Ways to Fix QuickBooks Unable To Sync License issues

Do you have problems with QuickBooks being unable to sync licenses? This is one of the most typical issues encountered […]

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Do you have problems with QuickBooks being unable to sync licenses? This is one of the most typical issues encountered by QuickBooks users. Error message appears when license data is synced by users. The problem is addressed in this article in a number of ways, each with a set of simple actions. Using this article, you should be able to identify the problem and choose a solution that’s right for you so you can resume using your QuickBooks account without any problems.

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This message appears in QuickBooks as:

  • “There was an Issue with the QuickBooks License Data being Synced with Intuit. Please Come Back Later and try again.”
  • “QuickBooks Unable to Sync License”

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Sync Manager Error?

There can be multiple reasons that QuickBooks Sync Manager errors can occur. This can create a problem in the very beginning. The following are the most common reasons for QuickBooks Sync Manager Error:

  • Program Files were Misplaced.
  • Program Files that have been Corrupted.
  • This Error Arises as a Result of Networking Problems During Data Transfer.
  • It’s Possible that this is Due to Firewall Settings that Prevent Access to the Main Server.
  • Error 3003 in QuickBooks

Solutions to Resolve the QuickBooks Unable To Sync License Issue

All the solutions are available with detailed steps so that you can fix QuickBooks Unable To Sync License issues on your own. Get to know the reason for the error and then fix it using the below solutions. These solutions are:

Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

  • In QuickBooks Software
  • Click on the Help menu option
  • Further click on Internet Connection Setup option
  • After that, Choose the Use my Computer’s Internet Connection Settings option
  • Click on the Next Button to Continue
  • When you are Done with this then Select the Advanced Connection Settings
  • You Get all the Internet options Displayed on Your Screen.

Solution 2: Verify the License and Product Keys

  • Open the QuickBooks Software
  • Then Press the F2 key from Keyboard
  • You get the Product Information Window opens up on Your Screen
  • In this, Check the Product and License Key
  • Also, Check the Name of the Product
  • It shows you the Date of the Release that is at the End of Your Product Name.

Solution 3: EntitlementDataStore.Ecml File needs to be Renamed

The Entitlement Client folder is a confidential one. Before attempting the next steps, you may want to take actions such as Show hidden files and folders or Run a File Search in Windows.

Windows 10 Version

  • Open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon on your Desktop or System Tray.
  • After that, Select View > Hidden Items from the View drop-down menu.

Windows 8.1/8 Version

  • To open File Explorer, Tap and hold Windows+E on your keypad.
  • Go to the View menu, then Choose File Extensions as well as Hidden Items.

Windows File Search in Windows 10, 8.1, 8

  • To open Windows Explorer, Go to the Keyboard and hold down the Windows key and the alphabet E (Windows+E).
  • To Choose the Search Box, Use Ctrl+F While holding down the Ctrl key.
    • If you can’t Recall the Entire File Name, Try Entering a Portion of it.
    • If you Can’t Recall the Filename, Just use an Asterisk and the Extension Instead.
    • Insert *.qbw to look for QuickBooks Data Files, or Doc to look for Microsoft Word Documents, for Example.
  • Your Search Results will Now be Displayed on the Screen.

Note: Please make note that a file with the same name may exist in numerous files, folders, and directories. Multiple instances of the same file name with various file extensions may appear.

Rename the EntitlementDataStore.Ecml File

  • To open the Run command
  • Press and hold Windows+R on your keyboard at the same time
  • Now, Copy and Paste the Provided Path
  • The path is C: ProgramDatalintuit Entitlement Client
  • Then press the Enter Button
  • Locate the Folder V8
  • Right-click on the Folder and then Select Rename option
  • Add the OLD at the End of the File Name
  • Press the Enter Button and you are Done.

Solution 4: Verify that the Internet is not Blocked by the Firewall

Examine the internet connectivity to ensure that it is not being obstructed by a firewall.

  • For QuickBooks, Firstly Add the Firewall Port Exception
  • Go to the Windows Start menu Button
  • In Search Bar type Windows Firewall
  • Then Press Enter Button
  • The Windows Firewall Window opens up on Your Screen
  • Click on the Advanced Settings
  • Choose the Port by right-click on the Inbound Rules
  • Then Same goes with the Outbound Rules
  • Check that the TCP is Selected Before Proceeding
  • Hit on the Next Button and You are Done.

Solution 5: Configure the Internet Explorer Preferences

Examine closely the security options present in the Internet Explorer

  • To Reset Internet Explorer Preferences
  • You have to Launch the Internet Explorer Browser
  • Navigate to the Tools Menu
  • Then Choose the Internet Options
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab
  • Select the Restore Advanced Settings Button
  • To Reset Internet Explorer Settings, Click the Reset option
  • Then you get a Reset Internet Explorer Settings Window
  • In this, Hit on Reset Button
  • When it’s Done click on the Close Button
  • Again, Open the Internet Options Window
  • Navigate to the Security tab
  • Click the Internet icon
  • Below, Click on the Button Custom level
  • Choose the Medium-high (default) option
  • Click on OK Button to save these Changes
  • Now click on the Apply button and then the OK button.

Above, you get all the quick fixes that help you to resolve Unable To Sync QuickBooks License Issues. Try to find the cause and then apply the solution to it. If you are having any issues or unable to fix it on your own. Then connect with the Dancing Numbers team. The team is here to assist you 365 days a year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Payment Integration Issue occurring when the QuickBooks Unable To Sync License?

This problem can develop for a variety of causes. Take a look at the following list of typical causes of payment integration issues:

If a customer’s name does not flow to reports, there are several causes for an integration problem.
You may have the same issue as a result of improper transactions.
If some of the older customers are unable to process payments for them, the new customers are able to do so. Then it’s possible that it’s because of a damaged client on the customer list.

How do I Sync My License Data in QuickBooks?

Click OK after selecting Manage My License > Sync license data online in the Help menu.

Why is My QuickBooks not Syncing?

The main cause of this error is damaged or missing program files, which is considered to be one of the most critical problems.

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