QuickBooks Update Unable to Add Item to List

Often the QuickBooks users fail to add items to the list, during the process of conversion from QuickBooks for Mac […]

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Often the QuickBooks users fail to add items to the list, during the process of conversion from QuickBooks for Mac to a particular QuickBooks for Windows. During the process of conversion from QuickBooks for Mac to a particular QuickBooks for Windows, users often encounter a warning message that says, “Unable to add item to the list“.

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Along with this warning message, another message that appears is QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error. If the enterprise version is in use, it is highly recommended to consult the professionals before taking any major step further.

What are the Warning Messages Users Receive Because of the Error?

Here is a list of warning messages users to receive due to the error, QuickBooks Update unable to add item to list:

  • QuickBooks cannot finish ADD Item into the list of operations and requires to restart. QuickBooks will start automatically again.
  • In multi-user mode, QuickBooks cannot add item to the list.
  • Post conversion to QuickBooks for Windows from QuickBooks for Mac version, unable to add item to the list.
  • Experiencing error when a new Employee is added to the list.
  • Unable to add item to the list during the opening of a file R4 of QuickBooks 2013/13.0.

How to Repair the QuickBooks Unable to Add Item to List Error?

In order to fix this problem, find the items that limit adding by opening and then finding it in the QBWIN.LOG and then removing the item or even fixing the item in the particular QuickBooks for Mac file. Post that, prepare a backup for QuickBooks Desktop and then convert the particular file.

Step 1: Look for the QBWIN.LOG and then open it in your notepad.

Step 2: Go down at the bottom and search for errors. Look for the errors between verify a log and end verify log. In case the search errors are not found between the sections, You can look for them between: end rebuild log, LVL_ERROR – QuickBooks has witnessed an issue and should be shut down.

Step 3: Look for LVL_SEVERE_ERROR– list element write could not terminate and compelling rolling back now. The list name is “Name of QuickBooks list” item name. “Item that is leading the issue” error notification. A record cannot be included in table for transaction.

For instance the LVL_SEVERE_ERROR- list element could not terminate database transaction and is compelling rolling back now:

  • List Name: Payment Method
  • Item Check: E-Check error message. A record cannot be added to a transaction table. Error code 6032

In QuickBooks for Mac File

Step 1: Navigate to the List menu. Press on the right list to search for a particular item.

Step 2: Look for the list of elements that are added in the QBWIN.LOG and fix it or remove it. In order to remove or delete the particular item, highlight it and then click Edit and then press Delete.

Step 3: Prepare a backup to QuickBooks Desktop and then change the file to QuickBooks Desktop.

In Case the Item is not Listed in QBWIN.LOG

Step 1: In QuickBooks for Mac, Open the Company Files.

Step 2: Resort your lists.

Step 3: Build the company file again. Press File, then click Utilities and then press Rebuild Data.

Step 4: Prepare a backup to QuickBooks Desktop and change the file to QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: If still the error exists during converting, check the QBWIN.LOG file once more and look for the item that is leading to this issue.

Hope it is clear to you why QuickBooks Update unable to add item error arises and how to fix this issue. We have also highlighted what are the possible warning signs of this error.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How it is Possible to Add Items to the List of Items in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to add items to the list of items in QuickBooks:

• Navigate to the QuickBooks homepage.
• Now open the Company panel.
• Now press on the icon, Item, and Services.
• From the particular Item List dialog box, press the Item icon and select the new option.
• From the given New Item dialog box, select the type of item option that you are including.
• Navigate to the number/item field, and then enter the name of the item. The process is now complete.

How to Add a Line Item to a New Budget?

Here are the steps to add a line item to a new budget:

• First you need to open a company menu and then select the Planning and Building option.
• Now you need to choose the budget. Press the Budget option from the given drop-down.
• Press on the Field option. Here you need to add the budget amount. Finally, the process is finish.

What are the Causes of the Error, QuickBooks Update Unable to Add Item to List?

Here are the reasons for the occurrence of the error, QuickBooks Update Unable to Add Item to List:

• QuickBooks has completely frozen when any file that was being used was open.
• The primary reason for the occurrence of this error is the Operating System. Often, crashing of the Windows leads to this error.
• Corruption of data is another possible reason behind the occurrence of this issue.

How Can an Item be Added to an Invoice in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps that help to add an item to an Invoice in QuickBooks:

• Choose the List menu and press on the option, Item. Now do as per the commands displayed.
• Now navigate to the Item menu and press on the Item option that is present on the bottom left of the Item list screen.
• Choose the New Command option and then use the boxes for the new item to elaborate the item details that you are needed to add.

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