How to Set up Autopay for Recurring Invoices in QuickBooks Online?

Are you facing the issue of paying multiple vendors or suppliers on a recurring basis? Are you wondering how you […]

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Are you facing the issue of paying multiple vendors or suppliers on a recurring basis? Are you wondering how you can set up the automatic payment for recurring invoices in a particular QuickBooks Online for their particular products or services?

You do not have to worry about paying them manually every period or quarter. It is possible to set up the particular autopay for the recurring invoices in a particular QuickBooks Online. When you set up the automatic payment of suppliers or vendors, it not only saves time but also prevents errors and manual labor.

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Not to mention, you can also monitor your payments and any problems concerning them. This method is popularly known as the Auto-pay method. This method also helps in managing the payment system since the money will be taken from the bank account directly according to your set of instructions.

Let us first understand what the recurring invoices are.

What are Recurring Invoices?

Several businesses have this requirement to send the same invoice every month. However, preparing the invoice manually, then sending those invoices attached in the email, and after that receiving the payments will be very difficult for anyone to manage properly.

Hence, automating these can save ample time for business and can help you to focus on other important tasks.

So, you must know how to create autopay for the recurring invoices in a particular QuickBooks account.

How to Create the Autopay for the Particular Recurring Invoices in Your QuickBooks Online?

In order to enable the Autopay service, you will require a QuickBooks Payments account.

Step 1: Set up the Particular Recurring Invoices

Autopay will be present on the recurring invoices that are pay-enabled. Here are the steps to set up the recurring invoices:

Step 1: Make your invoice. Now choose the option Create Recurring Invoice. You can also make a template for recurring.

Step 2: Mention the frequency interval. Also mention start and end date of the particular recurring invoice.

Step 3: When you complete the recurring invoice, press Save Template.

In case you have a recurring invoice setup beforehand, you are not required to make a new one. Autopay will be provided to your customer if they choose the particular payment methods you have chosen on your invoice.

Step 2: See the Autopay Status of Your Particular Customer

If you wish to see if Autopay is set up for a particular invoice, check the Activity Tracker:

Step 1: Navigate to get paid and Pay. You can also go to Sales, then choose Invoices.

Step 2: Look for the invoice you want to see the payment status.

Step 3: Choose the status field of that particular invoice line to bring up the specific activity tracker panel.

When the particular Autopay Scheduled status is visible under the given section for invoice activity, then you know that your customer has set up the Autopay.

Note: Auto payments subtracts the money from customers 3 days prior to the due date of the particular invoice. In some cases, it is immediately deducted if the particular invoice is due for no more than 3 days. In case an invoice is due, the payment will be accepted when the invoice is generated by the template made for recurring.

You will also get email verification for every successful payment.

Now when you know how to create autopay for the particular recurring invoices in your QuickBooks Online, you will be able to streamline business processes. Your business will be befitted significantly. All you need to do is follow the steps to autopay recurring invoices in your QuickBooks Online in the given order.

Still, it is quite likely that you may get stuck anywhere or fail to understand a step in a proper manner. In such a case, you must consult a professional to solve the issue at the earliest.

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How can I set up Recurring Payments in QuickBooks Desktop in case of an Existing Check?

Here are the steps to set up recurring payments in QuickBooks Desktop in case of an existing check:

1. Look for the Check in the Register

Step 1: Choose Check Register from the given Banking Menu.

Step 2: Now highlight the particular transaction you wish to memorize by just pressing anywhere on the given line entry.

Step 3: Now press Edit button on the upper right side of the screen and then press the Memorize Check option from the given drop-down menu.

2. Remember the Transaction

QuickBooks Desktop shows the same Memorize Transaction window that comes up while memorizing a new check.

Step 1: Choose Automate Transaction Entry and then share the needed information.

Step 2: Press Ok in order to continue.

How a Recurring Sales Receipt is different from Autopay?

Recurring sales receipts can be helpful in taking the recurring payments, however, the merchant is needed to:

Seize and store a particular paper agreement from their particular customer to those the specific payments.
Add the payment details in the QuickBooks so their particular customers must share them.

How can Your Customer Update the Particular Payment Process for Autopay?

Customer chooses the Manage Payment link in the particular autopay confirmation email in order to upgrade the info for payment.

Some credit cards must auto-update the expiration date on the given stored credit card with the new information. In case you want to make a manual change, then the autopay can be cancelled and a new autopay can be created with other card details.

Is it Possible to Cancel the Autopay?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the autopay on the recurring invoices with the help of the delete or pause actions. Here is how you can cancel the autopay:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings.

Step 2: In the Lists section, choose Recurring Transactions.

Step 3: Find the recurring invoices you want to pause.

Step 4: In the given action column, choose the drop-down menu and select Pause or Delete.

When a Payment is Declined, What is the Impact?

When a payment is declined, the customer gets an email that states that the payment failed to get through and it is required to make another payment. Once the payment info is updated by the customer, the particular payment will be accepted instantly.

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