Fix QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy File Error

QuickBooks Desktop software is equipped with several tools and crucial aspects for handling the cash flow, preparing taxes, create invoices, […]

QuickBooks Desktop software is equipped with several tools and crucial aspects for handling the cash flow, preparing taxes, create invoices, inventory management, and several other things. However, it does not mean that this software is not susceptible to errors.

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A common issue often experienced by several users is, QuickBooks Unable to Make an Accountant’s Copy. This kind of error generally appears when you are preparing an accountant’s copy. It is possible to relate the error to the particular folder where the company file is saved. This accountant copy error is very complicated and may compel you to miss the deadline for a particular task.

In today’s article, We have accumulated a number of solutions to fix the QuickBooks Failed to Create an Accountant’s Copy error. This will help you to deal with your problem.

What gives rise to QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy Error?

In QuickBooks software, An accountant’s copy is considered to be a form of company file that can be accessed to conduct some alterations to the data when you begin to function. When you are ready to make the changes in the QuickBooks Accountant Transfer file, It is possible to revert the particular changes already done for the smooth importing of the data to the given company.

QuickBooks Unable to Create an Accountant’s Copy issue is a very popular error. Prior to attempting to solve this issue, It is crucial to comprehend the reasons behind this error.

Here is a list of some of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of this error:

  • The Company Data file is Damaged.
  • In MS Words, Acquiring a long Dash and then Copying the Notes can give rise to this issue.
  • QuickBooks Desktop needs an Update.
  • The particular Company Data File is Corrupted.
  • The QBW file is Larger or Nearly 200MB.
  • Issue while Sending the Data to the Particular Intuit Server

The QuickBooks error may also occur when you attempt transferring the Accountant’s copy with the particular file transfer. If you are using the Accountant Copy File Transfer Service, also called as ACTF to transfer the Accountant’s copy, you may the following warning text:

Error: Issue in Transferring the File to the Intuit Server
Warning: There was an issue transferring the changes to the particular Accountant’s Copy file transfer server. Try once more later on or save the file and then send it through email.
QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant's Copy File Error

What are the Common QuickBooks Errors When Preparing or Working on an Accountant’s Copy?

You may receive any one of the given errors along with unexpected results on a company file or an Accountant’s copy in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Error: Unable to create an Accountant’s copy
  • Error: Accountant’s copy exist. The reconciliation will roll back.
  • Error: A big red X or Failed while working on Accountant’s copy
  • Warning: You are backing up an Accountant’s copy
  • Error: Invalid database server command line or Specified database is invalid while opening a Portable file or Accountant’s Copy
  • Warning: It is Company’s data Accountant’s copy while opening a QBA file
  • Error: 6xxx,xx while converting an Accountant’s Transfer file

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Unable/Failed to Create Accountant’s Copy Issue

Here are some of the fastest steps to fix this issue. Let’s check out the solutions:

Step 1: First, Check the Particular Company File Name for any Special Characters.

company file name for any special characters

Step 2: Update QuickBooks to the latest version released

Account file transfer service only responds with QuickBooks Desktop 2017(R14), 2019 (R9), and 2018 (R12), along with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17 (R14), 19 (R9), or 8 (R12). Hence, If you are accessing an older version, then it will not be possible to create an accountant copy when it prompts, Fail with zero explanation because of incompatibility with ACFT.

Update the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Navigate to the Help menu. Now press on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Search for the Update Now tab. Now make sure that you check mark the box that says reset updates.
  • Press on Get Updates and then it will begin the download process.
update quickbooks desktop
  • When the download procedure completes, begin the QuickBooks software once again.
  • Pay attention on the prompts given on-screen in order to Install the Latest Release.

Step 3: Cut Down the Company File Size

If the particular QuickBooks company file size is more than 200 MB, you may experience problems in sending the particular file to the available Intuit server. It can be done in two ways:

  • You can cut down the file size by create a portable quickbooks company file that can be moved easily. It is generally a compressed version of the company file that can be send easily. It can be done by shifting to the company file and open it. Now you need to click the F2 key in order to open the Product Information screen. In case the file size is more than 200 MB, then you can attempt to restore the portable QuickBooks company file.
  • Include the other option which is to save and send the QBY/QBX manually minus the accountant file transfer.
particular QuickBooks company file size

Step 4: The company file is corrupted. Fix it using QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Several times the QuickBooks file doctor comes to the rescue to many users. The tool is created and designed in a way to fix all the errors, usually the network related issues and company file related problems. It is possible to download the tool from the website of Intuit or can use it via the QuickBooks Tool Hub. This particular tool will help he help the company to fix the file damage significantly.

QuickBooks File Doctor

Step 5: Navigate to the particular folder where QuickBooks is saved. Now press a right-click on the given file and then choose the Sharing and Security option.

Sharing and Security

Step 6: Choose the Sharing and Security option. It will take to a new dialog box. Now you to choose Permission.

Step 7: Select Add Browse option to locate the present QuickBooks data server user. Sometimes, it changes with every upgraded version. Hence, ensure to provide the account change and read the permissions prior to preparing the accountant’s copy.

Step 8: Now summarize the entire process by trying to Create an Accountant’s Copy.

Important Points to Consider While Creating the Accountant’s Copy

After the accountant copy is saved, QuickBooks shows on the window of the computer, Accountant’s Changes Pending in the particular title bar and it will stay the same till the particular time you include the changes from the particular Accountant’s copy or delete the restrictions. If you delete the restrictions before the accountant sends the changes back, you will fail to make any kind of modification done by the particular accountant in the application automatically.

Restrictions of QuickBooks Desktop

There can be a few limitations on certain things that can be changed with the help of an accountant copy file. For instance, users cannot add, void, edit, or delete the estimates, payroll, sales orders, funds transfer between the inventory build assemblies or accounts.

Start with Preparing the QuickBooks Accountant’s copy

The accountant can inform the users to upload a specific backup file or accountant’s copy. However, in a majority of the cases, the accountant’s copy is usually the preferred option. You can prepare an accountant’s copy in the QuickBooks accounting software with the help of the steps mentioned above.

How to Prepare a Local Backup Copy of the Particular QuickBooks Desktop Company File?

To prepare a backup of the QuickBooks Desktop company file, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Begin with choosing file from QuickBooks.

Step 2: Now press on Switch to Single-user mode.

Switch to Single-user mode

Step 3: From the given File menu, Select backup company and choose Create Local backup.

Create Local backup

Step 4: Create backup dialog and select Local backup.

Step 5: Now, you will be required to choose Options and open the Backup options dialog.

Step 6: Now choose Browse and choose the place where you wish to save the backup copy.

Step 7: In the section for online backup, you need to choose Remind me to backup when I close my Company File option in order to set a frequency for the particular backup reminders.

Step 8: Now choose any of the verification options to authenticate the data saved and change you to any data corrupted.

Step 9: Press OK. Now prepare a backup screen, mention whether to backup automatically or not and then choose the options for automatic backups.

Step 10: Press Finish tab.

We hope that this article will help you to fix the QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s copy error. We have mentioned the causes, the steps to take before troubleshooting and the solutions to fix this error is the best manner possible.

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