Fix QuickBooks Error 12002: While Downloading Latest Updates

When you are working on QuickBooks Payroll or even updating the payroll, it is quite likely that you may come […]

When you are working on QuickBooks Payroll or even updating the payroll, it is quite likely that you may come across the QuickBooks Error 12xxx series. In case you have encountered this error, then please continue reading the article.

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In today’s blog, we will not only highlight all the reasons for the arrival of the QuickBooks Error 120002, but also how you can fix it.

Let us first learn what update error code 12002 in QuickBooks detail is.

What is QuickBooks Update Error 12002?

QuickBooks Payroll Error 12002 is usually visible when the QuickBooks accounting software fails to use the internet connection. Such an error is visible due to poor internet connection.

QuickBooks Update Error 12002

Here is the QuickBooks error 12002 message:

Error 12002: A network time is restricting QuickBooks from using the server.

Causes Behind the Update Error Code 12002 in QuickBooks

There can be a plethora of reasons why error code 12002 arises. Here is a list of the reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 12002:

  • Wrong SSL setting can also be a reason behind the occurrence of 12002
  • The Internet Explorer is not the automatic default browser
  • QuickBooks cannot use the server because of a network freeze or timeout
  • The firewall or internet security is creating issues for the network
  • A Slow or bad internet connection can also be the contributing factor behind the rise of the QuickBooks Error 12002

Important Steps Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Error 12002

Before moving on to the fixation methods, we advise you to take the actions listed below:

Step 1: Create a Company File Backup

  • Launch QuickBooks on your computer to get started.
  • Next, select the Backup company file option from the File menu.
  • Now, backup your files locally.
Create Local Backup

Step 2: Update Your QuickBooks Desktop

Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • After that you have to choose the Update Now option.
  • Now you have to click on Get updates and then wait for the process to conclude.
update quickbooks desktop
  • Syncing with the server and displaying all of the updates that are available could take some time.
  • To update all of the updates, you must now select Update Now.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12002

Here are the steps to fix the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Update error 12002:

Solution 1: Authenticate the Internet network/connection

  • First, you open the particular QuickBooks Application. Now press on Help
  • Take a look at the Internet Connection setup by pressing on it
  • Authenticate that the particular connection is fixed to use the internet connection of your system
  • Press on Next and then Click on Done
  • Now Update once more and check if the error is fixed or not

Solution 2: Verify the Internet Explorer Settings

Verify the Internet Explorer Settings
  • First, you open the Internet Explorer and then press on the Gear icon that is available on the top-end right corner
  • Choose Internet Options and then move to the Security tab
  • Press on the Globe icon and make sure that the security is not fixed at High
  • Now, in the Connections tab, select Never Dial a Connection and press OK
  • In the UAN settings checkmark, the particular Automatically Detect Settings and then uncheck the particular Use a Proxy Server checkbox
  • Add the right Address and the Port Number
  • If the settings are displayed 80 as the particular port number, then do ensure that the Use a Proxy Server option is not unchecked
  • Press OK and then move to the Advanced tab
    • Press Restore Advanced Settings and move down to the Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 checkbox
    • Ensure that you checkmark the particular Use TLS 1.2 checkbox
  • Press OK and then go out of the Internet Explorer
  • Start the Windows again and then attempt to run the payroll update again
  • If you still receive the QuickBooks Error 12002, then move to the next troubleshooting step

Solution 3: Add the QuickBooks to the Particular Windows Firewall Exception Port

  • Press the Windows Start button and then enter Windows Firewall in the particular Search Programs and Files search area
  • Press on Windows Firewall from the uppermost part of the list
  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings and then click Inbound Rules
  • Select New Rule and then choose the right Port
  • Press next and make sure that the TCP is chosen
  • Press the right Port for the particular Version of your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select Allow Connection and then press next
  • Make sure the profiles shown in the pop-up are all check-marked
  • Press on next and then add a name for this particular new rule
  • Press Finish. Now complete the steps to set up the particular outbound rules

Solution 4: Install/Uninstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode

Errors during the installation time are one of the primary reasons for QuickBooks Error code 12002. Here are the steps to install QuickBooks properly in a selective start-up mode.

  • Click Selective Startup along with the Load System services in the particular General Tab
  • Navigate to the Services tab and choose Hide all Microsoft Services
  • Select Disable all
Install/Uninstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode
  • Now Un-check the particular checkbox Hide all Microsoft services.
  • From the number of services given, ensure that the Windows Installer checkbox is chosen. Choose the checkbox if it is not chosen
  • Press on OK
  • Now start the particular system configuration window.
  • Now do a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop post restarting your computer.
QuickBooks Clean Installation
  • Now press Windows + R again and now open the particular Run command screen.
  • Enter MSConfig and click OK.
  • Choose Normal Startup in the particular General tab.
System Configuration
  • Select Restart on the System Configuration window.

Solution 5: Reset updates Setting in the Internet Option

Follow the following steps in order to update settings in the internet option:

  • Your first step is to choose the Update Now option.
  • Tick the Reset Update check box.
  • Now tap on Get the Updates option.
  • In case the update is fail then you have to follow the following steps:
    • Click on the Advance Setting option.
    • Now you have to find for the use TLS1.0, USE TLS 1.1, USE TLS 1.2 option.
    • Now ensure that the use TLS 1.0 is checked and all the other two option are unchecked.
Verify the Internet Explorer Settings

Solution 6: Update Your Chrome Browser

Follow the following steps in order to update your chrome:

  • Open the Chrome Browser on your system.
  • Now click on more button from the top menu.
  • Choose Update Google Chrome option.
Update Your Chrome Browser
  • Wait till the time the Browser is Updating.
  • Once done close the process and hit the Relaunch button.

In this particular piece of content almost all, the information related to QuickBooks Error 12002. We have shared the reason for this error along with more than one troubleshooting procedure. Hope you find this article helpful and useful.

If you want to try these guidelines on your own but under the supervision of a professional, you can reach out to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many 12000 Series Error Codes are There?

Here is the list of 12000 series error codes that users experience:

checked QuickBooks Error 12007
checked QuickBooks Error 12031
checked QuickBooks Error 12152
checked Error 12002
checked Error Code 12009
checked Error 12029
checked Error Code 12057
checked Error 12157

What are the important things to do prior to troubleshooting the 12002 error code?

Here are the things to do before fixing the error code 12002:

Take a backup of the Company File

Step 1: Navigate to the File menu, then go to Back Up Company and then take a Local Backup

Step 2: Now do as per the guidelines given on the window and take a backup of the company file

What are the Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Error Code 12002?

Some of the reason behind the QuickBooks Error Code 12002 are:

checked The QuickBooks is not able to access the server due to network timeout.
checked The incorrect SSL Settings.
checked The error also arises due to the internet or firewall settings.
checked The poor or slow internet connection.
checked The default browser is not internet.

How Can You Get the help in Order to Resolve the Issue?

Follow the steps in order to get the customer support in order to resolve the issue:

checked Open the help menu and pick for the QuickBooks Desktop help.
checked Now hit the contact us hyperlink in order to contact.
checked In description box explain all about the error which you are receiving while performing your work.
checked Hit the let’s talk button in order to get in contact.
checked Now scroll down in order to get a call back from the team.

How Can I Fix QuickBooks Error Code?

Following are the steps in order to fix the QuickBooks Error Code:

checked Exit from your QuickBooks account and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
checked Once you are done with the downloading then install it after clicking on the downloaded file i.e QuickBooks Tool Hub. Exe file.
checked Follow on screen steps in order to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
checked Once you are done with the installation step then open the tool hub on your system.
checked Now from the list of program problems, select one of you.
checked Hit the Quick Fix option in program.
checked Now sit aside and wait till the time tool fixes the problem.

What are the Purposes for the Error Codes Which Arises?

Error codes are very helpful in specifying an error in order it is very helpful in researching the causes and the steps in order to trouble shoot the error. These error codes are mainly used when the consumer faces the problem or issue while working with that product.

How Can I have Fixed Locked File Error in QuickBooks?

Follow the following steps in order to fix the locked file error in QuickBooks:

checked First you have to Download and install the QuickBooks tool hub on your system.
checked Now open tool hub in order to run it.
checked Hit the programs problem tab on the screen of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
checked Now you can select the problem from the list of program problem in order to run them and fix it.
checked Once the tool is done with the fixing of error then restart your system.

How can I Unlock the QuickBooks Desktop?

In order to unlock the QuickBooks Desktop, follow the following steps:

checked Open the QuickBooks on your desktop with the login ID and Password.
checked Now fill all the require information as per the need.
checked The information for which is asked are Name, Email Address, Phone number, Zip Code.
checked Once you are done with the all press OK button on it.
checked Then you get the code on your mail and then entre it in book.

How can You Find for the Error Code?

In order to find the error code, you have to follow the following steps:

checked Open the device manager on the screen.
checked Now double click on the device type which have the problem in it.
checked Right click on the device which have the problem.
checked Now from the drop-down list click on the properties.
checked Now device properties will open in front of you.
checked You can easily see the error code in the devise status.

How Can I Repair the Corrupted Company File in QuickBooks?

In order to repair your company file using the rebuild data tool you should follow the following steps:

checked Open the file menu and hit on the utilities and select the rebuilt the data.
checked Select the OK on the QuickBooks information window.
checked Now look for the tool in order to repair your file.
checked Select the OK in order you are done with the above steps.
checked Navigate to the file menu from the top of screen.
checked Now select the tool in order to check your file for the data issues.

How can You Reset the QuickBooks?

In order to reset the QuickBooks, you have to follow the following steps:

checked First you have to go to the help menu in QuickBooks.
checked Now choose for the search tab and at bottom click on the contact us option.
checked Now sign in to your QuickBooks online account with your admin log in ID and Password.
checked In order to confirm the action, click on the yes button.
checked Now select the wipe data option from the next page.

What are the Types of Computer Errors are there?

There are the 4 types in computer errors, they are:

checked Runtime Error
checked Logic Error
checked Compilation Error
checked Syntax Error

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