How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15102

QuickBooks Error 15102 is one of the most irking errors which occurs when a user attempts to update the QuickBooks […]

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QuickBooks Error 15102 is one of the most irking errors which occurs when a user attempts to update the QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll. It pops up an error message like “Error 15102: Failed to Reset Update”. This error restricts users to update their QuickBooks or Payroll. It also creates problem in the day-to-day operations of QuickBooks.

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In this article, We will get to know the reasons for QuickBooks Update Error 15102 and the methods by which we can get rid of the error.

What Leads to QuickBooks Error 15102?

Here we will get to know about the reasons for having this error 15102.

  • This error can Entail owing to if the Share Download option is on, and/or Download Location is Inappropriate
  • When a User Commence QuickBooks Desktop in Multi-user Mode
  • If QuickBooks is not being Run as an Administrator then also this Error may Occur.
  • Incompatible and Outdated Versions of QuickBooks do not Support and Can be the Reason for this Error.

Here are few solutions to get rid of this error 15102

As there are numerous reasons which create the error, so there are various methods that can help users to get rid of the QuickBooks error 15102. These range from simple setting amendments to modifying the driver.

Here are a few steps are given below which you are required to adhere to resolve this error.

This is important to know that usually, this error comes into the picture if the user is not using the recent Version of QuickBooks Desktop. Post the error is resolved you will be able to download the latest payroll update for that you would need the payroll subscription.

Method 1: Switch to the Multi-user Mode to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 15102

You can also try to switch from Multi-user Mode to Single-user Mode to get rid of the QuickBooks error 15102. To switch to single-user mode, Navigate to the ‘File‘ menu and after that choose the ‘Single User Mode‘ option. Post following these steps try to update again, if you are able to update then you can switch back to the Multi-user mode. If the error still exists then follow the other methods given in this module.

Method 2: Remapping the Drive to Get rid of the QuickBooks Error 15102

This is the most efficient way to resolve this error. If the error is still not resolved even after turning to single-user mode then you should try Remapping the drive. Prior to remap you are required to be sure that the mapped location is identified as the location given in the download section as that would be the reason for the error. Below are a few steps are given which you are required to adhere:

  • Press ‘CTRL +1‘ keys together to display the Product Information window and thereafter locate the mapped path by tying in the folder name and file name. Once done, You need to opt for ‘Help’ option and Update QuickBooks.
  • Now, Hit on the ‘Options‘ and keep a check if information in Download location is the same as well as the Product Information window is set to option ‘Yes’ along with the directory when shared is set to ‘NO‘. Not to forget the directory should be similar as the QuickBooks Desktop Installation Directory. Moreover, Change the location if not appropriate.
  • To change the location, You need to opt for ‘No’ for Shared Download. Thereafter, Hit on ‘Save’. However, If ‘No‘ is opted for shared download then you are required to opt for ‘Yes’.
  • Click on ‘Save’ and thereafter close it. Now, Again download the recent tax table.
  • Or you can also follow the below steps in which you have to go to ‘This PC’ or ‘My Computer’ and then you have to click on the ‘Map a Network Drive’.
  • In this step you are required to select a drive letter which currently QuickBooks is not making use of and click on the ‘Browse’ button and then opt for network location of the stored Company file of QuickBooks.
  • Click on the ‘OK‘ and ‘Finish‘ to accomplish the process.

Method 3: Remapping the Drive to a New Letter

Follow this method if the download location is appropriate.

  • The very initial step is to turn off the QuickBooks Company File.
  • After that remap the network drive to a new letter.
  • Now, through new mapped-drive letter, you need to Open the Company File.
  • Post this opt for ‘Help’ as highlighted in the below screenshot and after that ‘Update QuickBooks’.
  • Once the above steps are done now ‘Click’ on the ‘Options’ tab and once it’s done turn off the shared download and turn it on again.
  • Verify whether the download location is making use of new mapped-drive letter. If yes, Hit on ‘Save’ option and after that select ‘Close’.
  • Now Download the Recent Payroll Tax Table.

Method 4: Run QuickBooks Desktop as an admin

This method needs to be followed by users using Windows Vista as their Operating System.

  • In the initial step, Click right on the QuickBooks icon as given in the above screenshot and opt for ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Proceed with ‘Continue Option’ When prompted to run this Application and Reset the QuickBooks Updates.

Other Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15102

If the above given solutions are not helpful to solve the error then there are other solutions that can help you to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 15102. You should also ascertain that QuickBooks is being run as an administrator to alleviate this error. Sign in to QuickBooks with admin access and then attempt to update the Payroll.

Reset the all Existing Update

  • Open your QuickBooks and thereafter proceed to Help Option and Proceed to Select the Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose the Reset Update QuickBooks Desktop option and then unselect the all mentioned options to get rid of the all previous updates.
  • Once Done, Close the QuickBooks Desktop and Reboot the PC.

Update Check

  • First, Navigate to the Help/Assistance Tab and click on Update QuickBooks Desktop after that. In the next step, Hit on the Update now Option and click on Get Update to copy the download update process.
  • At last, Restart your QuickBooks Desktop, It will direct you to install the latest release.

Kindly know that to ignore this error, you are required to update the QuickBooks regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What Is QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15102?

QuickBooks Payroll Update needs multiple system resources to conclude the process efficiently. It requires the perfect internet connectivity, Access to the Update file download location, Windows Admin rights. If any of the mentioned components miss out then QuickBooks stops performing, and it gives the error back. QuickBooks Payroll Update error 15102 is one of the payroll update errors that usually come into the picture when the user downloads the QuickBooks Desktop & Payroll updates.

While Resolving the QuickBooks Error 15102, Is there any way to Confirm the Mapped File Location?

Firstly, You are required to press the F2 Key.
Once the first step is done it will pop up the product information Window and you will be able to find the path of the location, just save it with you.
Select the help option and then click on the QuickBooks update. After that, you need to verify whether the download location is accurate by clicking the options button.
The download location must be in the same drive which shows in the product information Window if the shared downloaded is set as yes.
Also, We need to know that if the shared download is applied to NO, then the directory path needs to be matched to the QuickBooks desktop installation directory.
In this step, You are required to modify the state of location when the location has been set as wrong, and also for shared download select the yes option and save.
Replace no with the yes option if you select on for shared download then you select the save option
Hit on the Close button.
And finally, You need to download the recent tax again.

What steps need to be Followed if We want to use the QuickBooks Desktop in Admin Mode?

Firstly, Locate the QuickBooks icon.
Secondly, Do a right-click on it.
After that, Once the above two steps are done, after that you need to select the run as administrator button.
In this step, Click on the continue option when the UAC dialog box gets out of the application.
And finally, Click on simply reset QuickBooks updates.

Are there any other Error Codes that users can come Across at the time of Updating the QuickBooks Desktop?

Users may receive many 15xxx errors at the time of updating the QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll. A few of them are given below:

QuickBooks Error Code 15106
QuickBooks error code 15105
QuickBooks error code 15223
QuickBooks error code 15103
QuickBooks error code 15104
QuickBooks Error Code 15271

What Steps do we need to Follow to Install the QuickBooks & Payroll Updates In Safe Mode?

You need to follow 3 basic steps. Firstly, turn on the system in safe mode. Secondly, Download the update again and lastly, if it is successful, reboot the computer in Normal Mode. Then, re-download the update.

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