How to Import Invoices into QuickBooks Desktop Using Dancing Numbers?

You can easily import invoices from Excel to your QuickBooks directly through Dancing Numbers (Desktop). This tool is built exclusively […]

You can easily import invoices from Excel to your QuickBooks directly through Dancing Numbers (Desktop). This tool is built exclusively for QuickBooks.

Dancing Numbers (Desktop) supports QuickBooks Premier, Pro, Accountant and Enterprise editions.

Free trial of the software can be downloaded easily from Dancing Numbers Website. Follow below mentioned steps to get step by step installation procedure.

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Steps to Import Invoices into QuickBooks Desktop

Now, it’s more easy to import with Dancing Numbers with powerful and simplified wizard. To start the bulk import of your data files to QuickBooks follow below mentioned steps.

First of all click Import (Start) button available on the home screen.

Step 1 – For Selection of file click “Select Your File”, you can also click “Browse File” to browse and choose the desired file from the local computer, alternatively you can click View Sample file to go to dancing numbers sample file.

Step 2 – Mapping: Now in second step set up the mapping of file column related to QuickBooks fields. Dancing number template file do this step automatically, to use it download Dancing Numbers template file

Step 3 – Review and Import: To review your file data in preview screen, just click on “next” which imports your file data to QuickBooks.

For more details instruction of the steps goes through this article.

Import Invoices in to QuickBooks Desktop

Mapping QuickBooks Fields

Field NameFormatDescription
Invoice NoText should be Max : 11 CharactersReference number for the transaction. By default, this value is used only for internal processing by dancing numbers Transactions, and QuickBooks auto-generates a new value. It can be changed in the import settings.
Customer *Reference Text Max Length should be 41 CharactersReference to the customer.
Customer reference can be matched through Full Name, First Name, Company Name, Account NO., Resale NO., Custom Field, Look up (configured through (Import Settings)
Invoice DateDateTransactions date
Due DateDateDate on which transactions payment is due
TermsText max length should be: 11 CharactersPayment Terms
PO NoReference TextPurchase Order number
Ship DateDateDate on which the item is shipped.
Shipping Address Line 1Text (Max Length should be : 41 Characters)First line of the shipping address.
Shipping Address Line 2Text (Max Length needs to be 41 Characters)Second line of the shipping address.
Shipping Address Line 3Text (Max Length should be: 41 Characters)Third line of the shipping address.
Shipping Address CityText (Max Length needs to be : 31 Characters)Shipping address – City
Shipping Address StateText (Max Length: 21 Characters)Shipping address – Should be mentioned State or Province
Shipping Address – Postal CodeText (Max Length: 13 Characters)Shipping address with the Postal Code
Shipping Address – CountryText (Max Length: 41 Characters)Shipping address including Country
FOBText ( Max Length : 13 Characters)The destination of FOB
Billing Address Line 1Text (Max Length: 41 Characters)Billing address’s first line.
Billing Address Line 2Text (Max Length: 41 Characters)Second line of billing address.
Billing Address Line 3Text (Max Length: 41 Characters)billing address third line
Billing Address CityText (Max Length: 31 Characters)Billing address having City
Billing Address StateText (Max Length: 21 Characters)Billing address with State or Province
Billing Address Postal CodeText (Max Length: 13 Characters)Billing address having Postal Code
Billing Address CountryText (Max Length: 41 Characters)Billing address as Country
Sales RepReference TextSales rep associated with the transactions
Shipping MethodReference TextShipping method associated with the transaction
Print LaterBoolean (True/False)Print Status
Email LaterBoolean (True/False)Email Status
MemoText(Max Length ; 4095 Characters)A written message
Customer MessageReference TextA message given to the customer available from the list in QuickBooks
ClassReference Text (Max Length: 31 Characters)The class of transaction
Product/Service *Reference Text (Max Length: 31 Characters)Item with below options such as Item Look up Strategies including Import Settings- Full Name, Look up and Custom Field
Product/Service QuantityDecimalQuantity of the product
Product/Service RateDecimalRate of the product
Unit Of MeasureReference TextMeasuring Unit in which product is being measured
Product/Service DescriptionText (Max Length: 4095 Characters)Description of the product or service
Product/Service Service DateDateDate when the service or product is fulfilled
Product/Service ClassReference Text (Max Length: 31 Characters)Class in which product or service lies
Product/Service Sales TaxReference TextSales Tax associated with product or service
OtherText (Max Length: 29 Characters)Description
Other 1Text (Max Length: 29 Characters)Description
Other 2Text (Max Length: 29 Characters)Description
Sales TaxReference TextSales tax code transaction
Customer Sales Tax CodeReference TextTax Code related  to Transaction
TemplateReference TextTemplate related to Invoice
AR AccountReference TextAccounts Receivable account related to this Invoice
Product/Service Inventory SiteReference TextRelated to the product site
Product/Service Inventory BINReference TextRelated to BIN item reference to the site. It need to mentioned on the site BIN format    
Amount ReceivedDecimalThe amount which is received
CurrencyTextReference to the Currency in which amounts with the associated transaction are mentioned
Exchange RateDecimalDefault is 1, it is applicable when multi company option is enabled for company. Number of home currency units leads to equal to one unit of currency mentioned under currency
Tax InclusiveBoolean (True/False)Tax calculation method.

Import Settings

A host of powerful customizations for your file data is available with Import Settings on the Top Right Corner.

Accounting Professionals, CPA, Enterprises, Owners
Accounting Professionals

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Tutorial For Import Invoices into QuickBooks Desktop

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Many users would have some questions while moving data to your QuickBooks Desktop. Some of the questions are mentioned below:

I want to Import Invoices including Invoice Numbers from the File. Will it be Supported?

Yes. It will be supported.

Will Your Application Support Multi Line Transactions?

Yes. However same Invoice Number required mentioning in multiple lines to group the transactions.

I made Some of the Mistakes in the Import Process and my QuickBooks Reports have been Corrupted. Can I undo or Revert my Import?

It is possible to undo the import partially/ completely with Delete feature available.

Does your App Support Taxes?

Yes. It supports

I don’t Want to Create Products Automatically for my Invoices; also I am unable to Create Products before Each upload. Will it be Supported?

Yes. It is. You can do auto-create unavailable products/ services or you can also skip it during the Import process.

My File has Some Specific Date Format. I don’t Want to Change the File. Will Your Product Support all Date Formats?

No. It needs to specify the specific date format as MM/DD/YYYY

Do You Have any Sample Templates?

Yes. We do have. Sample Template

File Types Supported by Dancing Numbers Importer?

CSV, XLS, XLSX etc are Supported File Formats

Where to Contact if I am Stuck?

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