How To Fix “No Printer Installed” Error in QuickBooks?

Many QuickBooks customers have recently experienced a variety of printer-related problems. Recently, there has been an error known as No […]

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Many QuickBooks customers have recently experienced a variety of printer-related problems. Recently, there has been an error known as No Printer installed. Many users have found this error to be a major barrier since it makes it impossible for them to print their transactions or reports from the QuickBooks program.

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Resolving printing-related issues should be the top priority as printing is a first and important part of any business activity. We will go over several troubleshooting techniques for fixing the no printer installed error in this below article.

No Printer Installed Error Message – Possible Causes

This annoying printing issue in QuickBooks can be caused by several different things. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • The corrupted file was the qbprint.
  • Your printing device’s driver is mismatched or improperly configured.
  • It’s possible that the printer is down.
  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub can help with some ancillary printing issues.

Points to Remember Before the Troubleshoot

Before you are all set to troubleshoot the issue, you also need to check the following things:

  • First of all, You need to ensure that your QuickBooks software is updated to the latest release.
  • Your computer or system is properly connected to the printer and the printer software is also installed correctly.
  • The QuickBooks Support site has listed some of the printing error messages to refer to. You can crosscheck and find a solution for the exact error.

Steps to Fix “No Printer Installed” Error in QuickBooks

Follow the below mention steps to fix “No Printer Installed” Error in QuickBooks.

Step 1: Checking the Printer and its Connection

In order to know whether or not your printer can print outside of QuickBooks, you can choose to use Notepad. Refer to these steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to select Start and then locate the Notepad.
  • Then, you need to enter some text and select the specific File, then choose the Print command.
  • Then the dialog box will ask you to select the correct printer and then hit the Print button.

Step 2: Restart Your Desktop and Printer

If the above mentioned quick steps didn’t work, please follow these steps. (If the process of step 1 works, then you can go directly to Step 3.)

  • You can switch off the printer, and then you need to restart your computer. This will give it a reboot and then turn the printer back on.
  • You should ensure the printer paper is loaded correctly or you will see a print error.
  • You need to click on the Windows Start button, then you can browse to the Control Panel.
  • Then you should double-click Printers and Faxes.
  • If the printer is showing Offline status, then you should press the right-click the printer and then you need to select the option of use Printer Online.
  • As a last step, you need to double-click the printer and if there are print jobs displayed in the queue, choose Printer, and then Cancel All Documents.
  • Close the window.
  • Then lastly, press the right-click on the printer, choose the Properties to change the settings, and then select the Print Test Page button.

Note: If the printer happens to be a network printer and the test page does not get printed, there is a possibility of network issues that can be the main cause of the error.

Another Alternate Solution to this:

You need to ensure that you have the latest release printer drivers for your printer. For this, you can go to the manufacturer’s web site and download as well as install the most current drivers.

You also have to make sure that there are no error lights of indication displayed on the printer itself.

Then you need to refer to the printer manufacturer’s documentation for any of the following:

  • The printer displays indications for error.
  • Test page will not be printed.
  • The printer doesn’t print from Notepad.

Step 3: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

To resolve each tech issue of QuickBooks (including printing) you can go ahead and use the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

You need to check if you could print in Notepad. For this, you should use the Print & PDF Repair Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. This tool efficiently fixes most of the common printing issues.

Once all the steps are done, then you can try to print again.

Step 4: You also can Check that Command is Going to the Printer

  • In the QuickBooks Program, You need to go to the File menu.
  • Then you need to select Printer Setup.
  • Choose the specific form you wish to print.
  • Check the correct setup within your computer’s Printer Setup first.
  • Select the Help button in this area which will give you more detailed instructions on these settings.
  • Verify correct printer in QuickBooks

You can try to print by using a different printer in the existing Printer Setup.

  • In QuickBooks, choose File, then Printer Setup.
  • Then you need to choose the page you are trying to print.
  • You also need to choose a different printer.
  • Then you should select the Help tab in this area (more detailed instructions will be displayed.)
  • You can also choose to print a different form or page for customized reports.
  • If you were printing a batch of pages or reports in QuickBooks, then you can attempt to print a single form. If this attempt gets successful, then you can try printing smaller batches.
  • For this, you need to open one of the QuickBooks sample company files and you can try to print the same type of form or report. If this process works, then you can use Resolve data damage on your company file in order to resolve any data damage in your file and then you can attempt to print again.
  • Go to Selective Startup Mode. If the issue persists, You should perform a Reinstall QuickBooks for Windows using a clean install.

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