How to Sync QuickBooks on Two Computers?

Are you facing trouble in syncing QuickBooks on two computers? Do not worry. We have the answer to your problems. […]

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Are you facing trouble in syncing QuickBooks on two computers? Do not worry. We have the answer to your problems. In today’s article, we are going to shed some light on this topic. Syncing QuickBooks on two computers increases productivity and the ease to use the data.

In many scenarios, it has been observed that users wish to link their data between several devices to boost productivity. However, they fail to connect the QuickBooks files between two computers since they lack the required knowledge to do so.

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So, without delay let us begin to understand how to sync QuickBooks files of two computers.

How to Sync the QuickBooks Desktop Files between Two Computers?

Step 1: To start with, you are required to install and then download the data transfer utility offered by Intuit marketplace on the main system that hosts the particular company file.

Step 2: You need to paste the company file to the main system from a secondary system. Additionally, it is possible to save the company file to disk or it can also be shifted to the main source computer over the particular network.

Step 3: Begin QuickBooks on the main computer. For this, you need to choose the particular file and then open a company-specific file from the other computer and then choose the Open Company option.

Step 4: In the data transfer utility, you will need to choose the open source company tab in order to export data from the given source company.

Step 5: Press Yes and allow access, even when the QuickBooks is paused. You need to search for the option to allow the application to use personal data. Post that, in QuickBooks, press Continue, Yes and Done.

Step 6: You will need to choose the Close tab that will be in the data transfer utility.

Step 7: After that check the File Menu and also press Close Company Options.

Step 8: Now, press the File Option and then press Restore or Open Company. Together with that, open a company in the accounting software QuickBooks.

Step 9: Now, you must choose Open Destination Company of disk transfer utility from the particular Import Data into endpoint enterprise.

Step 10: Choose Yes, always permit access even though QuickBooks is not running and also allow the application to use the personal data. After that, press Continue, Yes, and Done.

Step 11: Now use the Close tab for the presently connected to field in the particular data transfer facility.

Step 12: Now, press the File Menu and choose Close Company in QuickBooks.

Step 13: Choose Type of Data along with change tabs from the given data transfer utility. Together with that choose an option that shows the details you want to send to the destination file.

Step 14: Finally, go to the import data in the particular data transfer utility and also choose the import tab. This will sync the QuickBooks files of the two computers.

Sharing the Desktop Version Between two Computers

Step 1: First, you need to go to the File menu and choose the Utilities tab.

Step 2: After that choose the Host multi-user access.

Step 3: Now, you need to press Yes.

Step 4: Now, go to the Server system. It is the computer that saves the company file.

Step 5: In the Server system, you need to go to the Start Menu and look for the database server manager.

Step 6: Now choose the QuickBooks Database Server Manager from the given drop-down menu.

Step 7: Press on Browse and browsing the folder if the location of the folder is not shown. Here the company files will be saved. Now, press OK.

Step 8: Choose the Start Scan option. It will fix all the firewall permissions to allow QuickBooks to connect over the network.

Step 9: Now close the QuickBooks. Now open QuickBooks in multi-user mode on your system.

Synchronization with Database Server Setup

Step 1: Go to the Scan Folder tab. Now add folders, and scan. Scan the primary system for the company file of QuickBooks. Press on Close after your approved company file has been located.

Step 2: Press the Company Menu option. Now navigate to the Setup users and password option and press Set up users.

Step 3: Press on the tab available for additional user in the computer display and then allocate QuickBooks username along with the password.

Step 4: Choose the access options for the other computer and press on the Next tab.

Step 5: Select the permissions- changing or deleting transaction and go to the tab Next and Finish.

Step 6: Now press on Open or Restore Company and after that press on Open a Company in QuickBooks on the secondary computer.

Step 7: Search for the location on the given network where the primary company file is saved.

Step 8: Choose the file, and then login with the right username along with the password built on the primary system.

By adhering to the steps given above, you will be able to sync the QuickBooks file between two computers. All the information related to this topic is provided above. However, it is quite possible that you may get stuck with some topic or issue with syncing QuickBooks on two computers. In such an event, you can talk to our Dancing Numbers team any time you want.

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What are the Important Points to be Aware of Prior to Synchronizing Data Files on other Computers?

Here are the points to consider prior to synchronizing the data files on other computers:

checked You need to look for both the computers and check if they are connected to the network or not.
checked Just ensure that there is the right installation on every computer prior to syncing the files.
checked There is another option for you. You can first uninstall the QuickBooks and then reinstall QuickBooks on the two computers and after that use QuickBooks on the computers with the correct options.

What are the Different Types of QuickBooks Files?

Here is the list of the different types of QuickBooks Files:

checked QuickBooks Backup files
checked QuickBooks Company files
checked QuickBooks Bank Statement files (QBO)

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