QuickBooks Backup Not Working on Windows 10: How to Fix

How to get rid of the problem that QuickBooks Scheduled Backups are NOT working in Windows 10? Scheduled an automatic […]

How to get rid of the problem that QuickBooks Scheduled Backups are NOT working in Windows 10?

Scheduled an automatic backup and it failed? This is a common issue which many of the QuickBooks users might be facing in the latest times. Scheduling an automatic backup is one of the most successful and convenient ways to prevent the data from any unexpected loss. In this specific process of QuickBooks, one can schedule the backup like, at what time or what date you wish to Take the Data Backup. At times, unfortunately, the service did not work, which can be catastrophic.

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Knowing the importance of scheduled backup, we have drafted this module, where we will be having a deep analysis of scheduled backup not working issue in QuickBooks, along with the steps that we can implement, to tackle out the error successfully.

Guide to Scheduled Backup not Working Bug in QuickBooks?

Well, this can be a critical error at times, and can be instigated because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Users are making use of an outdated Desktop application.
  • Or if QuickBooks is set to run a non-identical version of Windows. In simple words, we can say that if you are using Windows 10 and QuickBooks is constructed for Windows XP or any other Windows version, then this error is most probable to happen.
  • If the user finds any destruction in the QuickBooks Company File or data, then such an error can be looked at.
  • In case users have made an unsuitable set-up of scheduled backups, then be prepared for these kinds of the error.

What can Help to Fix QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working Issue?

Even the scheduled backup not working issue can be resolved with much facility. Below are few of the top strategy which you can adhere, to tackle out the issue without any further inconvenience.

Process 1: Verify the Scheduled Mechanical Backup Settings in QuickBooks

  • Begin with open QuickBooks and select File menu, where you are required to select Save Copy or Backup. This will open up the workflow.
  • Choose Backup Copy and hit on Next.
  • If in case you have not set the backup defaults, then we advise you to hit on options to set the backup defaults and hit on Next tab.
  • It is barely recommended to choose Change Location or Make Use of the Location as per the preference. Click on Next tab once again.
  • You are then needed to hit on options tab stating save it now & Schedule Future Backups or only Schedule Future Backups and tap on the Next tab.
Schedule Future Backups
Save it Now & Schedule Future Backups
  • Finally, make use of the Save Backup Copy Automatically When I Close my Company Files Every Time option. And also write the number in the number field and click Finish tab.
Save Backup Copy Automatically When I Close my Company Files Every Time
Save Backup Copy Automatically When I Close my Company Files Every Time

Process 2: Make use of the Rebuild Data Utility & QuickBooks Verify

  • In this process, You need to open the QuickBooks software. Navigate to the File tab & select Utilities tab. Now, Hit on Verify Data option.
Make use of the Rebuild Data Utility & QuickBooks Verify
Make use of the Rebuild Data Utility & QuickBooks Verify
  • Move forward, Navigate to the option that states QuickBooks scan all the company files and data & look for the Damage.
  • Post that, Maybe you get a pop-up stating Your Data has Lost Integrity. Shut the message and hit on the File tab again.
  • Choose the Backup Company Data popup window & get a backup of the data on the desktop and hit on ok tab.
  • The tool will repair the harm in the company file.
  • Post you see the message which states rebuild has completed, you are required to hit on OK tab and try to Schedule the Automatic Backups.

Process 3: Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode in the Windows Version

  • Here in this process, you need to open the System & right-click the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and then hit on properties tab.
  • You are required to view the Compatibility Tab and verify for the Run this Program in Compatibility Mode for option.
View the Compatibility Tab and verify for the run this program in compatibility mode
View the Compatibility Tab and verify for the run this program in compatibility mode
  • Choose the Windows Version by hitting on the drop-down list.
  • Hit on Apply tab & ok tab.
  • Verify if the issue is resolved.

Process 4: Update the QuickBooks Desktop to Recent Release

  • Begin with hitting on to update QuickBooks tab in the Help menu.
  • And navigate to Update Now tab. It is advisable to choose Reset Update Checkbox to clear the past update downloads.
  • And select Get Updates to begin the download.
  • Restart the QuickBooks Accounting Software.
  • And after that, Select the option, to install new released when asked.

That was all you are required to know about QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working Issue. But still, if you are facing any challenge or having any issue then please reach out to our 24*7 QuickBooks error support team to get the available solution, Our experts have the recent edge cutting tools and technology to fix the problems. You can also learn Why QuickBooks Stopped Working After Windows 10 Update.

Issues QuickBooks Automatic Backup not Working [RESOLVED]

QuickBooks automatic backup is a data backup function which backs up the critical QuickBooks files regularly. Utilizing the functionality, you can schedule the backup in the way which QuickBooks will naturally take the backup of the data even if you forget to do that. Organize a robotic backup is the uncomplicated approach to ensure the safety of the QuickBooks data. But, as with other functions which empower QuickBooks, the scheduled backup function also encounters the errors. If you are looking for the “QuickBooks Automatic Backup not working,” error, then read the article for a detailed improvement method.

Some Grounds Which can the Error “QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working”

  • QuickBooks is set up to run for a different version of Windows. For instance, users are using Windows 10 & QuickBooks is configured for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
  • Inappropriate setup of scheduled backups in QuickBooks.
  • The version of QuickBooks Desktop which is outdated cans also one of the reasons that automatic backup stops working.
  • Harm in the QuickBooks company file also activates errors Scheduling Robotic Backups in QuickBooks.

Solution Steps to Fix the Issue of QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working on Windows Problem

Solution 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Updates

Having the QuickBooks Desktop up to date ensures that there are no errors present in the application which can create the issues while robotically backing up the QuickBooks data. Adhere the instructions given-below and get the recent updates of the QuickBooks Desktop application installed.

  • Run QuickBooks and ensure you either have the administrative rights or you are logged in with the administrator account.
  • Go to the Help tab and select the option that says Update QuickBooks Desktop to proceed further with the update process.
  • Now move to the Update Now tab and select the Get Updates option and this will prompt QuickBooks to download all the available updates.
  • Restart QuickBooks and when prompted to install the updates, click the Installation Updates option.
  • Retry to set up automatic backup and see if it is working.
    You can find more detailed instructions on Downloading and Installing the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop with the help of our support team.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks Confirm and Reconstruct Data Utility

Demolition in the company file data can also be a ground why automatic backup is not working in QuickBooks. Adhere the below given solutions and get rid of the damage in the QuickBooks data using QuickBooks verify and rebuild data utility to fix issues with automatic data backup.

  • QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility is an inbuilt QuickBooks tool that verifies the integrity of QuickBooks company file, and if any damage is found, then it automatically repairs the damage.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, and from under the File tab, keep your mouse cursor over the utility section.
  • Select Verify Data option from the drop-down list.
  • QuickBooks will now scan the company file for any errors and corruption.
  • If QuickBooks displays “Your Data has Lost Integrity,” then close the message and click the File tab again.
  • Move your mouse cursor to the Utilities sections and select Rebuild Data.
  • Click OK at the Backup Company Data popup window and take a backup of your company file data on your Desktop.
  • Click OK, and the QuickBooks Rebuild Data tool will repair the damage in the company file.
  • Once you see the error message “Rebuild has Completed,” click OK and try to schedule the automatic backups once again.

Solution 3: Confirm organize Automatic Backup Settings in QuickBooks

In this module, we have explained Scheduling a local backup in QuickBooks Desktop, we have also mentioned a step-by-step method to schedule a local backup in QuickBooks Desktop. Adhere to the instructions given in this article to appropriately configure QuickBooks’s automatic backups.

  • In scenario, where the robotic backup is still not working in QuickBooks then you might have required to reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop application by using the QuickBooks Clean Installation Tool.

Few of the users might get the above-mentioned troubleshooting method complicated as it involves reconfiguring Windows features. If you are facing difficulty and unable to resolve the “QuickBooks Automatic Backup not Working” error.

We have attempted to update the maximal information for you. However, if you still face any challenges you can always reach out to the team of experts without any hesitation at via live chat.

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