Fix QuickBooks Error 1904: Failed to Register While Installing

QuickBooks can be the best answer you may ask for your finances. But when it comes to the shortcomings of […]

QuickBooks can be the best answer you may ask for your finances. But when it comes to the shortcomings of this program, it may feel like the worst trouble you ever asked for. But we need you to not panic as its shortcomings have quick resolve. Whether or not it’s your first time, you can rest assured that we have fixes for all the ills for QuickBooks.

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You may come across QuickBooks error 1904 in your task of installing QuickBooks files. This can appear either if it’s your first time installing QuickBooks or you are trying to upgrade your QuickBooks version from pro to premier. This error closely relates to the Microsoft components required to install and run QuickBooks on Windows.

As per this, the damaged Microsoft Visual C++ files most often triggers QuickBooks error 1904 during the time of installation. You may also notice this error after switching to a new Windows operating system. The complete error message reads “We’re sorry! Something went wrong with the installation. Error 1904. Module C:\Program Files (X86)\QuickBooks 2018\ICWrapper.dll” failed to register”. This message will clearly denote that there is something wrong with the installed files.

QuickBooks Error 1904: Failed to Register While Installing

Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Error 1904: Module Failed to Register

There have been multiple reasons that can make this error appear before you. Most of the possible reason can be the damaged Microsoft components as these may cause QuickBooks to show QuickBooks error code 1904 module. This is just the beginning. There are Several other reasons listed that can trigger the QuickBooks 1904 installation error to emerge on Windows operating systems.

  • Installation of a new operating system of Windows.
  • Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop application version.
  • Some Windows security applications are interrupting QuickBooks installation.
  • The user is not having required admin level permissions for installation on Windows.
  • It is caused when your company files get damaged or corrupted in a sudden manner. The possibility is that the settings of the file are not correct.

Sometimes, it can occur due to having several multiple issues and you might receive several messages mentioning specific files are corrupted such as dll, qbupdate.exe and so on.

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Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904: Failed to Register While Installing

In order to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 1904, Execute the following fixation steps in the order shown to resolve the problem.

Ways 1: Run the Diagnostic Tool of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic

  • You need to get on to the system and select the “Ignore” tab option on each error message. With this, you need to complete the QuickBooks installation.
  • Without opening the software, you need to restart the computer again.
  • Then you need to download & run the tool of QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic.
  • After this, you should reboot the system which will probably fix all the errors.

Ways 2: Built-in or Hidden Administrator Gets Activated

If the issue still persists, then you need to activate the built-in Administrator & install QuickBooks software under the built in administrator account, which is your other solution. You need to follow the given steps to activate the built-in administrator:

Step 1: You should Activate the in-built Administrator

  • The very first step is to press the “Windows” button on the system.
  • Then in the search box, you need to type in the “CMD”.
  • Press the right-click on the “CMD/ Command Prompt/ cmd.exe” and then you should choose the “Run as Administrator” again.
  • On screen command prompt window will open, then you need to enter the “net user administrator /active:yes” and you should press the “Enter” tab.

Step 2: Switch to the in-built Administrator Account

  • In order to switch, you should press these keys “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” on the keyboard simultaneously, then you need to choose the “Switch User Windows 8 users.” After this, you need to hit the “Windows” button and you should choose the user icon on the upper right of the display.
  • Then you can Hit the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at a time & choose the “default Administrator account” icon.

Step 3: Hide the in-built Administrator Account

  • For hiding this feature, you should click on the “Windows” key.
  • Then repeat the above mentioned step 1 again and choose the “Run an Administrator” tab.
  • In the command prompt screen, you should type in the “net user administrator /active:no” and hit the “Enter” button.

Step 4: You can Try to Change Security Settings of Installation Directory

  • You need to browse to this path: “C:\Program Files\Common Files“.
  • Then you should press the right-click on the “Common Files” folder and select the “Properties” tab.
  • After this, you need to select the “Edit” icon which is visible under the “Security” tab
  • Then you should choose the “Users” under the “Group or user names” icon.
  • You also need to choose the permission type under the “Permissions for users” tab. Choose the level of access for the following permissions:
    • Modify
    • Read and Execute
    • Read
    • Write
  • Then finally, you can choose the “Apply” and then “OK” button to save and finish.

Step 5: Do a QuickBooks Installation

  • You need to install the QuickBooks Desktop program once again.
  • After the installation of QuickBooks accounting software, you should switch back to the original user to log in.

Some Additional Guidelines

If you are working with QuickBooks Database Manager only, then above mentioned solutions may not work. In order to resolve this, you would be required to install the actual exe.

  • The error may appear when the installation is not running as administrator on Microsoft Windows.
  • Before installing Avalara Avatax, you also need to ensure that exe is installed on the server properly.
  • The problem can also be caused if you try to install the connector on a Server without QuickBooks exe installed on it.
  • After clicking on the OK button on the error, the installation status must say that it was completed successfully.

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