Resolving the Message “QuickBooks Can’t Start Because It is Already Running”

In QuickBooks, The issue QuickBooks cannot start because it is already running occurs several times when any software is conflicting […]

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In QuickBooks, The issue QuickBooks cannot start because it is already running occurs several times when any software is conflicting with any QuickBooks file. It highlights that you will not be able to begin the QuickBooks accounting software since it is already running. In such a scenario, You will be required to see the background of the QuickBooks files or whether the particular QuickBooks Software is functioning or not.

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In today’s article, We will learn how you can fix the QuickBooks error, What are the causes, and its symptoms. Every such detail will be mentioned in this article to help you implement the troubleshooting methods and solve the problem with ease.

QuickBooks can’Solutions Steps to Resolve the Error QuickBooks Can’t Start Since It is Already Runningt start because it is already running. Only QuickBooks Accountant can open more than one company file.

Error while connecting to QuickBooks

Could not start QuickBooks.

What are the Reasons that Give rise to the error, QuickBooks Can’t Start Because it is Already Running?

Here are the reasons that give rise to the error, QuickBooks Can’t Start because it is Already Running:

  • QBWUSER.INI File is Somehow Misplaced
  • The Windows Operating System has Failed to Get Updated
  • The Hard Disk is Damaged or Corrupted
  • The Name of the Company is Too Lengthy
  • QuickBooks Desktop Installation is Done Improperly

What are the Indications that Give Rise to the Error?

Here are the symptoms that give rise to the error, QuickBooks Can’t Start because it is Already Running:

  • The Windows System is not Fast and Running Bit Slow
  • The System gets Hanged Every Now and then When you Attempt to do Something in Your Particular QuickBooks Account.
  • The QuickBooks Software Freezes When you Attempt to Run the Program.
  • The Input from the Mouse and Keyboard is Slow
  • QuickBooks Company File Failed to Open

What are the Error Messages that Gets Displayed on the Window?

Here is the list of the error messages that get displayed on the screen:

  • QuickBooks is Closed. Kindly open it and then Attempt Again.
  • QuickBooks Failed to Start Since it is Running into Your System Already. Only QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Accountant can open more than Two or Two Files at least.
  • The Empty QuickBooks Screen is Already there
  • QuickBooks Has not Began Since it is Already Running the Most Number of Instances or Files.

Solutions Steps to Resolve the Error QuickBooks Can’t Start Since It is Already Running

There are several solutions and steps to solve this problem. You just need follow every one till the error is fixed.

Step 1: Download and Install the Current Update of QuickBooks

  • Save the Downloaded File to Your Particular Computer
  • The Particular File is saved in given Location that is in the Downloads Folder
  • Once the Download is Successful, Open the given File Explorer
  • Navigate to Downloads Folder
  • Now do a Double-click on the Downloaded File of the QuickBooks Update with the Particular .exe Extension.
  • Now Follow the Instructions provided by the Next Button in order to Update Your QuickBooks Software.
  • When it is Completed, Press the Finish Button
  • Once It is Done, The Current and Latest Version of QuickBooks Desktop is installed.

Step 2: Update Your QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Version

  • First, You need to Close the Company Files that are opened in Your QuickBooks
  • Now Close the Particular QuickBooks Software
  • Navigate to the QuickBooks icon and Press on its Twice
  • Choose the Option, Run as Administrator from the Provided Options
  • On the Screen, No Company Open
  • Press on the Help Menu option
  • Now Select the Option, Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • On the Open Screen for the Update, Press on the Option tab
  • Put a Checkmark Which is Named mark All
  • Press the Save Button
  • Now, Press on the Tab for Update Now
  • Choose the Checkbox for Reset Update
  • When Everything is Set and All the Steps Mentioned Above are Completed, Click the Button for Get Updates
  • Now you Need to Restart the Computer and then You need to Open Your QuickBooks Account to Check if the Error Exists.

Solution 3: Restart Your System

  • Open the Particular Windows Start Menu
  • Now Press on the Power Button
  • Press the Restart Option
  • Now You Need to Wait for the System to Restart Once Again


  • Press the Keys Alt + F4 and Hold them from Your Particular Keyboard
  • The Screen Named Shut Down Window Appears on Your Given Screen
  • Now, You need to Choose the Restart Option
  • Now, Press the OK Button

Solution 4: As an Admin, Open Your QuickBooks Account

  • Close the Accounting Software QuickBooks
  • Navigate to the QuickBooks icon on Your Given Desktop. You can also Look for QuickBooks in the given Start Menu Search Bar.
  • Now Press right-click on the Particular QuickBooks icon
  • Select the Option for Run as Administrator
  • In case it Seeks Your Credentials to Login into Your Particular Account, then Please Enter the Right ID and Password in Order to Login.

Step 5: Enable Instant Stat Again

If you have turned off the option for Instant Start in order to enter into QuickBooks prior, then you need to re-enable it once you have updated your particular QuickBooks account.

  • Press on Edit Menu in Your Particular Account
  • From the provided Drop-down Option, Press on the Preferences Tab
  • In the Preferences Screen, Press on the General Icon
  • Now Choose the Tab, My Preferences
  • Now, Press on the Checkbox Named, Keep QuickBooks Running for Quick Startups
  • Press on the Ok Button When the Preferences are Set
  • Now you Need to Close the QuickBooks Accounting Software and Then you need to Start Your Computer Once Again.

Step 6: You can open QuickBooks

It is possible to get into QuickBooks even if there is zero time to install updates. In order to open QuickBooks, you must follow the steps provided below:

  • Press they Keys Ctrl + Shift + ESC and hold them from Your Particular Keyboard.
  • The Task Manager opens up in Your Given System
  • IN the Task Manager, Press on the Processes Tab
  • Look for the QBW32.exe Process and then Choose it
  • Once the Process is Selected, Click the End Task Button
  • When the Steps mentioned Above are Completed, Try to Open the QuickBooks Software in your Computer.

Step 7: Disable QuickBooks Instant Start Option

  • In your QuickBooks Software, Press on the Edit Menu option.
  • Now Choose from the Provided Options, Preferences from the Further Options.
  • In the Particular Open Screen, Press the General Tab.
  • Now Press on the Tab, My Preferences.
  • Remove the Particular Tick Mark from the provided option, Keep QuickBooks Running for Startups.
  • Press the OK Button When the Steps Mentioned above are Completed.
  • Now You need to Close the QuickBooks Software.
  • Finally, You need to Restart your System.

Step 8: Organize User Account Control Settings

  • Open the Run Screen by pressing Windows + R Keys Together.
  • In the Run Screen, Enter the Control Panel.
  • Now Press the Enter Button from the provided keyboard.
  • In the Control Panel Screen, Press the User Accounts.
  • Now, Choose User Accounts (Classic View).
  • Now, Press on the option, Change User Account Control Settings.
  • Now You need to Shift the Slider Based on Your Settings.
  • Fix the Slider Towards Never Notify and then Press the OK Button in Order to Turn the UAC Off.
  • Now Fix the Slider to Always Notify and then Press the OK Button in Order to Turn the UAC ON.
  • Restart Your System to Refresh all the Changes that you have Completed.

Step 9: Close the .QBW32.Exe Process

  • Open the Particular Task Manager Screen by Clicking Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys


  • Press Right-click on the given Taskbar and then Select the Particular Task Manager option.
  • In the Provided Task Manager Screen, Press the Processes tab.
  • Look for the QBW32.exe File.
  • Now Choose the QBW32.exe File and Press on the End Task Button.
  • Closing the File is Complete, Which is Running in the Background. In case You Assume that There are more than one Files or any Old Version of QuickBooks, then Close it.

Step 10: Now You Need to Start Your Computer once more and After that Open the Software once More.

  • Give a Name Again to the File Creating the Issues.
  • Open the Particular File Explorer on Your Window.
  • Now You need to open the Folder Which has Every QuickBooks Files.
  • In this Particular Folder, Look for He File that is Leading to the Rise of the Issue.
  • Now Press Right-click on the File.
  • Select the Rename option.
  • Now include OLD When the File Name Ends.
  • Now Press Enter Button and Save the File Name.

Step 11: Fix QuickBooks Installation

  • In the Windows System, Open the Particular Search Bar of the given Start Menu.
  • Enter Control Panel and then Click Enter Button.
  • In the Control Panel Screen, Press on the Option, Programs and Features.
  • Now Press on the Programs Option.
  • A List of Different Applications Appear.
  • Find and Choose the QuickBooks Program.
  • Press on the Option, Uninstall/Change.
  • Fix the Repair option from the Particular Uninstall Wizard.
  • Now do as per the Steps Given to Repair the Installation of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • When Completed, Now you Need to Restart Your system.

Step 12: Update the Windows Operating System

  • In Your Windows System, Press the Start menu Button
  • Now Press on the Gear icon in Order to Open the Settings
  • In the Settings Screen, Select the Option for Update and Security
  • Now Press the Windows Update option Available on the Left Navigation Panel
  • Click the Check Button for Updates
  • You will Receive the Updates on Your Window, In Case there is any
  • Press on Get Updates option in Order to Download and Install It

We hope that after reading this article, Everything concerning QuickBooks cannot start because it is already running error is clear to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Force Open the QuickBooks?

It is possible to force open the QuickBooks accounting software. It can be done by press the Ctrl key and the open the particular QuickBooks software as Administrator. Release the Ctrl key when you receive the No Company open screen.

Do I Need to Check the Firewall or Antivirus Security to Fix the Error?

Yes. You need to take a look at the settings of the Antivirus security or firewall. Enable QuickBooks to conduct all its operations without any interruption or blocking. It is possible to disable it while using QuickBooks and post that enable the security.

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