QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration

QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration enables users to handle customers and inventory efficiently while tracking the sales and it […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration enables users to handle customers and inventory efficiently while tracking the sales and it is a strong platform. Either the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration is used to build up a connection between twenty workstations, or the QuickBooks Point of Sale can be configured in single-user mode. This article has discussed the introduction to QuickBooks Point of Sale, the solution to the question of how to configure the network for QuickBooks Point of Sale, and methods for resolving any network errors that may arise when using the application. To get more information on it you have to read the entire article.

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Both single-user mode and multi-user mode of operation are available for QuickBooks Point of Sale. When you require simultaneous access from every workstation to QuickBooks, you can set up a network. The data files from up to 19 connected workstations are stored on this server workstation. For simultaneous access, be sure to buy a separate user license for each system.

System Requirements for QuickBooks POS Network Configuration

Only the Desktop Version of QuickBooks Point of Sale is compatible with Vista – as all software is, Windows 7 – Service Pack 2 or later is recommended, Windows 8 – Service Pack 1 or later is highly recommended, and Windows Server 12 – all versions of Windows Server are compatible. The necessary hardware for a successful QuickBooks Point of Sale single-user mode setup and network configuration is described below:

  • Windows Vista or a Later Version of the Operating System.
  • A Multicore Processor.
  • A minimum of 4GB for a Single User and 8GB for Multiple Users.
  • 1 GB of Free Disc Space.
  • 4 GHZ CPU for Single-user Mode and 8 GHZ Processor for Multiple Users Mode.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Configuration for – Single and Multi-user Mode

When operating system is in Single-User Mode, the server workstation serves as the only workstation for QuickBooks Point of Sale. Unlike when QuickBooks Point of Sale is run in network mode, each workstation requires a separate user license. The QuickBooks Point of Sale network’s workstations are all set up to access the application at the same time. The latter has a more complicated network configuration; therefore we’ll examine how QuickBooks Point of Sale network configuration is set up to allow for multiple users. The functions of a server computer are as follows:

  • Creates and maintains your Company’s Point-of-sale Data.
  • Can Rename, Restore, or Back up the Company’s Data.
  • Information is Exchanged via the Accounting Program QuickBooks.
  • Data Import using the Data Import Tool.
  • Decide How you want Items and Customers to Rank.
  • Pro with other Stores, Trade Information.

QuickBooks POS Network Configuration for Multi-User

Twenty workstations can be hosted by QuickBooks Point of Sale due to its network setup. Up to 19 client workstations can be available in this, in which one workstation is serving as the server. Install the Point of Sale program on each networked computer. For QuickBooks Point of Sale Network configuration, connect the Point of Sale workstation peripherals. The QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration is finished once all the data has been uploaded and all the workstations are running the QuickBooks Point of Sale software successfully.

Causes the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Error

In rare cases, a number of factors may come together to result in a QuickBooks Point of sale Error when users are unable to access the server. All of the possible causes for the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Setting problem are described below, even if the configuration is correct.

  • Multi-user Access is not supported by the Server Which you are using.
  • A Security Program or Application, such as a Firewall, Anti-virus Program, or Anti-malware Program, is limiting or Obstructing Communication between the Server and other Computers on the Network.
  • Your Computer is having Problems with the Network Connection.
  • For the IP Address, the user is using a Dynamic IP Address.
  • Your Windows Administrator Permissions and Network Sharing Configurations are Both Incorrect.

Troubleshooting for QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Error

Method 1: Verify that the Server is Configured for Many Users

  • Choosing the File from the Program.
  • The drop-down menu will allow you to choose the option to Switch Company Files to Multi-User Mode.
  • Following a Point of Sale Program Restart, Confirm the current status of the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Error.

Method 2: Renaming the WSActivity File

  • First of all you have to open the WSActivity File Folder.
  • The XXIni Folder in C: Program DataIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale is Where you may Find the File.
  • Choose Rename by Right-clicking on the WSActivity File.
  • File Renamed to OLDWSActivity.
  • Restart your Point of Sale on each Workstation to see if the Measures you took to fix the Error were Successful.

Method 3: Setting up Folder Permissions as a Step in Troubleshooting the Network Error in QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Right-click on the Folder on Your Server that Contains the Business File, and then Select the Properties.
  • The Location is: C: UsersPublicPublicDocumentsIntuitQuickBooksPointofSaleXXData.
  • Go to the Sharing Tab and Choose it.
  • The Shared Folder can be Chosen by Clicking on the Advanced Sharing option.
  • Decide on Permissions.
  • Select the Add option.
  • In the text box, Enter QBPOSdbsrvuser, and then Select Full Control from the menu.
  • Apply and then click on OK Button.

Method 4: Turn on the Network Discovery Option

  • On your Local Device, Open the Control Panel Window and Choose Network and Sharing Center from the list of options.
  • Make your Selection under Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  • Your Network’s Network Profile should be expanded.
  • Select Turn on Network Discovery from the area of Network Discovery.
  • In settings, Expand All the Networks section.
  • Choose Turn off Password Protected Sharing from the Password Protected Sharing section.
  • Check the Error’s status after closing the Settings Window.

Reason for QuickBooks Point of Sale Networking Setup

There are a Client Workstation and a Server Workstation in a multi-user mode arrangement. With the installed point of sale, the server functions as the fastest system on the network. It has the business file, which may be accessed from up to 19 different workstations simultaneously. Here is the function of the server:

  • It Establishes and Maintains the Point of Sale Company File.
  • You might Backup the Company File, Restore it, and then Rename it.
  • Data Communication between Numerous Clients and QuickBooks Desktop is Possible.
  • To Import Data, Use the Data Import Tool. You can also Customize the Customer and Item Rankings.
  • It makes Data Sharing with other Storage Possible.

Workstation of Client QuickBooks Point of Sale

Instead of a server, the client system is a system that is connected to the network and has a point of sale installed. A summary of transactions is typically found in the cash register. Additionally, Installing QuickBooks Point of Sale on a single machine is all that what you required for QuickBooks Workstation Setup; however, the user must complete additional settings after that.

Setting up of QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Ensure that the Workstations are Compatible with the System Requirements for the Selling Point.
  • The QuickBooks Point of Sale should be Installed on the Client and Server Workstations.
  • Before Setting up a Multi-store, It is Advised to read the Store Exchange Overview.

Server Setting up of QuickBooks Point of Sale

Step 1: Setting up of QuickBooks Point of Sale Network

  • Switch to the Server Workstation.
  • To search the Company File Folder, Utilize Windows File Explorer at this time.
  • C: UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of SaleXXData is the Default Directory for Company Files.
  • Now find the Corporate File Folder and Perform a Right-click.
  • Select the Properties Button.
  • Select Sharing by Clicking.
  • Press the Advanced Sharing button and then Select the Share this Folder tab.
  • Hit Add Fill QBPOSdbsrvuser after selecting the Permissions tab.
  • Hit OK Button.
  • Now select the Full Control option under the QBPOSdbsrvuser tab.
  • Ensure that everyone user group and services permissions are assigned to Full Control.
  • Apply the button.
  • Hit OK.

Step 2: Configuration of Windows Firewall

The point of sale configures the firewall automatically if it prevents server and client workstation connectivity. However, at times manual configuration may be necessary. Follow the instructions which are given below to configure Windows firewall:

  • Press the Windows + R key on Your Keyboard to open the Run Window.
  • Type Control and Press OK to bring up the Control Panel.
  • Set the View option to Small Icons at the Present Time.
  • Select Windows Firewall.
  • Choose Inbound by selecting the Advanced Settings option.
  • Activate the New Rule Button.
  • After selecting the Port Tab, Select Next Button.
  • Edit the Port Numbers.
  • Now Press the Next Button.
  • Select the Next Tab after Selecting the Allow Connection Tab.
  • Identify the Firewall Rule by its Name.
  • Select the Finish tab.
  • Make a New outbound Rule now.

Step 3: Switching of Server Mode to Multi-User Mode

  • Navigate to the File menu.
  • Select Multi-user for Switch Company File.
  • Next, Begin the Workstation Number Configuration by Following the Procedures below:
    • Accessed the File menu
    • Go to the Preferences tab.
    • Activate the Workstation button.
  • Select the General tab and then enter the workstation’s number in the area under Workstation Number to use this workstation, please input this number.
  • Hit the Save button.

This article’s goal is to arm you with the information needed to use the QuickBooks Point of Sale Network. However, it’s possible that you don’t have a firm grasp of technical concerns or that you’ll need help from a specialist to fix the problems you’re experiencing. In that case, we advise you to contact our Dancing Numbers staff if the issue persists despite trying the aforementioned fixes. You can get assistance from our qualified accounting gurus and professionals. Our specialists will point you in the direction of the best QuickBooks Point of Sale Network system fix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use a Security Application from a Third Party in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

• A CPU must have a minimum clock speed of 2 GHz for a single user or 2.8 GHz for multiple users.
• RAM was required to be at least 4GB, although 8GB was preferred (Disk Space)
• Regional settings for Windows in the US are compatible when set to English
• For installations of DVD (CD), a 4X DVD-ROM drive with a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 is needed.

How would I Set up the Store Exchange Preferences?

• Initialize the Company’s Store Number.
• Select Preferences from the File Menu and then Select Company from the list that appears.
• Look for the Multi-store button in the Left Pane.
• Select the Store codes/Classes menu item.
• After selecting the drop-down menu from the section named Several Stores, click on the option that appears.
• Click the Save button.
• Press the Store Exchange Preferences button.
• Select the File Menu and then Select the Preferences tab.
• Toggle the Company Button.
• On the Left Pane, Click the Multi-store tab.
• Selecting the Store Exchange button
• After setting the options, Select the Save tab and save all the changes which you made.

What Procedures must I Follow in Order to Install QuickBooks Point of Sale?

• Launch the QuickBooks Installation File after the POS Downloads are Complete.
• Select the Yes to All option.
• Select Next in the Process to Start the Installation.
• If you agree, Read the License Agreement Window and Select that I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement option.
• Select the Next Option.
• Complete the License & Product Number Fields.
• Select the Following Button.
• Choose Your Type of Installation
• Select the Appropriate Workstation Type From the List below if you Decide to Deploy Several Systems.
• Client Workstations and Servers
• To begin the Installation, Select Install.
• Once the QuickBooks Point of Sale Installation is Complete, Turn on the QuickBooks Point of sale.
• You might need to Restart your system Now.

Which Operations may be Stopped if Security Software Disables QuickBooks Point of Sale?

The following processes in QuickBooks Desktop may be halted when security software blocks the point of sale ports:

• Initial Electronic Funds Transfer
• Database Server Administrator
• Intuit Entitlement Service

Is Windows Administrator Access Required in Order to Configure the Firewall?

In order to configure the firewall while configuring the QuickBooks Point of Sale network, You do indeed need Windows Administrator permissions.

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