How To Create or Add Another Company File To QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is one of the most efficient software solutions to handle all accounting services alone in SMEs. Especially today, when […]

QuickBooks is one of the most efficient software solutions to handle all accounting services alone in SMEs. Especially today, when one person is in charge of multiple businesses, it becomes important for users to have QuickBooks installed in their systems so that they can manage all their company’s accounting services simultaneously without any trouble.

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However, the question that arises here is whether QuickBooks allows handling multiple businesses at a time?

About Creating or Adding Another Company File

With users trying their hands in multiple businesses at a time these days, it becomes important for them to have multiple company files to handle simultaneously. As QuickBooks is the most widely used software solution in SMEs today, the software service is expected to have support for multiple company files at a time.

QuickBooks, therefore, does have a provision of Multiple Company File Access, but a user needs to have multiple QuickBooks accounts to access those multiple businesses efficiently. This is because QuickBooks Online allows access to only one company per subscription. So if you want to handle multiple company files at a time, you have to subscribe to those many numbers of QuickBooks accounts.

Why do You Need to Create or Add Another Company File to QuickBooks Online?

As stated above, creating or adding another Company File to QuickBooks Online becomes necessary when the same users have to take care of multiple businesses at a time. In addition, logging out from one account and signing in again to open another account is quite troublesome. Thus, users try to find ways in which they do not have to log in and log out to access multiple accounts repeatedly.

Given the issues that users might face, QuickBooks allows users to have multiple accounts created with multiple subscriptions. As a result, they can switch accounts without having to log in or out over and over again.

How to Add or Create Another Company File to QuickBooks Online?

There are several ways in which you can create, add, or access another company file to QuickBooks Online:

Option A: Move all Company Files under one login ID

This is done when users already have two or more business accounts, but they have to constantly log out to access the other one with another email ID.

Step 1: Shoot an Invite

As you have multiple email IDs for multiple company files, you can choose the one using which you wish to control all the files.

  • Log in to one of the company files you access with your non-primary email ID.
  • Send an invite to the company file accessed by the primary email ID
  • Choose user type
  • Click on Company Admin to make it your primary email ID for accessing all other company files
  • Now open your primary email ID
  • Choose the invite link
  • Your non-primary email ID allowed you to access the company file using the selected primary email ID.

Once you do this for all the company files you wish to access using the primary email ID, you can remove the rest of the user IDs from the system for your convenience.

Option B: Create or Add Another Company

This is done when you already have an account, but you have to subscribe to another one to access a different company file.

  • Go to the QuickBooks Pricing page
  • Choose the Subscription
  • This will give you two options:
    • In case you are already signed in to QuickBooks
      • You will need to confirm the account you would like to sign in with.
      • Choose Yes, that’s correct [If it is the same account you want to use for the new company file]
    • If you are not signed in or haven’t used it recently, you will require creating an Intuit account.
    • Choose an option of Adding a company to the existing account option
    • Click on the Sign-in link
    • Enter the username and password that you already use for QuickBooks
  • Follow the on-screen prompts for further instruction
  • And your company file will be created and added to your existing/primary account.

The points mentioned above are quite easy to follow. However, there are times when you might get stuck in some steps. This is where our expert professionals come into the scene. If you ever think you are unable to proceed further with the steps mentioned above, you can unhesitatingly connect with our technical experts.

The executives will either guide you over a call or access your systems remotely to create or add another company file to QuickBooks Online on your behalf. In addition, our Dancing Numbers experts are available 24/7 to help and guide you. So please feel free to connect with us whenever you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How many Company Files can be Accessed on QuickBooks at a Time?

QuickBooks Online allows users to use multiple company files simultaneously so that they can work on different files conveniently. However, there is a maximum limit on how many company files they can access on QuickBooks. This limit is determined depending on the number of subscriptions a user has. The users, in short, need to subscribe separately for each company file and based on the number of subscriptions, they would be allowed access.

For example, if you have two subscriptions, you will be allowed to access two company files at a time on QuickBooks Online.

How can I Switch Company Files on QuickBooks Online?

This is the option used when multiple accounts are operated using the same login ID. Having this feature helps users switch accounts without the hassle and makes handling numerous companies files convenient at the same time.

checked Go to Settings
checked Click on Profile
checked Choose Switch Company
checked Click on the company you wish to switch to
checked The selected company file will become active.

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