How to Fix QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working Error?

QuickBooks Online Payroll not working is a type of network connectivity issue because of which QuickBooks Payroll fails to connect to the Internet. This issue arises on the screen when users attempt to send payroll data or direct deposit paychecks.

Here is the error message:

Payroll Service Server Error. Please try again later. In case this problem still exists, please contact Intuit

There are numerous reasons why this QuickBooks error can happen, but the most frequent ones are an internet connection, outdated tax tables, and the wrong date and time. Read this entire article to learn all about this article, its causes, symptoms, and solutions to fix it.

Causes of the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working Error

Users experience this issue because of several reasons, which we have explained in the following section. The error may occur because of:

  • Use of multi-user mode to send payroll
  • Old Tax Tables
  • Network time-out issue
  • Internet Connection problems
  • Wrong Date and Time of the system
  • Invalid Security Certificate

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working Error

Your QuickBooks Online Payroll may fail to function and display glitches as stated below, indicating the fact that the payroll is not working:

  • Payroll transactions fail to process
  • Incorrect payroll data numbers and figures
  • Incomplete or missing employee details
  • Wrong payslips
  • Tax filing issues while filing taxes
  • Wrong payroll summaries or tax reports
  • Employees not getting their wages
  • Delay in direct deposit
  • Inconsistent deductions
  • Payroll taxes not properly calculated

What are the Outcomes of the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working Error?

Here is the list of the outcomes of the QuickBooks Online Payroll not working error:

  • Compliance problems with tax regulations
  • Payroll calculation and processing issues
  • Late employee payments
  • Tax penalties from tax authorities
  • Damage the reputation of the company
  • Poor financial management

How to Fix the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working Error?

Take a look at the following fixes for the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working issue, and make sure to send payroll after attempting each one to see whether it resolves the issue:

Solution 1: Review Internet Connectivity

  1. To ensure continuous payroll processing, first make sure the system has a dependable internet connection and a secure Ethernet connection.
  2. To determine whether the internet connection speed is sufficient for QuickBooks online, use online speed testing tools to do a speed test.
  3. In the event that the connection is unreliable or slow, think about rebooting the router.

Solution 2: Access QuickBooks Single-User mode

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Navigate to the Menu option.
  3. Choose Single-user mode.

Note: Users can access QuickBooks company files entirely while using the single-user mode. This increases the payroll process’s efficiency by guaranteeing that only one user is utilizing the payroll function at once.

Solution 3: Review the Current Tax Table

Navigate to the Employee option and choose the Get Payroll Updates option.

To Learn about the Tax Table Version:

  1. To verify the number, click the option, You are using the tax table version.
  2. To make sure you are using the correct version, check the Latest Payroll News and Updates.
  3. Click Payroll Update Info to see further information.

To Acquire the Current Tax Table:

  1. Choose Download Entire Update.
  2. Select Update and a screen will appear with the details after the download is finished.

Solution 4: Set Time and Date in the System

check date and time

The QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working issue can be fixed by setting a date and time on the system. To really make an impact, do these easy steps:

  • On the taskbar, click the time and date.
  • Choose the Time and Date Settings.
  • A little pop-up window will open. Next click on Change Date and Time Settings.
  • Decide on the accurate time and date.
  • Ensure that the time zone you are in is set correctly.
  • If it requires revision, go visit the Time Zone.
  • Select Change by clicking.
  • Adjust the time zone using the drop-down menu.
  • Press Apply and then OK.

Solution 5: Look for Browser Updates

Look for Browser Updates

An out-of-date browser version may be the cause of a Network Time-out error. Users are advised to update their browser to make sure it satisfies the compatibility criteria. An out-of-date browser may also result in problems with internet connectivity, which may impair QuickBooks ability to function.

Solution 6: Security Certificate Manual Configuration

QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working issue can result from a security certificate that isn’t genuine. To configure the security certificate, take the following actions:

  1. Right-click the .exe file in the QuickBooks directory and choose Properties from the context menu.
  2. Select an entry, then click the Digital Signatures tab’s Details box.
  3. From the Digital Signatures Details window, select View Certificate.
  4. On the General tab of the Certificate Win, select the Install Certificate option.
  5. After confirming that the Store Location for the Certificate Import Wizard is set to Current User, click Next.
  6. Select Finish and press OK.

What are the Best Practices to Prevent the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working Error?

Here is the list of the best practices to prevent the QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working error:

  1. Regular Updates: To ensure that payroll operations are completed without setbacks, keep your QuickBooks payroll software up to date with the newest version.
  2. Stable Internet Connection: To prevent any disruptions, always make sure the system is linked to a reliable network connection.
  3. Single-user Mode: To minimize problems during payroll processing, stay away from employing Multi-User mode.
  4. Valid Security Certificate: To prevent any security threats, make sure the security certificate is valid.
  5. Frequent Backup: To guard against data loss because of unanticipated mistakes, create regular backups of your data.
  6. Regular Browser Updates: To avoid compatibility issues, make sure your web browsers are updated on a regular basis.


The QuickBooks Online Payroll Not Working error can be caused by a number of different things, including an unreliable internet connection, inaccurate date and time settings, and many others. The troubleshooting techniques listed above can help you fix it.

Please contact our support desk if you need assistance with any other QuickBooks-related errors or if you are still having issues. Our experts have wide experience in handling such technical issues and they know how to resolve such issues swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks charge for payroll?

Terms of QuickBooks Online Payroll: There is an extra USD 6/month for Core, USD 8/month for Premium, and USD 10/month for Elite for each employee (whether they are on paid leave or not). Direct deposit payments to contractors are USD 6 for Core, USD 8 for Premium, and USD 10 for Elite.

Is it Possible to use QuickBooks Payroll for more than One Company?

You can conduct payroll for several firms with various EINs using a single payroll subscription. The maximum number of EINs for any QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service is three. You can add up to 50 EINs if you have an Enhanced for Accountant Payroll subscription.

Why the Current QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Update is important?

Payroll tax forms, e-file and e-pay options, and current, correct, or precise rates and computations for federal and supported state taxes are all provided by the payroll tax tables. To change your tax table, you must have an active subscription to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. You won’t be allowed to make any changes relating to tax tables if you don’t update it. Therefore, having the most recent update to the payroll tax table is crucial.

How to Update QuickBooks Payroll Manually in case the Payroll is Not Working?

Select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu and go to the Update Now option to manually obtain QuickBooks Payroll updates. Next, select Get Updates. Next, choose File and click the Exit tab. Finally, give QuickBooks Desktop a restart.

What details are Required for any Payroll Account to check when QuickBooks Payroll is not working?

Here is the list of the information one needs to check when payroll is not working:

  • Principal (Designated) Officer’s Physical Address
  • Designated Officer’s Social Security Number
  • Principal Officer’s Date of Birth
  • Industry Type
  • Physical Business Address.
  • Business Type
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