How to Void and Reissue a Check in QuickBooks?

There are many cases in which user is required to void and reissue a check in QuickBooks accounting software. In […]

There are many cases in which user is required to void and reissue a check in QuickBooks accounting software. In the case of damaged checks. Users can simplify print another check. if any user has lost the check is required to recreate it. The process followed on either of these situation is remarkably. Different and then just creating a new check. Thus, if you are facing issue doing the same then here is how to void and reissue a check in payroll in QuickBooks.

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Fortunately, QuickBooks has multiple options which help users in these terrible situations. Not only can users to create, print, send void and void Checks, but also enable eyes them through inbuilt reporting tools. Accounts and taxes reports can be used for analyzing taxes created in a particular accounting will not be able to examine, check for which the books have been closed. So, fire QuickBooks and apply the appropriate method for resolving your issue.

How to Void and Reissue a Check in QuickBooks?

To void the old check and create new one follow the steps given below:

Steps to Void a Check in QuickBooks:

  • Navigate to the banking option from the left panel.
  • Select the user register and type in the check number you want to void.
  • Hit on the void check.
  • Select Yes.

Steps to Reissue a check in QuickBooks:

Below are few steps given which are helpful to reissue a check:

User is required to produce a latest check with the same check number

  • Go to create option.
  • Enter mailing address.
  • Payment date.
  • Check number enter the same Check number that you want to void.
  • Enter the account. To which check is applied. Add on the description for the account & transaction.
  • User can enter memo which are present on the check.
  • Choose the type of account for which the check is being created.
  • Click on save.

Voided check are not deleted from QuickBooks. Instead, the amount of Check is set to zero. Also, the check is documented as void in the accounting books. This does not create any variance in income and expense accounts. Which closing books?. Further, this is preferred to deleting. The user is still be able to track the check on the later date by simply voiding a check.

For companies which are shifted from the traditional accounting to QuickBooks accounting software can change their paper. Check into digital checks by entering the information provided on the paper. Check in QuickBooks. Forwarding this check, the effort. Mentioned step can be followed.

Voiding a Check. Voiding a Payroll Check after Issuing it in QuickBooks:

  • Go to the payroll center
  • Click on. Void paychecks.
  • Filter the checks according to your requirements. Check can be filtered. According to the date and amount
  • Hit void against the paycheck. You want to void.

QuickBooks will treat payroll. Checks the same as all other checks. The total amount of check will be set to zero and its status to void.

User is required to Adhere the Below-mentioned Steps to Unvoid a Voided Check:

  • User needs to navigate to the reports from the left panel.
  • Select accounts and tax is.
  • Click on word it transactions.
  • Select the checks you want to on void.
  • You already know that QuickBooks set the amount for voided check 20. You can simply edit the. User needs to verify and enter the necessary amount into it.
  • Click on save and check will be on voided.

How to Void Delete Bill Payment Check and Multiple Bill Payment Check in QuickBooks:

Steps to Void Bill Payment Check:

  • Open the transaction option.
  • After that, select the edit menu.
  • Then go to Void Bill. Slash void Bill payment check option.

Steps to Delete a Bill Payment Checks:

  • Open the transaction option.
  • Select the edit menu.
  • After that, Delete the bill payment check.

Steps to Void or Delete Multiple Bill Payment Checks:

  • Go to the list menu.
  • After that, Select charts of account.
  • Double click on appropriate account. SP able account register.
  • Choose Bill payment check.
  • Then select edit menu option.
  • Click on void/delete Bill payment check.
  • Choose the record and later yes to save the required changes.

How to Void a Payroll Check in QuickBooks?

The steps to void a Payroll check in QuickBooks are as follows:

  • In QuickBooks, click on the Banking menu
  • Further, click on the Write Checks option
  • Go to the Expenses section and then click on the account from which the check was written
  • Mention the check number in the field of check number
  • Provide the date into the date field
  • After that, mention the amount in the $ field in the form of a 0.00 format
  • Do mention the name of the payee in the field Pay to the Order of
  • When done with all the details, click on the Edit option
  • Then select Void Check that helps you in voiding check
  • Now, click on the Yes button when it shows a pop-up
  • After this, you get an update with the date and amount changes for the check you voided
  • Click on the No button if you want to void check with the original date but this won’t show any update in your company journal
  • Hit on the Record button to finalize the void process.

How to Void a Paper Check in QuickBooks?

Follow the process to void a paper check in QuickBooks:

  • In QuickBooks, click on the Employees option
  • If you use third-party payroll then click on Payroll Center
  • Go to the Related Payroll Activities and click on it drop-down arrow
  • From drop-down options, choose Void Paychecks
  • Mention the range of date in the field Show Paychecks From and Through to mention the pay period for check
  • Press on Tab button on the keyboard to show checks that are mentioned in the pay period
  • Now, hit on paycheck to void and then click on the Void button
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on your screen. In this, the prompts may be different according to the pay range and date of the paycheck
  • When the process is done the amount changes to Zero
  • Now, you see that the void word is visible in the Check’s memo field
  • Hit on the Done button to close the window.

Hence a QuickBooks construct it effortless for organizations to create, track or Void a check in close. redo a check and un-void Checks. Also while sending the Check, make sure to enter information about the void tip check in the memo., reissue a check in QuickBooks. This will legally safeguard you against Any false claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How do I issue a Replacement Check with Different Check Number?

You can follow the below steps to issue a replacement check with different check number

Initially, go to the employee section at the top menu bar
Next. Click Employees center from the drop down list
Here you are required to select the name of the employee name for whom you need to print a paycheck replacement.
In the top right corner. Click on the quick reports.
Modify the date. Arrange to add the paycheck date
After that double click on the pay check that employee last. Above the toolbar
Once done, then hit the print app
Enter the replacement page. Check number in the print paycheck. Window
Finally, heat okay to complete the process.

How do I Balance the Register as I voided the Check already in QuickBooks

At first, you are required to open the check which was created by you before.
Next replace the Check number so it coordinates with the last. Check
After that select the more option which is available at the bottom and later click on the void option.
Lastly, Hit the Yes tab followed by the OK button.

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