How to Create and Print a Packing Slip in QuickBooks?

You may not know but it is easy to create a packing list in QuickBooks Online. By creating and printing […]

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You may not know but it is easy to create a packing list in QuickBooks Online. By creating and printing a packing slip in QuickBooks, you can register information regarding the product, its size, and other crucial data when you send the merchandise to your clients.

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It is important for a business to have a customized packing slip. Read on to learn more about packing slips, how to create them, and how to print them in QuickBooks.

How to Create and Print Packing Slips in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to create a packing slip in QuickBooks.

Creating Packing Slip in QuickBooks Online

In some Versions of QuickBooks Online, Packing Slips are also called Delivery Notes.

Step 1: Navigate to the Left Side of the Menu and choose Sales. You can also choose Invoicing.

Step 2: Now choose the Customer.

Step 3: Select the Name of the Customer to Showcase the List that has the Transactions.

Step 4: Now Add a Checkmark on Every Box that is near the Invoice or Sales Receipt for Which you want to take out the Print of the Particular Packing Slip.

Step 5: In the Drop-down Arrow of Batch Actions, Select the option Print Packing Slip.

Step 6: Post that you will witness a Window of Print Preview Opening Up, Choose the options of Printing, and after that Continue with Printing.

Making a Packing Slip in QuickBooks Enterprise

Here are the steps to create a packing slip in QuickBooks Enterprise:

Step 1: Navigate to the Customers option that is Available at the Top of the Menu Bar. Now click on Create Sales Order.

Step 2: On the right side of the Template, There is a drop-down. Click it. Now Select Sales Order Packing Slip.

Step 3: Now When all the Fields are Complete, Press Save and Close. If you wish to Create a New Printing Slip, You can Click Save and New.

Editing the Packing Slip in QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise

To edit the packing slip in both QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Premier:

Step 1: Prepare the Sales Order. Navigate to the Top of the Menu Bar and Press the Customers option. Now click on Create Sales Order.

Step 2: Choose the Intuit Sales Orders Packing Slip. Order the right-side of the Template, Press the drop-down and Choose the Intuit Sales Order Packing Slip.

Step 3: Now Press on the Blue Arrow that is indicated on the left shown on the screen of the Sales Order. Keep Pressing it until You Locate the Sales Order that is in Question.

Step 4: Find the Changes you wish to make and then Press Save and Close.

Printing Packing Slips in QuickBooks

Printing Packing Slips in QuickBooks is different for Versions Before 2013 and Versions after 2013.

For Versions before 2013:

Step 1: Properly Develop the Dales Receipt.

Step 2: Make sure You do not Click the Payment Button.

Step 3: Click the Customer for Whom you wish to Print the Slips and Create a Sales Receipt.

Step 4: It will be Completed from the Lower Left Side Button.

Step 5: Choose Ship these Items and Finish the Shipping Form.

Step 6: Press OK.

Step 7: The Next Screen will Display all the Details about the items along with the Customer on the Same Window.

Step 8: Authenticate All the Data.

Step 9: In the Particular Opinions Tab, Choose Print Packing Slips.

Step 10: Finish the Job with the Upcoming Notifications.

For Versions after 2013:

Step 1: Begin by Preparing the Sales Receipt and if the system has the Customer Information, You can enter the name on the top side of the particular software.

Step 2: Choose I want to.

Step 3: Choose the items that need to be shipped once you choose these items the page will be taken to the screen where you can add the shipping information. The form for the customer information will be filled automatically if you have the information in the given system for the particular customer).

Step 4: If, for some reason, you lack specific detail of the customer, enter the details and then move ahead.

Step 5: On top of the payments tab, you will see the Shipping Details and options tab.

Step 6: Authenticate the information provided in the shipping tab.

Step 7: Choose the options button and press Print Packing Slip.

Step 8: Finish the task with the prompts.

Note: In order to save time, you can include the shipping items option on the left side of the window by pressing right-click on the buttons tab and choosing customize buttons. Choose the shipping button and then choose the featured arrow that allows you to shift the tab.

Packing Slips are considered an easy route for you to administer client assumptions and how to handle request satisfaction. By Following the Steps in the given sequence, You can easily create and print a packing slip in QuickBooks.

This is an important process since it helps company owners to handle their transportation hassles very easily.

If for some reason you fail to create and print a packing slip in QuickBooks, by following the steps given above, you can simply get in touch with our Dancing Numbers team of experts. We have a team of certified experts who can easily put an end to your problem within minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is a Packing Slip in Simple Terms?

A Packing Slip, in QuickBooks, is a complete rundown of all those important things that must be included in a transportation request. The Packing Slip is sent to the transportation office that educates them on what kind of rundown will meet the request.

What is the Primary Difference Between an Invoice and a Packing Slip?

In layman’sterms, an invoice is a type of bill that is delivered to a person who is bound to pay. The packing slip is for the individual who is entitled to receive the package.

The packing slip is used to display the reach merchandise to be acquired. The receipt is the monetary report of the particular request having data about what amount of cash every product is sold for, the installment strategy, installment terms, date, etc.

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