How to Cancel Your Subscription for QuickBooks Products

When users cancel their subscription from a particular QuickBooks product, they eventually delete the account. It purely depends on individual […]

When users cancel their subscription from a particular QuickBooks product, they eventually delete the account. It purely depends on individual choice and reasons when someone decides to delete their QuickBooks account.

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For instance, someone is cutting his or her business short. Hence, it is quite evident that they will not need the QuickBooks products anymore. Often it also happens that users shutdown their business operations, and that is why they do not require QuickBooks software anymore.

Whatever be the cause, we are here to help you cancel the subscription of your QuickBooks products in a trouble-free manner. So wait no more. Read the full article to learn in detail how to cancel the subscription for your QuickBooks products.

What are Subscriptions for QuickBooks Products?

To use QuickBooks products, we need to avail of the subscription-based service. QuickBooks subscripts follow a strict renewable method. However, It is possible to cancel the renewable characteristics automatically, in case you do not have any use for it.

Typically, users cancel their Payroll service when the services stated below are not needed:

Why Users Need to Cancel Their QuickBooks Desktop Products Subscription?

QuickBooks is indeed very good accounting software for businesses across the world. However, not every business can make use of it in the best way, still, a majority of the business sign up for this accounting software.

This leads to business owner’s straightaway signing up for a QuickBooks Subscription or avail a trial and then cancelling it.

One of the most common reasons that have been stated to cancel the subscription of QuickBooks is that it is too difficult for them. Even though the software was designed to be highly user-friendly, not everyone can make use of this product. This lead to the cancellation of the product in the most number of the cases.

Cost is a more important reason why many users want to cancel their QuickBooks subscription. All the small businesses and individual traders cannot afford to renew the subscription year after year.

How to Cancel Your Subscription to QuickBooks Desktop?

Here are the cancellation policies for subscriptions for QuickBooks Desktop:

Money-back Guarantee within 60-days (Annual and Monthly Subscriptions)

  • You will get a complete refund for your particular QuickBooks Desktop subscription in case you cancel the subscription within 60 days of signing up. The specific refund will be administered to the available credit card which has been on file for you.

Outside the 60-day Money-back Promise (Monthly Subscriptions)

  • Refunds are not available for the present billing period.
  • When your subscription is terminated, you will not be able to access or utilize your previous QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Your specific company file will be on your device, however, you will be required to re-activate your purchase or subscription as your current license in order to open it and see it.

Outside the 60-day Money-back Promise (Annual Subscriptions)

  • Pro-rated funds are not present for the portion of your annual subscription that is unused, except if you are shifting to a new subscription for QuickBooks Desktop product or a QuickBooks Online Subscription.
    • In case you are entitled to a refund and you have paid with the help of a credit card, assume that the refund will show up on your credit card statement within 7-10 business days once it is processed. It is important to note that the refund will be credited to the credit card that is utilized for the purchase. In case the credit card number has been modified, you will need to talk to your bank to get the credit transferred.
    • In case you are entitled to a particular refund and then clear the amount with the help of an Electronic Funds Transfer, it is assumed that the refund will show on your given account within 10 business days once it is processed.
  • In case you are not shifting to a different QuickBooks subscription, you will retain access to your particular product till the end of your present subscription period.
  • At the end of your present subscription period, you will not be able to use QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The company file will be present on your system, however, you will be required to activate your subscription again. You can also buy the license in order to open it and see it.

Cancellation Guidelines for the Service-only Plans

  • It is possible to cancel any time your particular QuickBooks desktop service-only plan at. But the service-only plans need at least a 12-month subscription.
  • After a service is cancelled, you will not be allowed to:
    • Get assisted help for problems and queries not included in the customer care policy without providing an extra fee.
    • Get Data Recovery Services minus any extra fee.

Note: In order to evade any kind of changes, it is recommended to cancel the subscription minimum of 5 days before the next billing date.

How to Cancel Your Subscription for QuickBooks Payroll?

Here are the steps to Cancel Your Subscription to QuickBooks Payroll:

1st Step: Finish your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

  • Finish the process and then execute the final payroll
  • Print the required payroll reports

In case you possess a payroll service where you file your taxes or pay your own taxes, ensure that:

  • Clear any Outstanding Tax Deposits
  • Execute and then file any Quarterly or Annual Forms that are Outstanding

2nd Step: Revoke Your Payroll Service

Select the steps mentioned below for your Payroll service on how to cancel it:

QuickBooks Online Payroll

  • Navigate to Settings and then choose the option, Account, and Settings
  • Choose Billing and Subscription in the available Payroll section. Now choose Cancel
  • Complete the Online Cancellation form and then finish the cancellation.

Note: In case the Subscription and Billing tab is not visible to you, then it is because you are not logged in as the Company Administrator or Master Administrator in the account. It can also be that you bought your QuickBooks Online from your particular Accountant. In such cases, you are required to log in with a particular Admin account. You can also connect with your accountant in order to cancel the payroll subscription.

In case You own a full Service Payroll Subscription:

In case we clear and file the payroll taxes for you, make sure that your bank account is open for as long as it is debited and you clear of those tax liabilities. Such liabilities that also comprise annual liabilities will be cleared at the time when your cancellation form is processed. You will get an email validation is not more than 3 business days after your cancellation request has been reviewed and one more when your cancellation is finished.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

If you require to cancel your particular QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted service, finish the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted cancellation form. You will get an email validation in 3 business days after the cancellation request has been checked. You will receive one more email after the cancellation is completed.

QuickBooks Desktop Standard, Payroll Enhanced, and Basic

There are two ways by which you can cancel a subscription:

Via Company File

The ideal way to cancel a payroll service is in your QuickBooks Desktop Company File:

  • From the drop-down menu, choose My Payroll Service. Now choose Billing/Account Info
  • Now choose Cancel Service
  • The steps provided on-screen must be followed to cancel a payroll service.

Via Your Intuit Account

In case you lack access to your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll file, you can choose to revoke the online payroll service.

  • Log in to your Intuit Account
  • Under the Products and Services section, choose Details that is beside the payroll subscription status that you wish to cancel.
  • Now choose Cancel Service and then execute the on-screen steps in order to cancel the payroll service.

Still Cannot Cancel the Payroll Service?

In case you have issues locating your file or logging in to your account, be sure to do a request in order to cancel the payroll service. You need to adhere to the steps prompted on-screen and you will get a validation email stating that the particular payroll service has been deleted in 3 business days.

What Happens to the Payroll Data After Cancellation?

QuickBooks Online Payroll

You will get access to your particular payroll data till June 1st of the following year. Make sure that you export the set of reports and save them.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

You will keep accessing the copies of your online payroll tax returns via the Cancelled Client Payroll Tax Center till June of the following year of the cancellation date. You will not get paper copies of such returns.

You will not be able to use your payroll tax returns via QuickBooks Desktop. Rather you need to comply with the instructions provided below to use your return information:

In case you fail to locate the form in the Payroll Tax Center, or you lack the Payroll PIN along with the EIN information, you must ask for paper copies of your particular returns by finishing the tax form: tax Copy Request form.

QuickBooks Desktop Standard, or Basic, and Payroll Enhanced

You still will be able to use your payroll data post-cancellation, however, recreating any tax forms will not be possible. Make sure that you have save a copy of the tax forms e-filed or created.

How to Cancel the Subscription for QuickBooks Payments?

Here are the steps to cancel the subscription for your QuickBooks Payments:

Cancel Your Payment Account

  • Sign in as ad Admin user into Merchant Service Center.
  • Choose the Account tab and then click Account Profile.
  • Choose Close Account. In case you do not see this option, ensure that you are signed in as an account admin.
  • In the drop-down for Reason for Closing, choose a reason. Now include any comments you wish to share.
  • When it is Done, Press Submit.

After your request has been processed, you will receive an email in one business day that validates your QuickBooks Payments account is shut.

Get Your Financial detail from Your QuickBooks Payments

You are not required to download all prior to cancelling your account. You can just sign in to the Merchant Services Center for nearly 12 months after you decide to cancel, it means you have 365 days to see and download the statements, reports, and tax forms.

How to Cancel Your Particular Subscription for the QuickBooks Products?

In order to cancel a subscription for the QuickBooks products, a user needs to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First, You need to open any web browser on your particular desktop or laptop. Do not try to open the web browser on any mobile device

Step 2: Now add your credentials. After this, Log in as admin into your particular QuickBooks account

Step 3: After you have logged into the QuickBooks account, Choose Settings, and post that open the particular Account and Settings

Step 4: Now select Cancel subscription. You can also select the particular Cancel Online option in QuickBooks if you are cancelling the option that says Choose Cancel trial

Step 5: Finally, Follow the steps on the window to finish the entire cancellation process

Cancelling of Subscription if Purchased via a Mobile App

Step 1: You need to open the play store

Step 2: Choose the menu icon, Press on subscriptions, and choose the QuickBooks application

Step 3: Finally, Go to the Manage subscription screen and press on Cancel Subscription

We pray that all the steps stated above are clear to you. However, It is always best to consult a professional for such steps.

Are you in search of a professional and industry expert to get the right help for your QuickBooks problems? Our team of experienced QuickBooks professionals can solve all your QuickBooks functional, technical, installation, or cancellation requests.

We hope that this article has answered your queries about cancelling your QuickBooks subscriptions. We have covered all types of QuickBooks like Payments, Self-Employed, Desktop, etc.

Still, If something is confusing you or you think this is a huge step for your business and only a professional guidance can usher in the confidence in you, feel free to talk to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Is it Possible to Remove or Delete a Particular Company from QuickBooks?

Yes. It is possible to delete or remove the temporary files. For this reason, kindly adhere to the steps given below:

Step 1: Navigate to the File menu

Step 2: Now, select Close company

Step 3: The third step is to select the Edit list tab

Step 4: Now you need to add a checkmark on the particular box that is right opposite to the company file needed to delete

Step 5: Select OK. Click it and complete it

Is it Possible to Remove or Delete Temporary Company Files in QuickBooks?

Yes. It is possible to delete these Temporary Company Files in QuickBooks. Usually, the Backup temp folders in QuickBooks are made as a storing space for the particular QuickBooks file components, when you create a backup of the QuickBooks backup file. However, as a user, you are not needed to worry about these files, since they will be deleted automatically when the file preparation method of the backup file is finished.

How to Cancel the Intuit Online Payroll Subscriptions?

Here are the steps to cancel Intuit Online Payroll Subscription:

Step 1: First, You must open the QuickBooks Online account

Step 2: Press on settings

Step 3: Select Account and settings

Step 4: Now, Press on the billing and subscription area

Step 5: Now press cancel post going in the payroll section

Step 6: Now choose Continue and move ahead. Now finish the short survey and then give your confirmation for the needed cancellation.

Note: Make sure you follow the steps in the given order.

How to Reactivate the Particular Payroll Services in your QuickBooks Account?

Step 1: Log into your QuickBooks account

Step 2: Move to Settings, and click reactivate the account

Step 3: Follow the steps in the given order

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