How to Download and Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks is one of the most used software by most business owners as QuickBooks has most of the latest and […]

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QuickBooks is one of the most used software by most business owners as QuickBooks has most of the latest and advanced features, however, with every software technical glitches and errors are very common.

But you don’t worry at all about the error you face while working on QuickBooks. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool is an excellent solution because it assists in addressing a few issues and errors with the software. That is why it is also known as a mending tool, as it resolves unrecoverable issues within the software.

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Using a QuickBooks Clean Tool is not at all difficult. Today, we are going to provide you with a complete guide on How to Download and Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

What is the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

You can get easy installation and reinstallation solutions for QuickBooks problems but you may not get a clean install solution. Almost every where you get the standard tool to uninstall and then reinstall QuickBooks solutions that may or may not help. However, in extremely rare cases, a simple setup solution is provided. This is because it allows you to solve your error quickly and also renames your folders automatically of previous QuickBooks versions.

The QuickBooks Clean Install Tool allows you to uninstall and then easily reinstall your software after cleaning it. So that individuals can set up QuickBooks, and it will provide all of the documents and folders from scratch.

What are the Several Methods of QuickBooks Clean Installation Using QuickBooks Removal Tool?

The window reinstall tool allows you to repair data damage within the accounting program. If you believe that reinstalling QuickBooks can resolve all of your problems then you are mistaken. When you have to resolve company file issues then the Clean Installation of QuickBooks is very important. As a result, you have to adhere to the entire strategy of QuickBooks simple setup using the QuickBooks removal tool in order to avoid the error that has occurred. We’ve listed the important phases that the QuickBooks removal tool entails:

  • Uninstall the QuickBooks program completely.
  • The installation folder should be renamed.
  • Use the QuickBooks Clean Install Utility Tool to clean up your installation.
  • QuickBooks should be reinstalled.

How Can I use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

To know how you can use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, here are the detailed steps that you can easily follow to get your problem fixed.

Step 1: Confirm for a Clean Installation

If you are unable to resolve the error using the normal QuickBooks reinstallation tool, then QuickBooks uses the clean install solution. Using the clean install tool setup lets you finish the procedure and resolve the errors you’re working with.

Note: If you are working on multiple desktops you must perform it on each system separately that is experiencing issues in order to restore it.

Step 2: Gather all of the Statistics and make a Backup of Your Data

Before you begin using the QuickBooks easy set up on your computer, you should obtain all of the necessary data and documents. So the steps are as follows:

  • First, find the product key or the license key that you received in the mail if you ordered online, or on the original packaging if you purchased a hard copy.
  • Then download the latest installation file needed for QuickBooks installation.
  • Make sure that you note down the year and version of the product as well.
  • Finally, create the backup of your company data file from previous QuickBooks software before proceeding further.

Step 3: Now Uninstall the QuickBooks Data

To clean install QuickBooks, you must first uninstall it. The steps to uninstall QuickBooks are as follows:

  • First, Navigate to the Start menu.
  • Then look for the Control Panel.
  • The Control Panel window appears when you press the Enter key.
  • Now click on the Programs and then on the Programs again.
  • You may now see the list of Programs.
  • Choose the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  • Then, When you right-click on it, you’ll see an option Uninstall or Change.
  • Select the Uninstall or Change option.
  • Now the uninstall Wizard appears.
  • Follow the instructions outlined in it.
  • Finally, The uninstallation has been completed successfully.

Step 4: Obtain and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

To use the Clean Install tool, download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The steps are as follows:

  • First and foremost, If QuickBooks is open, close it.
  • Install the most recent version of QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer.
  • Save your tool’s file.
  • Then, double-click the downloaded file you want to open.
  • Following that, You will be given some on-screen directions, Which you should follow.
  • Accept the terms and services as displayed during installation.
  • When you’re through with the installation.
  • Select from the menu that appears when you right-click on the icon.
  • Now run it as an Administrator.
  • Finally, This will open up the Tool Hub software.

Step 5: Launch the Clean Install Tool

When you run a QuickBooks clean install tool, the names of your previous folders are automatically changed. So, you should rename previous QuickBooks directories before reinstalling the QuickBooks program. This allows QuickBooks to simply add new files while the program is being installed.

Below are the steps to run the tool:

  • First, Navigate to the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Then, From the list of alternatives, choose Installation problems.
  • To run the clean Install Tool, Choose it.
  • Then to continue, Press the OK button.
  • Now, Choose the QuickBooks version and the product version.
  • Then click the Continue button.
  • Once done, You will receive the message “Please install the copy of QuickBooks to the default location of the computer” on the screen, Click the OK button.
  • Finally, Once the tool finishes the work, you may reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Step 6: QuickBooks Desktop should be Reinstalled

You must first download QuickBooks Desktop and then reinstall it on your computer. The following are the steps to take to do this:

To Download QuickBooks Desktop, Follow these Steps:

  • Download the QuickBooks Desktop from a reputable source.
  • Then save the download to anywhere you want to save it.
  • After that, Ensure that the download was successful.

To Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop, Follow these Steps:

  • First, Navigate to the downloaded files where you saved your files.
  • Now double-click it to open the downloaded file.
  • The installation wizard then appears.
  • Follow the instructions and install the recommended kind.
  • Finally, When the installation is completed successfully, With the help of the clean install tool you are finished reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop.

When do You Need to use the QuickBooks Removal Tool?

To completely uninstall QuickBooks, you must use the QuickBooks Removal Tool. The following are some of the most frequent problems that need you to download and execute the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

  • QuickBooks shows installation problems.
  • The simple re-installation of QuickBooks did not assist you in removing frequent error codes.
  • When attempting to open more than one business file, an error occurs.

Finally, We hope that now you have a complete guide on what the QuickBooks Clean install tool is and how to use it. So, armed with this knowledge, you can solve the problem on your own.

However, if you are still experiencing any issues then you can contact the QuickBooks help desk service for the best support. The team is accessible to assist you by email, live chat, or toll-free phone 365 days a year. So don’t be concerned; simply contact the service and get your issue handled.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Which Issues can QuickBooks Clean Install Utility Tool For Windows Resolve?

QuickBooks Clean Install Utility Tool for Windows can help you to resolve:

checked You undo the mistakes you made when a QuickBooks agency report was no longer found.
checked Show and template-related issues may be handled.
checked It can help you recover unrecoverable QuickBooks errors.
checked It also aids in the resolution of run-time errors.

What are the things you need to keep in mind before you use the Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop?

You should keep in mind the following points before you use the Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop:

Backup Your QuickBooks Company Files: You should always back up your QuickBooks data to a flash drive. This ensures that data is not lost if you face any issues.

Keep the License and Product Number on Hand: Once you’ve finished uninstalling the QuickBooks desktop program, reinstallation will need you to have the license and product number on hand.

What is the Procedure for Backing up the QuickBooks Desktop Company Data File?

The steps for backing up your QuickBooks Desktop Company data file are as follows:

checked First, Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
checked Then select the File menu item.
checked Select the option Change to single-user mode. Skip this step if you are already in single-user mode.
checked Now click the File menu item once more.
checked Then, Choose the Backup Company option.
checked Once done select the option Create Local Backup.
checked You must first pick Local Backup.
checked Then press the Next button.
checked Choose an option Browse to open the location where you want to save the backup file.
checked Now run the test to ensure that the backup file is in excellent working order.
checked Then proceed by clicking the OK button.
checked Finally, Select the option Save it.
checked Once it’s done click Next to begin the backup.

Can You Rename Folders Manually if the QuickBooks Clean Install Does not Work?

Yes, you rename folders manually if the QuickBooks clean install does not work. To rename it manually, follow the steps mentioned below:

checked First, Launch File Explorer.
checked Then Locate the QuickBooks folder that contains all of the company files or the QuickBooks folder.
checked Now, For each file and folder, right-click it.
checked Once you right-click, make sure you include the word OLD at the end of each file or folder.
checked Now you must repeat steps 3 and 4 for all files and directories.
checked Finally, You’re finished and ready to reinstall the program.

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