QuickBooks Status Code 3170: Vendor/Customer List Modification Error

QuickBooks accounting software, developed by Intuit, has the sole purpose of meeting the accounting and financial requirements of a business. […]

QuickBooks accounting software, developed by Intuit, has the sole purpose of meeting the accounting and financial requirements of a business. However, issues are a common aspect of the software when handling customer or vendor lists, and errors are likely to appear. The modification process may not be finished due to the QuickBooks Status code 3170.

As per QuickBooks experts, the primary cause of the error is the duplicate name between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale. As a result, it leads to QuickBooks Error Code 3170 to get triggered.

Even though the reasons are not limited, in this article we will highlight all the possible causes for the occurrence of this error. To learn more about this error, keep reading this article.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Error 3170?

QuickBooks Desktop Status Code 3170 is an error from the common 3000 error series in QuickBooks and it usually arises when there is a financial exchange between QuickBooks Desktop application and QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. The issues may arise when handling vendor or customer list elements and hamper the modification procedure.

Here is the error message for QuickBooks Status Code 3170:

  • Error: Updating if item ‘Service/Labor’ in QuickBooks failed. Export cancelled. Details:
  • ErrorCode: 3170
  • Description: There was an issue when modifying an Item Service. Cannot use Sales And Purchase Mod aggregate when the item is not reimbursable.

What are the precautionary steps to take before fixing QuickBooks Error Code 3170?

It is mandatory that as a QuickBooks user who has experienced error 3170, you need to implement certain precautionary steps before fixing the error. It assists in preventing the loss of data.

Here are the steps to be taken before fixing the QuickBooks error code 3170:

  • First, you need to take a backup of your particular QuickBooks Desktop company file manually. You need to navigate to the File menu. Now select Backup Company. Now create a local backup
  • Now you need to take a backup of your QuickBooks payroll data from the particular company name tax forms
  • You have the option to take a backup of your data with the Intuit data protection. To do it, you need to open Intuit Data Protect and choose Backup Now
  • Finally, the most important thing is that you need to shift from multi-user mode to single-user mode via the file menu. For this, you need to choose the utilities and then click on Stop Hosting multi-user

What causes QuickBooks Error Code 3170?

QuickBooks users must get comprehensive knowledge about the reasons that trigger the QuickBooks error code 3170 to understand what solutions and why that solution will work for the issue.

Here is the list of the reasons that trigger QuickBooks error code 3170:

  • In case a program crashes in the background when an operation is going on, the error 3170 arises
  • If any third-party application such as any antivirus or Windows Firewall intervenes with QuickBooks and erases the files, it can lead to the QuickBooks error 3170
  • In case the company file is corrupt and you attempt to change any aspect of the customer or vendor list, then error 3170 arises
  • Outdated QuickBooks Point of Sale can also give rise to many errors comprising the QuickBooks error 3170. Hence, you should always run a QuickBooks update before trying to troubleshoot the issue

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Status Code 3170?

Certain signs and symptoms can assist you in determining the occurrence of this issue. Here is an overview of the common signs and symptoms of this error:

  • Your Windows is getting crashed often
  • The QuickBooks Error 3170 appears on the screen
  • The system crashed frequently
  • Your mouse and the keyboard will respond very slowly
  • Certain processes and applications will not work in your system if QuickBooks Error 3170 occurs

How to fix and troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error Code 3170?

If you experience QuickBooks error code 3170 when editing a customer or vendor list element, it can be fixed by changing the identical name from the vendor or customer list. You must take backup copies of both files prior to implementing the troubleshooting methods.

Here is a step-wise solution to fix this issue:

1st step: Reviewing the Activity Log

The QuickBooks Status code 3170 arises in case there is an identical name present in both the POS application and QuickBooks application. You need to review the activity log to locate the file name. In case you know the name already, you do not need to implement the 2nd step.

  1. Navigate to the menu for Customers. Now press the option, Customer List
  2. Press right-click on a column header
  3. Press on the option for Customize Columns and then press on QuickBooks status
  4. See if the status of any particular name displays Error Status or Not Posting
  5. Repeat the same procedure from the particular Vendor list

2nd step: Change the Vendor or Customer Name

Once you have reviewed the flawed vendor or customer, go to the respective center via the path below:

 ‘Vendors’ > ‘Vendor Center’ or ‘Customers’ > ‘Customer Center’ 

  1. Press right-click on the name which is listed and then choose the Edit option
  2. Then include the number 1 when the name ends
  3. Press the OK button and then run the particular financial exchange

3rd step: Integrating the Names

Once the similar names are edited, you must merge them together and fix the issue via the steps given below:

  1. Press right-click on the name that is edited and then choose the option, Edit
  2. Erase the number 1 which has been included in the name
  3. Press the OK button
  4. You will get a notification to merge the newly edited vendor or customer to the particular one prepared by the financial exchange
  5. Click the Yes button to verify

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about the QuickBooks status code error 3170. We also have talked about the causes, symptoms, preventive steps, and solutions to fix the QuickBooks Status code 3170.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to sync QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop

The steps given below will assist you to sync QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks Point of Sale:

Step 1: Select Financial. Now click Financial Center in the particular QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
Step 2: Select Show Options for Experts
Step 3: Select Restore Data Now
Step 4: When you witness the warning notification, press on Continue
Step 5: Type the dates when the original financial exchange was completed
Step 6: In the screen that requests, if you are sure, enter Yes and press Continue

What are the different errors that may arise during the QuickBooks POS installation?

Several issues can arise during the installation of QuickBooks Point of Sale. All such errors can be identified by the error codes stated below:

1. Error 1304: Intuit.Spc.Esd.Client.BusinessLogic.dll cannot write to.
2. Error 1706: No authentic source can be found while opening POS
3. Error 1642: An issue occurs while installing Microsoft. NET. The digital signature of the particular file % can be authenticated.
Unable to start the “IntuitUpdateService” Error: The service did not answer the start or control requests on time, leading to an error.

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