How to Setup Employees Files in QuickBooks for (Mac, Windows & Online)

QuickBooks helps your company to handle the employees files and the payroll details by monitoring everything with the help of […]

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QuickBooks helps your company to handle the employees files and the payroll details by monitoring everything with the help of the Employee center. Furthermore, QuickBooks also allows you to add employees conveniently to your database and also assists in monitoring several employees with identical names. Most of the information entered for an employee like the name or the address is displayed on the W-2 forms or paychecks.

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How to Set up Employee Files in QuickBooks?

In order to reap such benefits of employing QuickBooks, you need to know how to set up employees in QuickBooks for Mac, Windows, and Online.

Setting up Employees Files in QuickBooks Mac

1. Set up Your Particular Employees and the Associated Accounts

  • Navigate to the Employees section present on the top side of the menu bar. Choose Employee List.
  • Press the + icon on the left lower side and choose New Employee.
  • Add the Name of the employee along with the Name, Address, Hire date, and other pertinent information on the new screen and press OK. Now setup the particular accounts that you require.
  • What you have to do is to Pick Lists, then, at that point, a Chart of Accounts and add accounts for Payroll Liabilities, Insurance, and Payroll Expenses as displayed in the screenshots below. (Try not to stress over the record account numbers you see here, I have used an example document for these screen screenshots. You can use account numbers or not – do what seems OK for your company. Additionally, your accounts might be different relying upon your state or the applicable deductions. In the event that you’re uncertain of what you really want, check with your accountant).

2. Write Checks to Your Employees in MAC

  • Select Banking on the menu bar available on top and choose Write Checks.
  • Enter the name of the employee’s and paycheck date. Enter a pay period in the memo field.
  • Skip the field of amount because QuickBooks calculated the amount field when enter the gross wages and deductions in the Expenses area below the check.
  • Add the expenses that are applicable to the particular paycheck in the Expense area.

Setting up an Employees Files in QuickBooks for Windows

  • Navigate to the Employees menu and choose the option Employee Center.
  • On the top left side of the new window, choose New Employee.
  • Click the Turn on Payroll link on the page. See the attached screenshots:
Turn on Payroll
  • In the screen for New Employee, press on Personal and add the name of the employee along with gender, social security, date of birth, etc., in the given fields.
  • Press on Address and Contact. Add the address of your employee along with the contact details.
  • When you use special numbers to identity your employees, just click on Additional Info and in the provided field enter employee’s number.
  • Now press on Payroll Info. You will be setting the payroll items, taxes, payroll schedules, etc. For Payroll Schedule, press the drop-down icon Payroll Schedule field and then press Add New. Now answer the questions asked (QuickBooks know how to calculate and schedule your payroll) and press OK. (The Pay Frequency field is filled the previous info automatically).
  • Press on the drop-down icon in the particular “Earning” Item Name area. In the new screen, choose the way you wish QuickBooks to track the payroll item (hourly, yearly, by commission, or bonus.) and press Next. You can add various items (regular pay, commission, bonus, etc) for each employee. Press Finish after that.
  • Press on Sick/Vacations and Finish the fields and press OK.
  • Press on Employment Info and add your employee date, type, and hire.
  • Press OK. You will be able to see that you have just made a list of your employees. You can go back and edit the information of the employees if needed.

Setting up Employees Files in QuickBooks Online

  • Navigate to Employees on the left side of the menu bar and choose Add Employee present on the right side of the screen.
  • Input the name of the employee. Press Enter W-4 form and add the information from the W4 form in the right places.
  • Press Done to get back to the last screen.
  • Now, press the pencil icon on the right and add the pay schedule shown on the screen.
  • Press Done on the bottom right to get back to the last screen.
  • Add the pay rate of the employee together with the deductions, if any.
  • Press OK on the right at the bottom and get back to the last screen.

We hope that this article was enlightening for you to understand how to set up employee files in QuickBooks. We have highlighted how to set up employee files in QuickBooks for Mac, Windows, and Online.

The steps for all three versions is not same and one needs to take care of that while implementing. However, even with the detailed information provided, it is quite likely that you will make a mistake or will get stuck anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Generate Employee Paychecks in QuickBooks Online?

It is important that you are subscribed to payroll prior to accessing this feature in the near future. Here are the steps to generate employee paychecks in QuickBooks Online.

Step 1: Navigate to Employee on the left side of the menu bar and press Turn on Payroll.

Step 2: Now choose Run Payroll on the top-right side.

Step 3: Check the particular boxes that is on the left side of the employees you wish to create a payroll for and then make sure that the top left bank account is the one you want to pay your particular employees. The dates on the top of the center are payroll dates and periods.

Step 4: If there is a Vacation or overtime for your particular employee, you need to add them in the given fields.

Step 5: Press preview Payroll at the bottom on the right side. Now Submit Payroll.

How to Add Employees to QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to add employees in QuickBooks:

Step 1: Press on the tab for Employees on your given Home Screen to open the particular Employee Center.

Step 2: Press the button for New Employee that is available on the top of the window.

Step 3: Enter the relevant information about the employee in the right tabs such as date of birth, gender, social security number, contact details, compensation, etc. Do not enter the release date in the Employment Info tab if the employee has left the company.

Step 4: Press the next button to add payroll information for a new employee. Enter all the information for every new employee you add.

Step 5: Press OK when you have completed adding new employees and save them in QuickBooks.

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