Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6094, 0 (6010, 2) in Few Steps

QuickBooks error 6094 creates a frustrating experience for the user with its constantly appearing error notifications. Not to mention, the […]

QuickBooks error 6094 creates a frustrating experience for the user with its constantly appearing error notifications. Not to mention, the slow performance of the application, system freezes or gets hanged too can occur. In today’s article, we will talk about the error, its root causes, symptoms, and effective solutions to fix this error.

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It is important to note that there are certain security applications saved on your system that can trigger the Error -6094, 0 (6010,2) in QuickBooks.

Let’s begin by understanding what the QuickBooks error code 6094 is and how to get rid of this problem effectively.

What is QuickBooks Error 6094?

QuickBooks Desktop error code 6094 is a type of problem that appears when the user is attempting to take access of the QuickBooks company file. In a majority of the cases, It arises because of a certain restriction implemented by the third-party anti-virus program that is saved on the device.

In case some of the settings are not set up in the right manner in the anti-virus, it can limit QuickBooks from running seamlessly on your computer. It can be the AVG Antivirus, SpyHunter, PC Tools Internet Security applications, but this particular list is not limited. When the particular error attacks a user’s device, a type of warning notification keeps appearing on the desktop:

An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to start the database server that manages access to the QuickBooks company file. Error (-6094,0).

What are the Causes of Error 6094 in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks error code 6094 occurs due to certain factors mentioned below:

  • Invalid Internet security settings may also trigger the error.
  • Anti-virus giving rise to the error.
  • Malware or SpyHunter blocking the functioning of the system.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6094?

Here is the list of the signs to look out for if you are doubting the presence of QuickBooks error code 6094 on your system:

What are the Important Points to Consider before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 6094?

Before initiating the troubleshooting, you need to take into consideration certain points like:

  • Go to the antivirus vault or quarantine folder in order to restore the qbdmgr.exe and qbdbmgrn.exe files.
  • Update the anti-virus to its current release.
  • Avoid the QuickBooks Desktop directory from any kind of scan by including certain exceptions on the antivirus software.

Common Troubleshooting Solutions of QuickBooks Error 6094

Below are some of the steps mentioned that you can apply to remove QuickBooks Enterprise Error 6094:

  • Update QuickBooks Desktop and your antivirus application to the latest released version.
  • Restore the qbdmgr.exe and qbdbmgrn.exe files by accessing your antivirus vault and quarantine folder.
  • To the exclude list of your antivirus programs, you have to add QuickBooks files and folder.

Additionally, you have to use the methods that are listed below to set up your antivirus software and internet security to resolve QuickBooks Desktop Error 6094:

Troubleshooting for AVG Antivirus

Fix the error 6094 occurring because of the AVG antivirus obstruction with the help of the steps given below:

  • Exit the QuickBooks account and then open the Antivirus program.
  • Press on the option, Resident Shield twice. Now choose Manage Exceptions.
  • Press Add Path. Now enter C:\Program Files\Intuit
  • Press OK. Now click Save Changes.

How to Restore QuickBooks Files from the Quarantine?

  • From the dashboard for the program, press History.
  • Choose Virus Vault. Now search for any file beginning with QB for qb.exe. qbw32.exe
  • Press any of the files and choose the option, Restore and Close.

How to Review Files Edited by Antivirus in the QuickBooks Folder?

  • You need to exit QuickBooks.
  • Go to the folder named C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks. Now look if the name for any particular file has been altered or not. QBW32_AVG_RESTORED.
  • Edit the filename to its actual name.
  • Now open your particular QuickBooks Desktop application.

Troubleshooting for SpyHunter

You can terminate QuickBooks error code 6094 in SpyHunter with the help of the steps provided below:

  • Open the particular SpyHunter software program. Now press the option, System Guard.
  • Press the tab for User-Added. Now search for QuickBooks files in the given list.
  • In case you can locate any QuickBooks file in the given list, you need to fix its status as Allowed.
  • If you cannot locate any QuickBooks files in the tab User-Advanced, you need to head back and look at PUP.
  • Fix the status as Allowed in case any QuickBooks files are restricted under PUP.

Troubleshooting for PC Tools Internet Security

Here are the steps to troubleshoot the PC Tools Internet Security to remove the QuickBooks error code 6094:

  • You need to open the PC Tools Internet Security.
  • Press Settings and select Quarantine.
  • Locate and press QuickBooks files. Now choose Restore.
  • Press Yes. Now click OK.

How to Avoid QuickBooks from Getting Scanned?

  • Press the Settings tab present in the dashboard of the program.
  • Open the list for Global Action. Now press Add.
  • Include files and QB folder to avoid them from getting scanned.
  • Press OK and save the settings.

In case all the solutions mentioned above does not work to delete the error code 6094, implement the next solutions and fix the damage in the QuickBooks Desktop.

Repair Issues in the QuickBooks Desktop Program

Fixing QuickBooks Desktop is our last move to get rid of QuickBooks error 6094. With the guidelines below, we will install QuickBooks Tool Hub, then run the particular program diagnostics tools in it to easily fix the issue:

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub. Now install it in case it is missing from your system.
  • Search for the shortcut icon for Tool Hub on the desktop once it is installed. Now press it twice to launch it.
  • Navigate to the tab for Program Problems. Now choose the tab for Quick Fix my Program tool to resolve the usual program issues.
  • Now, Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. You need to run it from the tab for Installation Issues. To repair problems in the program installation that could have triggered the error code 6094.

Rename ND and TLG Files

Changing the name of the network descriptor along with the QuickBooks transaction log files will make new ones. Hence, if these files are corrupted, they will not be anymore. To rename, implement the steps stated below:

  • Navigate to the location where the the .nd and .tlg files are stored in QuickBooks. Such files have names alike to the company file with an included .tlg and .nd extensions. For example, the particular file name will be company_file_name.qbw.tlg. and company_file_name.qbw.nd.
  • Once you find these files, click right-tap on them and press the option for rename to alter their names.
  • To change their names, include old to the particular name. Change it to company_file_name.qbw.tlg.old and company_file_name.qbw.nd.old.
  • Press Enter and save the changes occurred.
  • Once completed, Shut your QuickBooks application. Reopen it to review the presence of error 6094.

Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop

Implement a clean installation of the QuickBooks Desktop application to fix QuickBooks error 6094 as stated below:

  • Start by uninstalling from the Control Panel the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Use the Control Panel in the Run Window, Start menu, or the desktop.
  • Here, you’ll locate a tab for Programs and Features. Below it an option for Uninstall a program option will be present.
  • Press it and you will land on the list of the programs that are installed and are running presently on the system.
  • From the list, Choose QuickBooks Desktop. Now start the uninstallation program. Delete the particular application from the given system.

Download tool for Clean Install

Now you must download the install tool from the particular tool hub and do as per the instructions:

  • Initiate installation and setup of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Run the tool hub and visit the Program Installation issues section.
  • Access the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool from the tool hub.
  • Run it per the instructions and proceed to the next step.

How to Reinstall the Application?

Once more install the QuickBooks application from the provided official website of Intuit. Now, run the installation by clicking twice the QuickBooks.exe executable file. Add all the license, product information, and other information. Acknowledge the conditions, terms, and conditions, and other instructions to install without fail.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop?

Make sure that you possess the current version of QuickBooks Desktop to make sure no errors arise when the app is functioning.

  • In your particular QuickBooks Desktop, Navigate to the Help menu.
  • Select the option, Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, Click the hit option Update Now option.
  • Now press the option for Get Update QuickBooks Desktop. Next, click the Get Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

In case all the updates are present, allow them to download and then install. Once the process is complete, you reboot the system.

How to Update Windows?

Make sure to update the Windows to uphold compatibility between QuickBooks app and the system with the help of the system given below:

  • In the start menu, type updates to look for updates.
  • In case the updates are present, Start the Windows update process.
  • Reboot your system once the update process for Windows finishes.

Fix Installation Issues of QuickBooks Desktop

Fix the Installation problems of QuickBooks Desktop and issues in the program from the particular Control Panel as stated below:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel
  • Click the Programs and Features option. Now find the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Choose the Uninstall/ Change option, However do not keep up with the uninstallation.
  • Rather, Select the Repair option. Now do as per the wizards coming up on the window.
  • Finish the repair method via detection and scanning of errors.
  • Once the process completes, you now can use the fixed QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Restore QuickBooks Files from the Quarantine?

In case your antivirus application identifies QuickBooks as a danger, it will hand over the QB executable files into the particular quarantine folder with the help of the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the program dashboard and click the option for History.
  • Select the option Virus Vault.
  • Look for the file starting with QB and choose it.
  • Now, Select the Restore option.
  • Finish by clicking the option for Close.
  • Now, Navigate to the QB application and look if QuickBooks Error 6094 is still present or not.

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts concerning QuickBooks error code 6094. In this article, we have stated all the important things about the error, the causes, symptoms, and different ways to fix this issue.

Still, if you are witnessing the same problem again and again even after making the changes mentioned above to your antivirus, it is quite likely that you need to fix QuickBooks from the Control Panel.

Our team of QuickBooks professionals have complete idea about such technical glitches and can comprehend the seriousness of the issue. All you need to do is connect with them and share your problem in details.

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