will be displayed. Users need not panic when issues such as View My Paycheck Not Working occurs. Simply find the solution to deal with trouble in View My Paychecks explained in this article.

Tips for Resolving When View My Paycheck Not Working in QuickBooks

Error CausesSolutions
Unable to See anything in ViewMyPaycheckTo view your payroll information in ViewMyPaycheck without issues, make sure to adjust your printing preferences to plain paper stubs. Follow the specific procedures for printing paychecks. Proper printing settings ensure you have a clear view of your pay details.
“Something Is Not Quite Right” Error MessageDeleting your browser cache removes stored website data, which can help resolve display issues, improve performance, and ensure you’re viewing the most up-to-date version of web pages.
View my paycheck can’t see what was accrued each checkTo fix the “View My Paycheck” issue where accruals aren’t visible, ensure payroll settings and employee profiles are correct. Update QuickBooks, sync data, and check paycheck details. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Learn about View My Paycheck:

  • View My Paycheck encompasses all the current and year-to-date earnings and deductions.
  • To take a hard copy of the pay stub, you simply need to press on Save as PDF and thereafter take a print for the records.
  • Go to the Preferences option and opt for Send me an email when new pay stubs are available. This way you would be apprised every time a new pay stub is uploaded to see My Paycheck.

How can We Send the Payroll Information to see the Paycheck?

  • Firstly, create paychecks by simply following the pre-guided steps and adhere to – the instructions popping on the screen.
  • Once the above steps are done and when a screen is visible to check printing confirmation, hit the Send option to Intuit.
  • And finally, click Send option in the Send/Receive Data.

Learn the Process of Activating Workforce in QuickBooks

Follow the below mentioned steps to know “How to Start QuickBooks Workforce.”

  • Firstly, in QuickBooks Desktop company, go to the Employees tab and select Manage Payroll Cloud services.
  • Once the above step is done, visit Payroll Cloud Services Window and thereafter to QuickBooks Workforce Status and opt for Invite Employees.
  • Post that, you will see that the employee list opens.
  • Going forward, opt for the employees you wish to allow to access along with their email addresses.
  • And lastly, hit on the Send Invite option.

Activation of “View my Paycheck”

Simple Ways to initiate this feature in QuickBooks Accounting Software:

For those who are unable to find the payroll cloud services option, this suggests that they do not have the latest payroll update on the computer.

  • After that you are required to tick-mark the box against “View My Paycheck”.
  • Once you are prompted, confirm or create a PIN used to send payroll data.
  • Post that hit on “Save changes” and move forward to the next step.
  • At this step, once the confirmation box is visible on the screen, hit on Return to QuickBooks.
  • And after that, you are required to upload their respective paychecks before employees log in to access View My Paycheck,
  • And finally view my paycheck assists you to save the time and effort used in printing and mailing pay stubs every day.

Solutions in View My Paycheck Not Working Issue in QuickBooks

A step-by-step solution guide has been provided below for each type of view my paycheck error faced by the users. 

Solution 1: When You are Unable to See Anything in ViewMyPaycheck

If no details regarding the payroll are displayed on the View My Paycheck page, follow the steps below to fix this error.

Step 1: Try Changing the Preferences filled out in the Printing Settings.

  • From Payroll Settings, click on the Settings drop-down.
  • Among the various options, click on Preference, and then on Paycheck Printing
  • Click on Plain Paper Stubs and select the OK button.

Step 2: Once the Settings are Changed, move forward to print the paychecks.

  • To print out, select Workers.
  • Select the employees’ names whose payslip has to be printed, and then click on Paycheck List.
  • Hit on the Print button, and the desired paycheck will be printed.

Solution 2: When “Something is not Quite Right” Error Message Displayed

Mentioned below are the steps to troubleshoot “Something is not Quite Right’ error.

View My Paycheck not Working Problem Screenshots
  • Click on the ellipsis (three-dot symbol) in the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Go to settings
  • Clear browsing data along with cache.
  • If the error still occurs, feel free to connect with Dancing Numbers experts.

Solution 3: When “View My Paycheck can’t see what was accrued each check”

Accrued income is money earned as a reward but not received in the accounts. These types of income are sometimes not available to be viewed in the paychecks. To view accrued income, go through the pointers mentioned below. 

  • After clicking on the View My Paychecks page, select Paychecks.
  • To view the bifurcation of the pay, hit on View Details.
  • Click on the Download button to save the paycheck in PDF format. 

Ways to Fix View My Paycheck is not Working Issue

If you are having the QuickBooks view my paycheck not working error, then the below-mentioned steps can assist you get rid of the problem.

Method 1: Upgrade the Browser

The error may also incur if you are not using a supported or updated browser. Kindly ensure that the browser which is in use is compatible with the QuickBooks application and is updated to the recent maintenance release.

Method 2: Work in Private Mode

  • In Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, you are required to hit the CTRL+SHIFT+P key altogether on the keyboard.
  • In Google Chrome, hold the CTRL+SHIFT+N key to open Incognito mode.
  • In Safari, hold the Command+SHIFT+N.

Method 3: Clear Browser History

If you are having an error while sending paystub data to see my paycheck, you must require to clear the browser cache.

Way 1: Clear the Browser History (For Chrome Users)

Clear Chrome history screenshots
  • Firstly, open Google Chrome & in the address bar type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  • After that, you are required to see the Clear Browsing Data window on the screen, search for the Advanced option and select it.
  • In this step, select the following given options. (Browsing historyDownload historyCookies, and other site dataCached images and filesPassword and other sign-in dataAutofill form dataSite settings, and Hosted app data)
  • Next, choose all time and Clear Data when asked for the time range.
  • And lastly, turn off the Google Chrome Browser and then re-open it.

Way 2: Default Firefox Browser

  • Navigate to the Firefox browser.
  • After that, in the top-right corner of the screen, hit on the Settings icon.
  • Next, select the Privacy and then choose General.
  • Post that, Move down and search for the Cookies and Site Data.
  • In this step, hit on Clear Data.
  • Post that, check mark the cookies and sites and cached web content.
  • And finally, select a clear option.

Way 3: Default Internet Explorer Browser

  • Firstly, navigate to the Internet Explorer, hit on the Tools icon and then select the Safety option.
  • Secondly, delete the browsing history and unmark the Preserve Favorites website data, and after that select the following data given below to be deleted:
    • Temporary Internet Files and website data.
    • Cookies and website data.
  • Here in this step, choose the Delete option.
  • And finally, reboot and login to View My Paycheck.

Way 4: Clear History in Safari 6 and 7 (For Safari User)

  • Firstly, open the safari browser on your mac system.
  • Click on the ‘Mac menu bar‘, then select ‘Safari‘, and choose ‘Preferences‘.
Safari Preferences to Clear Data
  • Then click on the ‘Privacy‘ tab and select the ‘Remove All Website Data‘ option.
  • After that, click on the ‘Remove Now‘ option.
  • Post that choose the Show Develop menu from the menu bar.
  • In this step, you are required to hit on Develop choice and then hit on Empty Caches to open.
Empty Caches to remove data from Safari
  • And finally, turn off all the open Safari windows and reboot the browser.

Way 5: Delete the History in Safari 8

  • Firstly, navigate to the History tab, select Clear History and Website data.
  • Secondly, select the time frame of all history on the drop-down menu.
  • Once you adhere the above step this will clear all history, cookies, and other website data.
  • And finally turn off all the open Safari windows and reboot the browser.

To sum it up, the error View My Paycheck Not Working not only occurs at the employers’ end, but it also impacts the experience of an employee. Read the article to know what type of error are you facing, and follow the steps provided to resolve the issue. View My Paycheck sometimes does not work due to technical glitches, reloading the page and connecting to a stable network helps in such cases.

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