How to Change Vendor to Employee in QuickBooks Online?

It is not possible for QuickBooks Online to change a customer to a vendor or a vendor to a customer. […]

It is not possible for QuickBooks Online to change a customer to a vendor or a vendor to a customer. QuickBooks is only accountable to support altering the Other Names of employees, vendors, or customers.

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If you wish to alter vendor record to employee or wish to change customer record to vendor, you either need to make the original record inactive or delete it. Not to mention, the transactions concerning a record need to inactive too, since records with transactions cannot be erased. Post that, it is possible to create a new vendor or employee.

Note: There is practically no option in QuickBooks to alter a name type apart from the option Other Names.

Only in QuickBooks Online can you make it inactive, since there is not fixed permanent delete button. It is present only in QuickBooks Desktop but not in QuickBooks Online.

How to Change Vendor to Employee in QuickBooks Online?

Change Customer, Vendor, or Employee Name Type

Presently, There is no option present in QuickBooks to alter a name type to another named type other than any another name.

For instance:

In order to Change the Name Type, there are two options available:

Option 1: You are required to delete the name and prepare it again under the option for proper name. Just do not forget one thing that it works only when there are zero transactions that are available for that specific name.

Step 1: Navigate to the particular Center (Vendor Center, Employee Center, or Customer Center) where the name is available.

Step 2: Now press right on the name and select Delete (Customer: Job/Vendor/Employee).

Option 2: Inactivate the particular name and then create it again with the right name type. It works when there are particular transaction related with the name.

Step 1: Navigate to the Center (Vendor Center, Employee Center, or Customer Center) where the name is available.

Step 2: Press right-click on the particular name and select Make Inactive (Customer: Job/Vendor/Employee).

Note: Just do not forget that other name can only be altered to a particular name type (Employee, Customer, or Vendor). Once the changes have been made, the particular name type cannot be changed anymore.

What are the issues Faced while Changing the Name Type to another Customer, Vendor, or Employee?

Often, when you attempt to enter the particular name or want to edit the name you witness an error, it displays:

The name provided already exists. Another vendor, customer or employee is using the name.
Such an error arises due to the following factors:

  • When you attempt to import data from the particular QuickBooks Desktop or when attempting to turn on the payroll once the employees have been added in QuickBooks Online.
  • Often the vendor, customer, or employee name when you are attempting to add may exist already in QuickBooks Online.

How to Edit the Duplicate or make it Inactive?

In case you are experiencing an error continue, then it is quite likely that there are more than one duplicate in the provided customer list. You can choose duplicate or make it inactive in case you lack a requirement.

Step 1: Select Sales, Workers, Expenses, or Employees as per your preference and choose Vendors, Customers, or Employees.

Step 2: Look for identical customers, vendors, and employees.

Step 3: Select Edit.

Step 4: In the field for Display Name as, add digits at the very end of the particular name. In case you lack the requirement of the profile, you can select Make Inactive. When you make the existing name inactive, it also allows the addition of the new identical name.

Step 5: Select Save.

How to Edit the Display Name?

Here the precise steps to alter the display name:

Step 1: Log in to your QuickBooks Online Company File.

Step 2: Select Expenses and press on Vendors.

Step 3: Select the right name of the particular duplicate vendor.

Step 4: Select Edit (Press on the option for Sales, then choose Customers in order to find out if any duplicate is present in the customer list)..

Step 5: Alter the Display name in the format of last to first.

Step 6: Press on Save.

How to Change Employee to Vendor?

All you need to do is prepare a folder and then add the transactions of the employee’s as checks. This will make the employees inactive.

Here are the steps to create checks in QuickBooks Online:

Note: By creating checks in QuickBooks Online, you can monitor your expenses. Not to mention, it will also assist you in arranging your checking account along with bank statement reconciliation.

In order to create checks, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Select the Create icon.

Step 2: Choose Check under the option for Vendors.

Step Choose Payee from the given drop-down list.

Step 4: Select a bank account from where the money will be taken.

Step 5: Complete the fields that are checked.

Note: You get the Memo field is optional. Add the text in the Memo field in the given print checks or register checks option.

Step 6: Select the Print or Preview option, in case you needed printed checks.

Step 7: Select Save and Close. You can also select Save and New.

Now you can write a check in QuickBooks Online.

Note: In case there are several checks to write, then they can be inserted from the Register easily. Once you have added the particular employee transactions into the checks, you are required to inactivate the specific employee.

How to Add, Edit, or Inactivate a Particular Employee?

Here are the steps to add, edit, or inactivate an employee into QuickBooks but minus any subscription to payroll.

Add an Employee

Step 1: Select Workers. Then click Employees.

Step 2: Press Add an Employee.

Step 3: Add the employee details.

Step 4: Press on the Save option.

You can just repeat these steps if you wish to add more number of employees.

Edit Employee Details

Step 1: Choose Employees under the option for Workers.

Step 2: Navigate to Action and select Edit.

Step 3: Now edit the information as you need.

Step 4: Press Save.

Inactivate an Employee

Step 1: Select the option for workers and press on Employees.

Step 2: Navigate to the Action tab and select the drop near Edit option.

Step 3: Select Make Inactivate.

Activate an Employee

Step 1: Select the Gear icon from the option Add and Employee.

Step 2: Select Include Inactive.

Step 3: Now select the Make Active option.

Create a Vendor

Here are the steps to create a vendor:

Step 1: Choose Expense on the left side of the menu and press on Vendors.

Step 2: Press on the option for New Vendor, available on the right corner.

Step 3: Now press Save.

How to Change a Customer to a Vendor?

In the list, there is no delete button. With the help of only one option you can make the customer inactive. To make the customer inactive, you need to delete the customer. Customers that are inactivated are not displayed in the Customer Contact List report.

Even though you are using the customer reports for the purpose of sales, hence ensure that no inactive customer is added in that report.

Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Choose Reports and then look for any kind of sales in the provided customer report.

Step 2: Select the Customize button.

Step 3: Choose the Filter option.

Step 4: Navigate to the Customer Box and select the customer name that you wish to add in the report.

Step 5: Now press the Run Report option.

Note: When transforming a customer to a vendor in QuickBooks, it will alter the automated process that you use associated to the organization or individual. Such changes may include losing data with regard to individual or organization. Hence, you can save this information with the help of notes,

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is a Vendor in QuickBooks Online?

A vendor in QuickBooks Online can be a business or a person that provides products or services. A customer, on the other hand, is an individual who offers money for the products or services. In order to monitor the payables, the Vendor field should be used.

How to View the Transactions for a Vendor in QuickBooks?

In order to see the transactions for a particular vendor in the vendors tab, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Navigate to the option, Expenses or Get Paid and Pay. Now choose Vendors.

Step 2: Locate and choose your preferred vendor.

Step 3: In the Transaction List, You will be able to view all the transactions of the said vendor.

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