How to Upload Your Receipts and Bills to QuickBooks Online?

For every business owner, it is important to know how to upload receipts and bills to your particular QuickBooks Online. […]

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For every business owner, it is important to know how to upload receipts and bills to your particular QuickBooks Online. With the help of this capability, a user can save tons of time in monitoring and recording the bills and receipts from vendors. A user can easily upload those bills from a particular device or computer to QuickBooks Online. Not to mention, a user can also upload the bills into QuickBooks Online via an email account.

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Once you upload a bill or a business receipt, QuickBooks get information from that and then makes a transaction that you can review.

Here are the steps in detailed format for you to comprehend.

Step 1: Upload Bills and Receipts to QuickBooks

There are a several ways to add receipts or bills. Follow whichever you prefer.

There are multiple ways to add bills or receipts in QuickBooks. You can choose whichever you want.


  • It is not advised to upload receipts or bills with crucial information or personal details such as government identifiers, credit card details, etc.
  • QuickBooks supports JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, and JPG images. In case a user has the latest iPad or iPhone, the images might be in a specific format, particularly the HEIC format. You can turn the HEIC images into a well-suited format.
  • One receipt should be uploaded at a time
  • Make sure that the original receipts for expenses are kept.

Upload the Bills and Receipts from Google Drive or the User’s Computer

Step 1: Log into your QuickBooks Online.

Step 2: Navigate to Bookkeeping and then select Transactions and choose Receipts. Or you can also navigate to Banking and then choose Receipts.

Step 3: Choose the option Upload from Google Drive or Upload from Computer.

Note: Every file or image must have only a single bill or receipt.

Take a Photo of Your Bill or Receipt on Your Device

With the help of the QuickBooks Online mobile app, you can upload and capture bills as well as receipts from your particular device.

Step 1: Open the particular QuickBooks Online mobile app.

Step 2: Choose the Menu≡ icon.

Step 3: Choose the Receipt snap.

Step 4: Choose the Receipt camera and take a photo of the bill or receipt.

Step 5: Choose Use this Photo. Now press Done.

Email Bills or Receipts to Your QuickBooks Software

If you have a bill or a receipt it is possible to email your receipts to QuickBooks Online. Information is extracted from it and then a transaction is prepared to review.

Step 2: Review, Add, or Match Bills and Receipts

Now the bills and receipts are uploaded to QuickBooks. However, they are not in the books yet. It is important to edit, review, add, or match the remaining transactions first. Here are the steps to do it:

On a Web Browser:

Step 1: Navigate to Bookkeeping and then choose Transactions. Now choose Receipts. You can also choose Banking and then choose Receipts.

Step 2: In the tab For Review, you can analyze the bills and receipts that are uploaded. QuickBooks allows you to locate its present transactions in your particular books that completely match with the bills and receipts that are uploaded.

Step 3: Check the labels in the particular Action column to locate what steps you may require to take next.

If the Record is Absent

If QuickBooks fails to locate any present transaction that is a match, it is possible to create a bill, receipt, or a new transaction.

Step 1: Choose Review in order to add or edit the information that is lacking.

Step 2: Choose Save and Next.

Step 3: Choose Create Expense or Create Bill.

If a Single Record is Present

It states that QuickBooks found a current transaction that is in sync with the bill or receipts uploaded.

Step 1: Choose the dropdown▼ that is right beside Match then you should Review. You can also choose Match to connect the bills or receipts to a transaction immediately.

Step 2: The Match should be analyzed. It should link the bill or the receipt with your present transaction.

If more than one Record is Found

Step 1: Choose the dropdown▼ beside Match and then choose Review.

Step 2: Compare the matches and then choose the right bill or expense.

Step 3: Choose Match to link it with the right bill or receipt.

On an Android or iOS System

Step 1: Navigate to the Menu≡ option.

Step 2: Choose Receipt Snap.

Step 3: You can locate the bills and receipts that are absent in your book yet in the tab, For Review.

Step 4: Analyze the bills and receipts uploaded. See the label under the bill amount or receipt amount to locate what steps you are required to take.

If there are Multiple Records Found

If QuickBooks locates one or more transactions that sync with the bill or receipt uploaded, here are the things one can do.

Step 1: Choose the receipt to see the transaction which matches.

Step 2: Choose the transactions that you wish to match the bill or receipt with.

In Case no Record is being Found (Receipt or Bill lacking any label)

When a bill or receipt lacks the label in its amount, it states that QuickBooks has failed to find a transaction that has a match with it. You can make a new transaction depending on your bill or receipt.

Step 1: Choose the Bill or Receipt.

Step 2: Make a Bill or an Expense.

If the Bill or Receipt is Lacking Details

It means QuickBooks cannot get all the right details and requires more information before an expense or bill is created.

Step 1: Choose the bill or receipt and add details.

Step 2: Choose the option, Save Bill or Save Receipt.

Step 3: Make a bill or create an expense.

Note: If you wish to see all the bills and receipts added to your books, you can go to the Reviewed tab.

We hope that this article has been an eye-opener for you and has cleared all your doubts concerning how to upload bills and receipts to QuickBooks Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Drag and Drop Receipts in QuickBooks Online?

In order to drag and drop receipts in QuickBooks Online, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Log into your QuickBooks Online.

Step 2: Navigate to the left menu, choose Banking.

Step 3: Navigate to the Receipts tab.

Step 4: Now drag the bill or receipt file and drop it into your QuickBooks Online directly. You can also choose browse to upload them. Each file or image must have a single bill or receipt.

Step 5: You can upload the particular files as a PNG, PDF, or JPEG.

How can I Forward the Receipts by Email?

Here are the steps to help you forward receipts by email:

Step 1: Log into QuickBooks Online.

Step 2: Choose Register your email to begin.

Step 3: Attach the bills and receipts to an email. You can also forward electronic receipts for online services or purchases. Such files can be in JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, etc. format.

Step 4: Now email all the bills and receipts to

Step 5: QuickBooks will take out the date, supplier, total, and the last digits of the credit card number. The receipt will be visible in the For Review tab in Receipts.

How to Import Receipts into QuickBooks?

It is possible to import Sales Receipts from the Excel Spreadsheets or text files into QuickBooks Online directly.

Step 1: Navigate to the +New button.

Step 2: Choose the Sales Receipt option.

Step 3: Add the customer details and choose the items.

Step 4: Press Save and Close.

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