5 Method to Fix QuickBooks Error 136 – Causes & Solutions

It is apparent that certain technical problems may erupt when you attempt to install QuickBooks. The outcome of such problems […]

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It is apparent that certain technical problems may erupt when you attempt to install QuickBooks. The outcome of such problems led to the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 136. Even though there can be several causes behind the occurrence of the error, the most common cause can be the software installation.

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Sometimes, Installing the Intuit Software again can often help the users. However, this does not guarantee that the error will be fixed. Intuit often releases updates of its accounting software from time to time. Installing such updates can help you to resolve the QuickBooks Error 136.

What is QuickBooks Error 136?

In simple terms, QuickBooks error 136 is a type of error code in QuickBooks that gets triggered because of the wrong QuickBooks installation. As a result, the users are unable to use the QuickBooks software. There are many causes behind the occurrence of the error, but not all of them are linked to problems in installation files. Users may not be able to use the QuickBooks company files.

Causes Behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 136

Some issues that occur in the software can be complicated to comprehend and the error code 136 is no exception. It can be anticipated that both QuickBooks software and Windows systems are liable for this.

Here is an overview of the possible reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error code 136:

  • QB components working on your computer may be the reason for the issue.
  • Because of the version of the software that is not updated, you may fail to use the file and the QuickBooks error 136 may be displayed.
  • Corrupted or damaged company files also trigger the occurrence of the error.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 136

If your system has been impacted with QuickBooks error code 136, here is the list of the symptoms that can be witnessed by a user:

  • The Windows Operating system may not work smoothly.
  • The usual keyboard and mouse inputs may not provide any input.
  • Your QuickBooks Desktop may hand or freeze momentarily while opening QuickBooks.
  • Using company files may become impossible due to this QuickBooks Desktop error.

Solution Steps For QuickBooks Error 136

In order to solve the QuickBooks error code 136 with ease, you do not need to apply some technical steps. You first need to try certain basic methods to fix this issue. For example, you need to shut down the QuickBooks-related processes in the Windows Task Manager. The processes working in the background often trigger issues between certain programs because of which you cannot use the QuickBooks accounting software or the company files.

Along with this, you can also fix it by subduing the QuickBooks Desktop and its concerned company files. In case there is a new update present for your program, you need to install it to deal with errors. Not to mention, you can also attempt to open the particular company file from a separate location.

Solution 1: Stop QuickBooks Processes in Task Manager

When you fail to use the company files because of the QuickBooks error 136, the first action one must take is to shut the running processes concerned with QuickBooks. In order to execute these steps, you need to go to the Windows Task Manager.

Here are the remaining steps to understand in detail how to end QuickBooks processes in Task Manager:

  • To begin with, Press on the Taskbar on your Windows system.
  • Now press on the Start Task Manager.
  • Now move to the tab for Process.
  • Next, You need to navigate to the Image Name Header in a bid to organize the results in alphabetical order.
  • Now click the button for End Process.
  • Once complete, Find the QBW32.exe file.
  • Press the button for End Process.

Once you end the task, it will end all the QuickBooks processes from working in the background. Post this, you can attempt to open the QuickBooks software and use your company files. In case the error still exists, you can move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Suppress QuickBooks Desktop

The subduing procedure enables you to open QuickBooks software without experiencing QuickBooks error 136. All you need to do is open the QuickBooks software but keep pressing down the Alt key.

Here is a step-by-step guide with the required instructions to suppress QuickBooks Desktop:

  • On the desktop screen of your Windows system, find the software icon for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Once located, you can click on the software icon twice. When opening the QuickBooks program, you need to click the Alt key available on your keyboard.
  • Now you can enter a strong password in the particular password field.
  • As displayed on your system, a default password may be prompted which belongs to the user. Once you enter the needed credentials, you can let go of the Alt key that you were pressing down.
  • Now, Click the OK button.
  • When the particular QuickBooks application appears, you need to press the Alt key on your particular keyboard.
  • Now, you can let go of the Alt key when the system comes up.

Note: When you are done conducting these steps, you can start your QuickBooks again and check if the QuickBooks error 136 still exists or not.

Solution 3: Open the QuickBooks Company File (Sample)

QuickBooks may display errors because of small bugs. When you open the company files, you can authenticate if you are allowed to open files in QuickBooks or not.

Here are the steps to open the company file:

  • Press twice on the software icon for QuickBooks visible on the Desktop screen. When you perform it, make sure you keep pressing the Ctrl key on your particular keyboard.
  • Keep holding the Ctrl key as long as you do not see the window for No Company Open on your computer.
  • When the screen for No Company Open is displayed, press on the option Open a sample file. This particular option is located below.
  • Next, you need to select any one of the company sample files given in the available options.
  • Now you need to open the file.

Note: Once you open the sample company file, it is possible to restart your Windows system. In case you are still experiencing QuickBooks error 136 post relaunching QuickBooks Desktop, then we suggest you move to the next troubleshooting steps.

Solution 4: Open the Company File From a Different Location

By altering the location of the file, you can effortlessly use the company file and you do not need to worry about conflicting QuickBooks error 136. All you are required to do is from the original location copy the file, and then paste that file to the desktop screen.

Here are the steps to open the company file from a different location:

  • To begin with, Open the particular folder that has the crucial company files plus significant data.
  • When you get to the file location, begin searching for the file that has the . QBW extension.
  • Once you locate the QBW file, you need to press right on it.
  • Now press on the option for Copy that is present on the right-click context menu. Not to mention, you can also use the Ctrl + C keys present on your keyboard.
  • Now navigate to your desktop screen and press right anywhere.
  • Now select the Paste option present on the right-click menu. You can click the Ctrl +V keys rather. It will move your file from the actual location to the particular desktop screen.
  • Now, till you view No Company Open Error on your window, you can begin your QuickBooks Desktop when you are pressing the Ctrl key on your system.

At this point, you can hit the “Open” button.

Then, start browsing the file from the desktop that you can copy recently. Once you open the file from a separate operation, you need to experience any issue concerned with the QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 5: Update QuickBooks Desktop Application

Intuit releases the latest updates for the QuickBooks program. In case there is any new update present for your particular software, we recommend you download and install it immediately. In this manner, you can keep minor bugs away instantly.

Prior to moving ahead, It is crucial to look for new updates. To view and install the QuickBooks updates, you can follow the guidelines stated below:

  • To begin with, Open the QuickBooks Software When you are holding the Ctrl key on your particular keyboard.
  • Now press the Help menu.
  • Now navigate to the Update tab.
  • Choose the option, Update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now, you can click the option, Update Now.
  • Now click the button, Get Updates.
  • Press OK if it prompts.

Once all the steps are complete, you can shut down the window and then launch QuickBooks software again. In case it prompts you to download the particular updates, give consent for the prompts so that it can move forward with the download. After the QuickBooks installation is done, you will experience any more errors.

Despite the excellent performance of the software by Intuit, it can throw different error codes on your screen. In the future, when you reinstall QuickBooks for any reason, keep the background programs closed to prevent the error from appearing again. When you encounter errors like code 136, try to understand what the cause is and implement the most appropriate fix.

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