How to Sign up and Use Payments Dispute Protection in QuickBooks

It is important to learn how to sign up and use the Payment Dispute Protection in QuickBooks for seamless business […]

It is important to learn how to sign up and use the Payment Dispute Protection in QuickBooks for seamless business performance. But prior to that, we must know what the clear meaning is of Disputed in QuickBooks Payments.

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What is the Meaning of Disputed in QuickBooks Payments?

When a particular customer has differences regarding a charge with their Credit Card Company or bank, the financial institution informs QuickBooks Payments. QuickBooks looks for credits to the particular card when the specific chargeback is acquired. There are instances when we fail to match the credit with the chargeback, in case the refunds and sale amounts are not the same.

Now let us learn about QuickBooks Dispute Protection.

What is QuickBooks Payments Dispute Protection?

QuickBooks Payments Dispute Protection protects your business on several disputed charges for all kinds of duplicitous and non-duplicitous claims.

Here are the two important aspects of QuickBooks Payment Dispute Protection:

  • Payment Dispute Protection is only present for QuickBooks Online U.S.
  • Payment Dispute Protection is only applicable to debit and credit card transactions. It is not applicable to automated clearing houses (ACH), Venmo, or PayPal.

How to Check for Eligibility and Signup?

Presently, Payments Dispute Protection is only present to qualified merchants. You should be enrolled in QuickBooks Payment in order to sign up for the Payments Dispute Protection.

Here are the steps to check the eligibility:

QuickBooks already possesses all the needed information for an easy sign-up. Once you turn on Payments Dispute Protection, all the debit and credit card transactions are taken care of.

What is the Expense for Payment Dispute Protection?

You will witness a rise in Processing Fees that you usually pay. The Payment Dispute Protection fees can be as little as 0.99%, applicable for every debit or credit card transaction that you execute with QuickBooks Payments.

How to View the Payments Dispute Protection Pricing?

  • Navigate to the Settings option and choose Payments.
  • Choose Payments Dispute Protection. Now click Coverage Details to view:
    • Fee Per Transaction
    • Coverage Limit
    • Remaining Coverage Balance

Note: There is a certain limit for coverage of USD 10,000 for every chargeback and an annual limit of USD 25000 for every year. The coverage limit is reorganized to USD 25000 each year on the signup date anniversary.

For Instance:

If you get a USD 8000 chargeback in the first month after signup, then your remaining coverage balance after signup is:

USD 25000 limit – USD 8000 chargeback = USD 17000 coverage.

How to Handle Payments Dispute Protection Enrollment?

In case you do not have to get protection or wish to shut down a QuickBooks Online company, it is possible to cancel the Payments Dispute Protection. No refund is offered for earlier paid Payments Dispute Protection. However, your payment processing rate remains no different.

  • Navigate to Settings. Now choose Payments.
  • Choose Payments Dispute Protection.
  • Choose Turn Off in order to disable it.

It is suggested to keep the coverage of your present organization for a minimum of 3-12 months, post your last transaction and prior to closing the particular company.

In case you change your opinion, It is possible to turn on Payments Dispute Protection once again.


In case of Payments Dispute Protection is turned off, you will not be charged any fee, however, the coverage will be lost on your transactions, comprising the ones you paid for already.

In case of Payments Dispute Protection is turned on afterward, only the particular transactions that are processed post-reactivation will be taken into consideration. Only chargebacks that arise on payments at the time you are in the given program are usually covered.

Coverage is generally applicable to a single organization and cannot be shifted to a different one.

It is also important to note that the Payments Dispute Protection is centered on the linked QuickBooks Payments account. In case that changes, the protection may be lost.

How to Use the QuickBooks Payments Dispute Protection?

You will get an email from when a particular chargeback occurs on any certain transactions. The Payment Dispute Protection automatically includes chargebacks only when the criteria of the programs are met. To get additional information on the chargebacks, visit the Resolution Center.

What is the Chargeback Coverage Criteria?

A payment Dispute Protection does not include chargebacks, in in case:

  • The processed payment occurred due to signing up for Payment Dispute.
  • You have crossed the personal chargeback amount limit of USD 10,000 of the actual limit of USD 25000.
  • The payment came via ACH or PayPal.
  • The leftover coverage balance was not adequate to cover the total amount. The uncovered amount will be sent back to you. The qualified chargeback that took place over the weekend will be included in the next business day.

How can You Dispute a Chargeback?

You can still select to challenge a particular covered chargeback. It is important to note that QuickBooks includes only the chargeback amount and concerning fees, excluding the arbitration fees.

In the Resolution Center, see the Case Details for the deadline provided by the payment or bank providers to revert back with supporting papers for the chargeback.

It is possible to see the amount that is covered by Intuit to find out how much your specific Chargeback Payments Dispute Protection takes care of. It also displays the present coverage balance. Once the case is closed, the chargeback will not show in the Resolution Center.

When you challenge a particular dispute, the Payments Dispute Protection covers the particular chargeback. The fund is then given back to QuickBooks. The leftover coverage balance stays the same.

In the event of a particle coverage, the uncovered money will be sent back to you.

What are the different QuickBooks Payment Types?

QuickBooks Payments acknowledges all payment types, making it the perfect fit for all business categories. Even though it is limited to those who access QuickBooks, it is considered a flexible payment process for those individuals who use QuickBooks accounts already.


QuickBooks enables you to mix your payment processing tools with well-known e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, UltraCard, and WooCommerce. Online invoicing allows you to prepare payment button links that you can add to your emails that you send to your respective clients to provide immediate card payment options. Your QuickBooks Online platform can then process your payments very securely, determine taxes, register transactions, and generate a digital receipt for your particular customers.

Online, Mobile, and In-person Payments

QuickBooks Payments acknowledges all Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express Cards, etc. Not to mention, it also accepts ACH bank transfers, Venmo, PayPal, and NFC payments, comprising Apple Pay and Google Pay.

QuickBooks Online Payments enables you to execute remote transactions and is aided by several business tools to monitor and handle your funds. QuickBooks Go Payment, on the other hand, offers tools to acknowledge in-person cash plus checks and other card payments with a particular card reader linked to your specific mobile.


Prepare, customize, and send the invoices from QuickBooks directly. It provides invoice template and invoice generator tools to seamlessly design invoices and handle them as per your business type.

Customers pay invoices online quite easily via payment buttons, in person with a mobile card reader, or over the phone. It is also possible to set and acknowledge recurring payments and also send recurring invoices.

Digital Checks

E-check and ACH payments are usually less expensive to execute in comparison to paper checks and are given funds faster. QuickBooks executes your digital checks with the ACH (Automated Clearing House) and then delivers the details of your bank over a safe connection. Although, it takes up nearly 5 business days to execute this kind of payments, eligible merchants accessing QuickBooks Payments are provided next-day deposits with no extra expense.

We hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to understand all that you need to know about QuickBooks Payment Dispute Protection. We have stated all the important and crucial information concerning payment dispute protection in QuickBooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickBooks Payments Considered Good?

In case you are using QuickBooks already for the purpose of accounting, accessing QuickBooks Payments can make it seamless to handle your payments in the same software. It can acknowledge a plethora of a wide range of payment options. Not to mention, its GoPayment option makes it seamless to acknowledge in-person payments.

Can QuickBooks Payments be Considered Safe?

QuickBooks is affiliated with the top PCI service provider. With the help of this partnership, QuickBooks offers threat prevention tools along with card data breach protection.

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