How to Fix QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview?

When using Irfanview, QuickBooks users have complained about issues while trying to save a file, printing a particular document to […]

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When using Irfanview, QuickBooks users have complained about issues while trying to save a file, printing a particular document to PDF, or conducting changes to payroll data or an invoice. There are several error messages that can be shown due to the same, However, the actual reason for all such errors is not different.

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The error message for Irfanview is:

“File does not begin with %PDF” or “Error: Failed to Save”.

Now lets us learn about the causes of QuickBooks PDF save error IrfanView.

Causes Behind the occurrence of QuickBooks PDF Save Error IrfanView

QuickBooks PDF Save issue is one of the popular errors experienced by QuickBooks users that generally happens when saving an invoice, file, or payroll via third-party software like IrfanView:

  • The main cause of the IrfanView PDF saves issue clashes with other software.
  • The registry is corrupted or damaged, usually, the ones concerning PDF viewing.

How to Solve QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview?

In order to fix the Irfanview error, you can perform the steps given below:

Step 1: When You Attempt to Save a File in the Form of a PDF, Make sure the Right File Format is Chosen.

Step 2: Now open the Browser.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings.

Step 4: Click Ask Before Save.

Step 5: Now You need to Disable the Particular option for Open PDF in Browser.

Note: You can attempt to install IrfanView again in case the steps mentioned above do not fix the error. Even though IrfanView is not crucial for QuickBooks, it is considered as one of the ideal plugins present, since it can be used as an editor, organizer, image viewer, and file converter.

After the IrfanView is installed on your system, you are required to approve it via an Admin account in order to use it with your accounting software.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF issue?

Here is the list of the solutions that can be used to solve the QuickBooks unable to create PDF error:

Method 1: Installing Microsoft XPS

The first solution that one can attempt implementing is reinstalling Microsoft XPS with the help of the steps given below:

Step 1: To authenticate and make sure XPS services are facilitated, you need to press the button Start or Windows.

Step 2: Now navigate to the Control Panel.

Step 3: Now, you need to shift to the System Group and then press on the option Uninstall/Change a program.

Step 4: Now Press on the option, Turn Windows Features on.

Step 5: Now go down and ensure the XPS Viewer and XPS services both are enabled. You need to add a checkmark in the boxes and then click the OK tab. Now, Test QuickBooks after shifting to both services to check if the issue is changed or not. If you can identify both the options and the problem still exists, then you need to follow the steps below:

Install XPS Document Writer on Windows 8

  • Take the mouse to the Corner in order to reflect the Particular Start screen.
  • Choose the Settings option
  • Now press click on the Control Panel
  • Now Choose Devices and Printers
  • Now press right-click on the icon for Microsoft XPS Document Writer and then press on the option, Remote Device.
  • Press Yes to confirm
  • From the provided toolbar, click Add a Printer and choose the option, Add a Local Printer with Manual Settings
  • Now choose PORTPROMPT- local port
  • Press Next
  • Choose the option, Microsoft, and Press an option from the Manufacturer list Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4
  • Press Next and then Choose the option, Replace the Present Driver and then Press Next Again.
  • Now, Bring out version 4 to make sure the name is Microsoft XPS, Document Writer.
  • Finally, Press the Finish button.

Installing XPS Document Writer for Vista and Windows 7

  • Navigate to the Windows Start menu.
  • Now, Choose Driver and Printers.
  • Now Choose the icon for MS XPS document writer and then choose Remove Device.
  • Press Yes.
  • From the provided toolbar, Choose Add a Printer and then choose to Add a Local
  • Now, Choose Select Use an Existing Port and click it.
  • Now, Choose XPXPort-the Local Port, and then click the Next tab
  • Now, Choose Microsoft. Then click Microsoft XPS Document writer. Now Press the tab for Next.
  • Now choose Replace Current Driver.

Method 2: Download and Run the QuickBooks PDF and then Print the Repair tool

Step 1: First, You need to transfer and then run the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool.

Step 2: Now conduct the .PDF file concerning the task that has bought you to this error.

Step 3: If you locate the error on the window, you need to reboot the system and then attempt again.

Step 4: Verify the option, Print the XPS document author. Now save it as a PDF file.

Step 5: It is possible to save the XPS document author as a PDF file with the assistance of XPS document author features.

Step 6: Now open the Notepad and then enter something.

Step 7: Now go to the File and then click Print.

Step 8: Now, Choose the XPS document author and then choose the option for Print.

Step 9: Now choose the Desktop within.

Step 10: Now go to the Desktop and see if it is possible to read the XPS document written.

Method 3: Avoid the Print Spooler

Step 1: Open the Printer Control Panel in the Windows.

Step 2: Now press the Microsoft XPX document writer.

Step 3: Now choose the Printer Properties.

Step 4: Now press on the Advanced tab and then press on the option Print Directly to the Printer.

Step 5: Save the changes and then press the button for OK.

Step 6: To finish the Process, Close Printer Properties.

Method 4: Creating a New Template for the Particular Form

It is possible to generate a new template for the form and after that for the transaction you may require to edit the template. Not to mention, you need to make the .pdf file.

Solution 5: See if the Reconciled Window is Listed or not

If after reconcile from the particular banking menu, your QuickBooks gets locked but the PDF function works properly, then the particular reconcile screen may be displayed off the screen.

Step 1: Confirm if the reconcile screen is listed in the given list of Windows menu.

Step 2: Now choose Close All.

Step 3: The final step is to Begin the Reconcile process once more.

In this article, we have shared everything related to QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview and QuickBooks Unable to create PDF. You need to try the solutions provided above. In case any of the solutions fail to work or you require professional guidance in resolving this technical issue, feel free to talk to our team of QuickBooks experts.

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