How to Add, Manage, or Delete users in QuickBooks Desktop & Online?

There is one thing that we all can agree upon and that is, a business owner cannot do all the […]

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There is one thing that we all can agree upon and that is, a business owner cannot do all the things related to the business single handedly. The user will need multiple helpers for numerous departments. Let’s understand this with the help of an example of accounting and finance department, a business owner cannot handle day-to-day business activity as well as post the entries and prepare the accounts and financial statement. Know how to add, manage, or delete users in QuickBooks Online.

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Any point in accountant will take care of these activities, but even an accountant alone may not be able to handle the things solely, especially if the business is upgrading, then there will be the requirement of other accounting personal who would help the accountant in proper bookkeeping invoicing payment and other activities. Here, you must be wondering, how multiple users are able to work on the books of accounts at the same time on the same accounting software.

Here, the amazing news is that you don’t need to worry about it even a bit, the reason is that QuickBooks online allow multiple users at one platform, which denotes that you as a business owner , accounting staff, other employees, & users all can access QuickBooks online accounting software with the help of the unique credentials and do the task at the same time. So, here in this module we will have the discussion on the process of adding deleting, and changing user access in QuickBooks accounting software.

Step to Add, Delete or Change Users Access in QuickBooks Online

Follow the below mention steps to add, delete or change users access in QuickBooks Online.

Add a User in QuickBooks Online

In the initial step, Which is to add a new user in QuickBooks and for that, invitation is required to send to them to do that here are some steps mentioned:

Now go to the settings -> menu manage users -> and just click on add users.

Now, choose the user type that you wish to create enter the users name, email address and click on save.

In the Second step, we are required to ask the user to accept the invitation by checking the email from QuickBooks hill disc the user will have to click on the let’s go message available in the email login page will appear, now here they are required to enter the required information and following this user can move forward & create their account.

Delete a User in QuickBooks Online

In the initial step, click & login in with the user profile that has permission to manage users and then choose settings.

In next second step, now you are required to click on manage user & click on the user that you want to delete click on the arrow icon in the action column and click on delete.

Step three takes you to see your confirmation window on the screen and click on delete again.

Note: Kindly know that when you delete the user, this action is not reversible, you will be able to view the history of the deleted users in the audit log.

Changing User Access in QuickBooks Online

In the initial step, for changing the user access as well, you need to login in with the profile that has access to manage users.

In second step, after logging in with your credentials, click on settings choose manage users look for the user that you wish to edit and click on edit in the action column.

In third step, Here select the new user type in the user type drop down menu.

In Step four. This step is for the selection of required user settings. If it is appropriate in your case, then click on save.

And lastly in step number five, you are required to ask the user to logout and login again to see updates or changes if they happened correctly.

Steps to Create and Manage Users and Roles in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

You can add a user with a specified role to manage your books in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. A user with a certain role and access can be created. How to create a user and assign a role is shown below.

Add a QuickBooks user

Below are the mentioned steps to add a user, and then assign a role it.

  • Select Users by going to the Company menu.
  • Then you have to select Set Up Users and Roles.
  • Select OK by entering the admin password.
  • Now you have to select the tab of User List and then you have to choose New.
  • After that, you have to enter a username and an optional password.
  • Select the user’s roles that are in the Available Roles section, then you have to choose Add.
  • At last, After completing you have to select OK.

Invite Intuit Account Users

You can invite customers to register for an Intuit account if they just need access to related services like Capital, Workforce, Payroll, or QuickBooks Time and don’t frequently use QuickBooks. How? Read on.

  • Select Users under Company from the menu.
  • Then you have t choose User Management for your Intuit Account.
  • Choose Add user from the Users tab.
  • Select a role from the Available roles, Enter the user’s email address, and then you have to click Add.
  • Then you have to select Add user.
  • At last, You have to choose OK.

They should check their email and then choose to accept the invitation, and then log in using their user name or email.

Use Predefined Roles

14 predefined roles are available to select. These encompass common roles that are found in most businesses. Roles denoted by an asterisk (*) have full access to view all of your account’s transactions. Predefined roles can also be started so that you begin with some already-existing permission. Remember that any adjustments you make affect every user who holds that role.

  • Select Users by going to the Company menu.
  • Then you have to choose Set Up Users and Roles.
  • Select OK by entering the admin password.
  • Now you have to choose the tab of Role List.
  • Then you have to select a role and to review its permissions select Edit
  • Choose an account area from the Area and Activities section. The access level can be adjusted to None, Full, or Partial.
  • Once the permissions have been configured, click OK to save.

Create a New Custom Role

New roles can be created entirely from scratch. You can choose which specific areas of your accounts can be accessed using this.

  • Select Users under Company from the menu.
  • Then you have to choose Create Users and Roles.
  • After entering the admin password you have to choose OK.
  • Choose New under the Role List tab.
  • Then you have to give the role description and a name.

Note: Give anything a name that identifies its degree of permission.

  • Choose an account area from the Area and Activities section. In order to define the role’s permissions, review each section and choose None, Full, or Partial.
  • Select OK to save once you have adjusted the permissions for each location.

Review Roles and Permissions

You can run a Permission Access by Roles report if you need to see information about all roles and their permissions.

  • Select Users that are under the Company menu.
  • Then you have to select Set Up Users and Roles.
  • After entering the admin password, Choose OK.
  • View Permissions is available after selecting the Role List tab.
  • Select Display after choosing the roles you want to review.

Managing Users in QuickBooks As an Administrator

The QuickBooks accounting software was developed to help the user to keep track of all expenses in the business, this is also helpful for the automation of the things like invoicing & reporting. Current user can add new users and give them access to work on the company’s file. For that, users are required to be logged into the company file as an administrator to manage users.

Initially, you are required to launch QuickBooks and log in to the company file as an administrator.

Secondly, you need to click on Company -> choose Users and then, select Set Up Users and Roles from the menu to open the Users and Roles window. All users that have permission to your company file which are listed in the list of users.

In the third step, choose the user that is required to edit and click the Delete option to delete the user or the Edit button to open the Edit User window.

In fourth Step, you are required to enter a new password in the Password column and Confirm Password option to change the user’s password. Choose a role from the Available Roles list and click the Add button to designate it to the user.

In Step number five, choose OK to save the latest settings for the user.

In Sixth step, choose the New button to open the New User window.

In Seventh step, enter a name for the user in the User Name field and a password in the password field and confirm password fields. Choose a role from the Available Roles list and select the “Add” button to assign it to the new user.

In Eighth step, click “OK” to create a new user.

In this module, we have learned how we can add, manage or delete users in QuickBooks Online? We have tried to assist you in very simple way. However, If you come across with any problem during the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What all Exercises does a Standard User has in QuickBooks online?

A standard user can enter invoices, sales resist, estimates, refunds, statement, charges and credits receive payments from customer view customer registered add delete the customer product and services as well. They will also view customer and accounts receivable reports as well.

How you can Add a new team Member to QuickBooks online Accountant?

You need to first login into QuickBooks online accountant as an admin or you can also login with the user profile with full access and then go to the team menu. Now click on add users, enter your team members info and click on next. Now select the access level in the access drop down and click on next again. And if you want to give admin access to your user for some client, do it in this step and save when you are done.

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