How to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

Why is backup so important? It means to save an extra copy of the data of QuickBooks file on which […]

Why is backup so important? It means to save an extra copy of the data of QuickBooks file on which you have worked for the organization. If in case original file gets damaged then you will have the extra file which will help you recover the data. That’s why it is highly recommended having the backup file to avert unwanted situation. The financial data is the power of any business, and an accidental loss of the financial data can cause the loss to the business in terms of finances and goodwill.

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Reasons Behind the Backup Error:

This happens when you try to store the backup. Here is a list for few errors:

  • Unable to Backup the Company File
  • Backup is Failed
  • .ND File is Corrupted or Damaged
  • While Upgrade the QB without moving the .ND File .QBW File is moved

“QuickBooks unable to back up company file” is a resist the program from backing up the company’s important data.:

QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

We have enlisted the solutions for QuickBooks accounting software related issues. All the company’s has to store the backup of the data as it is required to have the data during the time of audit and if it is lost without having the backup then it can create numerous issue for the organization. Sometimes, there might be the situation where the user is unable to store the backup and the error reflect “QuickBooks was unable to backup your company file. QuickBooks could not copy the company file“. This is very irking issue which needs to be resolved with immediate effect.

What is QuickBooks Backup Failure?

QuickBooks backup failed error occurs when an end-user attempts to backup files at the same time or the file size for backup exceeds the given limit.

Causes of QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

Here are some causes mentioned behind this error. Let’s know about them, and then we will try to figure out that how we can resolve these errors:

  • An impaired company file.
  • The storage device which is responsible for saving the backup file is not reachable.
  • Irrelevant file size.
  • Incorrect Location to save the backup.
  • Enough storage on the system.
  • File name is not up to the set criteria.
  • Any virus is there in the system.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

Let’s know about the remedial methods in detail to get rid of this error:

Method 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The File Doctor Tool is available at the Intuit’s website, or you can run it through the Tool Hub. This tool can be used to get rid of the damage to the company file.

Here are few steps mentioned which you need to adhere to resolve this error:

First Step: Run the File Doctor

  • In the first step, select the ‘Check your File‘ option and enter the admin password.
  • After that wait to get the result after scanning. Even if the error is resolved the message will be there that it was unsuccessful.
  • All you need to do is to attempt to get the backup to verify if the error is resolved.

Second Step: Configure and Run QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Turn off the QuickBooks application. After that, you need to download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • After that move to the ‘Company File Issues‘ section and hit on the ‘Run QuickBooks File Doctor‘ option to run the tool.
  • Now, as mentioned in the below screenshot you need to hit on the drop-down arrow and find the company file from the list. Hit on the ‘Browse‘ to search it in the folder.
QuickBooks Tool Hub
Configure and Run QuickBooks Tool Hub

We need to move to the next step if the error will not get resolved with the help of this method.

Method 2: Store the Backup File to a Flash Drive or External Drive

  • Turn on the QuickBooks and choose the File menu and hit on the save copy option.
  • After that, choose the Backup copy, and hit next.
  • Once it’s done now select the Local Backup, and hit next.
  • Choose the Save it now option and click next. After that, select the correct path and save it.
  • Once the file is saved go to the path where you have saved the file and click right on the backup and copy it.
  • Now, select the drive where you want to save that backup file.
  • At last, paste the file on the desired location.

Method 3: Open Other File in QuickBooks

  • Navigate to the No company open window and choose the open or restore an existing file option.
  • After that, choose the Browse and select the new company file to open. If you are able to open the file then it means the cause of error in because of the damage in the file else, the error is because of the QuickBooks.

Method 4: Company File Name Change

Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to the Company menu to open the file.
  • Choose ‘My Company,‘ and then click on the ‘Pencil‘ (edit) icon.
  • Choose the ‘Contact Information‘ from the left panel and move to the ‘Company Information Page‘ to change the name.
  • This is important to remember that we have to ignore any special characters from the name and limit the file name as per the requirement (within in 65 words). Select Ok.

Method 5: Verification of Data Utility

Step 1: Data Company File Verification

  • Open the QuickBooks application and navigate to the ‘File‘ menu.
  • Choose the ‘Utilities‘ option, and hit on ‘Verify Data‘ and allow the tool to do the verification. If it is successful and try to store the backup one more time.
    Outcomes can be differed according to the situation, If you get the error “QuickBooks data has lost its integrity: It asserts that damage is in the company file.“. Then we need to follow the other option.

Step 2: Rebuild the Data

  • If the error message reflects ‘Your data has lost integrity,‘ that is because of the data damage and requires a ‘Rebuild.’
  • Navigate to the ‘File‘ menu one more time.
  • Choose the option of rebuild from the ‘Utilities‘ section.
  • Press the ‘OK‘ button once the rebuild is successful.

I hope the above mention information will help you to fix QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error. In case you are not able to fix the issue and need the rapid assistance, then connect with Dancing Numbers experts team via LIVE CHAT.

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Why we Get the Backup Error?

Inappropriate location of company file is one most common reason to bring forth Error QuickBooks Unable to backup company file.

What is the Best Solution to get Rid of the Error?

Do the verification and rebuild Data to get rid of the error of the data integrity and If it still visible then move the company file to the local computer and try to get the backup after that.

What if the File Name is Incorrect? How to Resolve it?

The name of the company file must be accurate and according to the requirement. Here are few steps to follow to resolve the error:

checked Navigate to the file of which the name needs to be changed and right click on it.
checked Now, rename it with new name and avoid the special characters.
checked Hit Enter button to rename it, and it’s done.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Works?

Yes, the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can help to resolve the issue.

What is the Reasons for the QuickBooks Backup Problems?

There are multiple causes for the QuickBooks backup problems like space availability on the device, Virus attack, incorrect file name etc.

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