How to Use Invoice Manager in QuickBooks?

To begin with, QuickBooks Invoice Manager is a type of software that was designed for Windows. It assists in handling […]

To begin with, QuickBooks Invoice Manager is a type of software that was designed for Windows. It assists in handling the invoices like creating and monitoring professional invoices. Such software was designed taking into consideration the requirements of a user.

The best part is anybody is adept to use it without much trouble and you will be able to shift the invoice records to the advanced versions of QuickBooks.

Now let us learn about the uses of an Invoice Manager in QuickBooks.

What are the uses of an Invoice Manager in QuickBooks?

Here is a brief overview of the uses of an Invoice Manager in QuickBooks:

Monitor Payments

You will be empowered to monitor the status of invoices with just one look. You will be able to filter the record to display only the invoices that are unpaid to better monitor who still needs to pay you back. You can request payments from cash, check, or credit card sources against any particular invoice.

Professional Invoices

This software enables you to make quality invoices that are highly professional. Not to mention, this software also empowers you to create estimates plus sales receipts for your particular customers. It comprises templates that are possible to customize to meet the specific requirements of your business. You can also add your corporate logo plus edit colors along with fonts in order to match your particular identity. It is possible to issue electronic or printed invoices.

Simple Workflow

QuickBooks makes a customer and client database when you prepare invoices. You do not need to enter customer details again once it is saved in the system. Invoice Manager will monitor the information of your devices and products. It enables you to e-mail PDF invoices from the application itself.

What must an Invoice have?

Your particular invoice just has the following things:

Contact Details: It is important to add the contact details of your business along with the particular customer you are billing. Add their name, telephone number, plus their address.

Catalogued Description of Every Billable Item: Regardless if you sell products or services, it is very important that your invoice comprises of a vivid description of every billable item, the quantity, and price.

Payment Terms: It states when the particular payment is due.

Acknowledged Payment Methods: Regardless of whether you acknowledge payments through e-transfer, cheque, or credit card, it is crucial to inform your customer how you are going to make the payment.

How can You Prepare Invoices in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to create an Invoice in QuickBooks:

Step 1: Prepare Invoices by Navigating

  • Navigate to the Home Page.
  • Now look below in the Customers section and select the invoice.

Step 2: Prepare the Invoice

Ensure that the particular invoice form is shown on the window.
Make sure the following fields listed below are complete:

  • Email Address of the client
  • Billing address
  • Invoice Date
  • Product and Service
  • Quantity
  • Name of the client
  • Terms
  • Due Date
  • Description
  • Rate
  • Amount

Note: If you wish to delete anything, you need to click on the icon for the trash can.

Step 3: Preview the Invoice

After all the important fields are completed, it is possible to preview the print to make sure it is seen the way you wish it to be. In order to do that follow the steps below:

  • Click on the button for Preview or Print visible at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Directing Invoice to the Client

Once the Preview is complete, and you are content with all the details and information available in the invoice, you can take a printout of it. It is also possible to send it to the client via email or emailing to QuickBooks directly is also possible.

In order to get the particular invoice directly from QuickBooks, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the drop-down seen on the right of the particular button for Save and Close.
  • Now press Save and Send.

We hope that now it is clear to you how to use Invoice Manager in QuickBooks. In this article, we have stated clearly what an Invoice Manager in QuickBooks is, its benefits, and steps to use it. You need to make sure that you implement the steps in the said order.

Still, it is quite likely that you may get stuck or get confused, especially if you are an amateur or new to QuickBooks. In such a scenario, we recommend you get in touch with our Dancing Numbers team of QuickBooks professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Invoice vs Bills in QuickBooks?

Intuit QuickBooks categorizes invoices and bills in a very different way. As per Intuit, an invoice comprises the money that is owed to you by your customers. On the other hand, a bill is implied to the amount you owe to your respective creditors. In simple words, an invoice and a bill can be categorized as Earning and Expenses respectively.

How can I List the Invoices in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to list the invoices in QuickBooks:

  • Navigate to the option, Business Overview. Now click Reports.
  • Choose the tab for Standard.
  • Locate the tab for Invoices and Receive Payments from the area for Who Owes You.
  • Access the Customize button to change things like filters and report dates.
  • Hit the tab for Run Report.
  • In the Date column, you will be able to view when the particular invoice was prepared and cleared.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Invoicing?

Mobile Invoicing enables you to send your customers the bill on the go, saving enough time and assisting you to get paid quicker.

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