How to Import Employee List into QuickBooks Online?

It might be time-consuming to set up an employee list in the software. Fortunately, QuickBooks online provides impressive features to […]

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It might be time-consuming to set up an employee list in the software. Fortunately, QuickBooks online provides impressive features to breeze the complexity of certain day-to-day tasks. It includes easy methods of import, export, and deletion of the employee list as per requirement. The importing of the employee information from a CSV file is a convenient method to set up employees quickly. No need to worry about the bulk updates of employees! You can easily import data in batches. Let’s explore in detail how to import employee lists into QuickBooks online.

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What are the Steps to Import the Employee List into QuickBooks Online?

Here are the instructions you need to follow to import the Employee list into QuickBooks:

  • First of all, open the QuickBooks Payroll home page
  • Search for the arrow located next to Add Employee and click on it
  • Choose Import Employees button
  • The efficient method to proceed with the import process is by exporting the employee list CSV template file, integrating data into it. After this, start importing the template into your QuickBooks.
  • Make sure you have a template handy with you; if not, you can download the template.

How to Download the Template of the Employee’s List?

  • Initially discover the left-hand menu to choose Employees
  • Click on the payroll settings option
  • Choose Data Extracts below the business management button
  • Click on the employee Data and Empty Template under the Data Type tab
  • Hit file format
  • At last, choose Download

Export the CSV Template:

Here are the Steps:

  • Choose Export Employee.
  • Click on the drop-down which says Data type.
  • Select an Empty Template.
  • Choose whether you need to work with a CSV template or XLSX.
  • Once you are done with the CSV file editing, you can get started with the uploading process. For this, click on the Import Employees and then click on Select file.
  • Once chosen the required file, hit on Confirm upload and then start importing the employee list.
  • Wait for some time till the import completes.
  • A report will appear on the screen displaying the created or updated Employees.

What are the Minimum Required Fields to Import Employee Lists in QuickBooks Online?

Here is the List of Minimum Fields you need to Run to Set up an Employee:

  • ResidentialSuburb
  • ResidentialState
  • ResidentialPostCode
  • PostalStreetAddress
  • PostalSuburb
  • TaxFileNumber
  • FirstName
  • Surname
  • DateOfBirth
  • ResidentialStreetAddress
  • EmploymentType
  • PaySchedule
  • PrimaryPayCategory
  • PrimaryLocation
  • PostalState
  • PostalPostCode
  • StartDate
  • SuperFund1_FundName
  • SuperFund1_MemberNumber
  • PaySlipNotificationType
  • Rate
  • BankAccount1_AccountNumber
  • BankAccount1_AccountName
  • RateUnit
  • HoursPerWeek
  • BankAccount1_BSB
  • BankAccount1_AllocatedPercentage
  • SuperFund1_AllocatedPercentage

That’s all about how to import employee lists into QuickBooks Online! Hopefully, you are aware of the procedure of importing employee data into QuickBooks Online. To explore more stay in touch in this platform and ease the complexity of the import, export, and delete process in accounting software.

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Can I use an Import File of the Employee List to Delete Data from the Records?

Yes, you can easily use an import file for removing data from the list of employee’s records. If you need to delete data in bulk, then you need to set the value (clear) without the quotes in the suitable field on the import file.

How can I Import the Employee Data into QuickBooks Payroll?

checked Click on Employees
checked Hit on Add employees
checked Select Import Employees
checked Choose Select file
checked Click the completed template
checked Select Open button
checked Choose Confirm upload

What are the mandatory Fields required to Import the Employee List in QuickBooks?

There are fewer fields in the import file. These fields are categorized into sections, and you don’t need to present all the sections. Here are essential fields need to identify the employee to update:
First name, surname, date of birth, or tax file number

What are the Fully Qualified Locations that need to import the Employee List into QuickBooks?

Here is the List of Locations:

checked All offices
checked Strathfield
checked Logan
checked QLD offices
checked NSW offices

What type of Content stored in the CSV Template while Importing the Employee List in QuickBooks?

This formatted file comprises the column headers to proceed with the import process. You require adding a row associated with each employee you need to import.

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