Fixing QuickBooks Error 2308: Expert Advice and Solutions

QuickBooks Error 2308 can occur anytime anywhere for any user, however it generally occurs when you attempt to submit your […]

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QuickBooks Error 2308 can occur anytime anywhere for any user, however it generally occurs when you attempt to submit your particular payroll or access the direct deposit feature. Once the error occurs, a warning message appears on the screen repeatedly, and you are left with no choice other than comply with it and then attempt to fix it from the core.

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Let us first learn what QuickBooks Error code 2038 in detail is.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 2038?

QuickBooks Error Code 2308 arises while attempting to submit the direct deposit checkbook or while submitting the payroll. This run-time payroll service error shows a damaged connection with the particular payroll server, improper bank account information, or other problems because of which the login is rejected.

Here is an illustration of the error message which QuickBooks users experience where this error message was displayed:


Problem uploading data to service.
Sign-on was rejected.
Additional Information from the Payroll Service
Intuit has been informed that there is a problem with your bank account information.
Before you send payroll to Intuit again, contact a payroll service representative.
(Message Code 2308)
QuickBooks Error Code 2308

Now let us learn about the factors that trigger the QuickBooks error code 2308.

What Causes the Occurrence of the QuickBooks Error Code 2308?

Here is the list of the possible reasons why users experience QuickBooks Error Code 2308:

Sr NoBasisDescription
1.Usual Internet Connection IssuesIt is quite likely that error code 2308 gets triggered because of usual internet connectivity issues because of irregular internet connection, wrongly configured router, etc.
2.Accepting Activities with Multi-user Mode onQuickBooks Program has included an active connection to a particular network when payroll data is submitted. It may imply that you may be sending the details of payroll when the multi-user mode is ON which triggers errors like 2308.
3.Incorrect System and Date PropertiesIn case you have not seen the date and time on your system yet, you need to check it now since it can be incorrect and give rise to the error code 2308.
4.Fail to verify Account DetailsThe account that you are accessing to facilitate direct deposit or submit your payroll may lead to the failure of the QuickBooks authentication procedure. You must take a look at the details beforehand to make sure that is just a coincidence and not any malicious attack.
5.Account-related concernsUsers can experience sign-in refusals due to particular account-related problems like closed bank accounts or frozen bank accounts. Such issues make it mandatory that your particular bank account is active and also it should not have any restrictions.
6.Service Problems or Intuit SystemIn some scenarios, you may experience the QuickBooks issue 2308 because of technical troubles active on the Intuit side. It can be concerned with databases, servers, or other kinds of backend systems. Such problems are usually solved with the help of expert Intuit technical professionals.
7.Void Security CertificateYou may experience QuickBooks error 2308 due to the fact that your particular browser has failed to maintain a reliable chain with a QuickBooks certificate along with different root source certificates.

It can also imply that the QuickBooks program has failed to validate the SSL (Security Socket Layer) of your website. Hence, the warning notification, prompts you to endure corrective security measures for the reliability of your functioning.
8.Repeated network TimeoutsYour particular program may be experiencing issues linked with the QuickBooks Payroll Server, while it keeps displaying Network Timeout.
9.Limiting Internet Security and Firewall SettingsAlthough your particular Internet browser does not validate QuickBooks as a reliable website to be included in the list of Trusted Sites, the firewall or antivirus settings can also consider the program quite risky. Hence, you are bound to fall prey to QuickBooks error code 2308, unable to submit direct deposit paychecks and payroll.
10.Wrong Bank Account DetailsOne of the primary reasons for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error code 2308 is wrong bank account information. Not to mention, inaccurate login details, contrasting information, etc., can also pave the way for this error.
11.Void or Expired ApprovalIn case the validation to use your bank account for the purpose of direct deposit has ended or has become void, it can lead to refusal of the sign-in procedure. This process can occur in case your bank account has changed or has problems with the starting authorization setup.
12.Other DisruptionsDifferent precise situations with the payroll setup and different other things can trigger the error 2308. Compatibility problems between software conflicts, applications, connectivity issues, etc., can fuel QuickBooks error 2308.

Note: It is important to note that it is possible to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error after you authenticate the system for the causes and identify the actual reason for the error 2308. But, it is suggested that you become aware of the symptoms shown by this error, which you must know before hitting the troubleshooting steps for this error code.

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Rectification Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 2308

Here is a deep insight on how to fix QuickBooks error code 2308:

Solution 1: Analyze and edit the Date and Time on Your System

Once you review the date and time of your system, which is a prerequisite, if you find any kind of issue that can fuel the QuickBooks error 2308, it is recommended to implement the following steps in Mac and Windows operating systems to put an end to this technical error:

Fixing it in Mac OS

  • When utilizing the Mac operating system, the time and date settings can be changed through the Apple menu placed at the top-left side of the screen. You will locate the System Preferences button and then click it.
  • You will find the Date and Time option when you begin with the System Preferences.
  • You can keep moving ahead with the Set Time and Date automatically button as you hover around the Time and Date tab. With the automatic option, you can be rest assured to link with the Internet servers that allows you to coordinate your time and date.
  • Just like in Windows operating systems, the automatic time and date setup can fail to display precise results in your Mac operating system. In such scenarios, you need to change the settings manually through the button for Set Date and Time manually.
  • Navigate to the bottom left corner of the Window and select the Lock icon. It will notify a wizard to appear on our screen. Then it will ask for your Administrator password. This particular step will finish once you shift to the date and time tab.
  • While you can change your date and time whenever you want, you can also choose the right time zone for your system. Configure such settings through the Time Zone section in the Date and Time preferences or through the map.

Once you fix your date and time setting problem and rectify everything, it is expected that you will not encounter QuickBooks error 2308. In case the issue persists, there is nothing wrong with attempting other solutions.

Fixing it in Windows

  • The solution starts by navigating to the place where the Date and Time are placed in your system. In short, the taskbar.
  • When you take your cursor to the Date and time segment, press right-click on it. Now select the Change Date or Time or option for Date and Time settings.
  • Once you get to the window for Date and Time Settings, ensure that the switch is ON. The switch should be on the button for Set Time Automatically. Accessing this option makes you ensure that the particular device has matched with the internet time server and select the right time automatically.
  • Often, When the date and time are set to Automatic, it may become slow and sluggish and fail to schedule the right time. In such a scenario, you are required to click the button for Set Time automatically, rather than selecting the change option.
  • In the Date and Time section, make sure the required adjustments have taken place. Now click OK and save all the changes made.
  • If felt necessary, you can edit your time zone also which can assist you to manage the QuickBooks Error 2308. Changing the time zone does not need too much effort. You need to click the Change Time Zone button and select one zone from the provided drop-down is right.

Solution 2: Include Intuit and QuickBooks to the Trusted Websites List

Security concerns may notify the settings of Internet Explorer to think QuickBooks and Intuit risky websites. But, it is possible to change these settings as you like with the help of the instructions provided below:

  • Allow Internet Explorer to run on your system without any interruptions.
  • Once it starts and performs well on your system, you need to shift to the gear icon on the top-right side of the screen to unfold the Tools menu.
  • In the given Tools menu, you will see a dropdown options list. From there you need to select Internet Options.
  • Now once you go through the Internet Options screen, put your cursor on the particular Security tab. Now select it.
  • In the Security tab, you will see four zones- Trusted Sites, Internet, Restricted Sites, and Local Intranet.
  • You need to select the Trusted Sites zone. Next, click the Sites button.
  • With the help of such steps, you will be able to compel the Trusted Sites to appear on the window. Now uncheck the option, Need Server Verification for all sites in this particular zone.
  • Now you will see the field, Add this Website to the Zone. Now you must begin by adding the websites given below one by one and then clicking the Add button after every entry.
    • For QuickBooks:
    • For Intuit:
  • After both websites are added, you need to click the Close button on the Trusted Sites screen.
  • Now you need to get back to the screen for Internet Options. Here you must authenticate the modifications by clicking the button for OK.
  • Finish the complete Internet Explorer configuration by starting the device once more y selecting Internet Explorer, allowing the changes to impact all.

Note: As you align to include QuickBooks and Intuit to the list of trusted sites, you allow Internet Explorer to have faith in such websites and reassure certain traits or functionalities function in the right manner. However, an important statement is that the steps stated above are particular to Internet Explorer. Hence they may differ somewhat compared to other browsers.

Solution 3: Analyze and Deal with Your QuickBooks Firewall Settings

The firewall settings of your particular QuickBooks account will require crucial configuration once you experience QuickBooks error code 2308. It is because of this reason that Windows Firewall may consider the program quite risky. Thus, it considers it a poor program and not offering it the right to do well with a robust internet connection and network.

Thus, the settings below in the application will modify this aspect and prevent the occurrence of the issue:

Step 1: Evaluate the Firewall Software

The main thing to authenticate is charting which particular software has been saved on the device. The usual firewall programs predominant and used by a majority of the industries comprise McAfee, Windows Firewall, AVG, Norton, etc.

Step 2: Scan the Requirements of the System

Now, once you are aware that your present antivirus system comprises reviewing the compatibility between the QuickBooks version you are using and the firewall software present. It would comprise you reviewing the Intuit website or QuickBooks documentation for particular system requirements.

Step 3: Include QuickBooks in the List of Exclusions or Firewall Exceptions

After the compatibility factor is over, it is possible to configure the firewall to allow QuickBooks to use the network. Even when the steps for this particular process differ based on the firewall software, you will be required to include the executable files of QuickBooks in the list of exclusions and firewall exceptions. Generally, the QuickBooks executable files are placed in the installation folder of QuickBooks which does not need much effort.

Step 4: Fix the Right Firewall Permissions

While handling the firewall settings, you must make sure that QuickBooks has the needed permissions to connect over the network. It would comprise sanctioning the incoming and outgoing links for QuickBooks concerned processes and monitoring the firewall settings to allow these permissions.

Step 5: Allow Particular Ports

A daily QuickBooks user should finish these settings beforehand and comprise particular ports that must be open for smooth functionality. If you wish to take guidance from QuickBooks documentation or Intuit assistance for the specific port numbers and protocols needed, you can. You need to configure the firewall to open such ports or make port forwarding norms.

Step 6: Diagnosis Tool for Network

In case you are a long-time QuickBooks user, you must be aware that offers a network diagnosis tool that can assist you to categorize and fix firewall-concerning problems. Such a tool can be used through the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Then you need to click the Network Issues tab and then the Network Diagnostic tool. When you use the tool and reply to the commands provided on-screen, it diagnoses and repairs all the issues concerning your device.

Step 7: Check QuickBooks Connectivity

Once the firewall settings are configured, you need to check if the settings are done successfully by launching the particular QuickBooks program and conducting the steps to make sure that it can use the network and other concerning services. The specific features one can test comprise:

  • Using the company files over the particular network
  • Downloading the updates
  • Accessing QuickBooks in a given multi-user environment

Once all the steps stated above are successfully completed, you need to check if the QuickBooks error code 2308 still persists in your system or not.

We hope that this in-depth article about QuickBooks error 2308 has offered some relief to your queries. We have stated all the causes, symptoms, and solutions concerning the QuickBooks error code 2308.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prevent Future occurrences of QuickBooks Error Code 2308?

In order to prevent the occurrence of this issue, you need to undertake the below preventive measures:

  • Keep your particular bank account details updated in QuickBooks.
  • Conduct usual bank reconciliation in QuickBooks.
  • Make sure precise bank account details are added to QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Conduct regular bank reconciliation in QuickBooks.

Why does the Particular Error Message States an issue with My Bank Account Details?

The error message tells an issue with bank account details concerned with QuickBooks payroll service. It can be because of wrong or old bank account details that can give rise to the refusal of the sign-on process while uploading special payroll data.

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